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This page iincludes past and recent documents produced and used by the CCDS Climate Change Committee.

The first event that grew out of this committee was the July 24th, 2009 workshop at the National Convention of CCDS in San Francisco To Right


“The Crisis of Climate Change” Workshop Materials

This workshop took place at the CCDS National Convention
Friday, July 24 - 3:45 PM to 6:45 PM
1231 Market St., SF, CA


A. This committee, known as the Climate Change Committee or Environmental Committee prepared and used the following documents, proposals and other background materials. Please send comments and suggestions to EC-CCDS comittee and/or Email

  1. 2006 Proposal that CCDS call for Prevention of Climate Change. This was approved by the NCC and posted to the CCDS web site on 12-06-2006. Needed to be rewritten as a proposal to the CCDS National convention. Proposed by Walter Teague who suggested it be renamed "Preventing Catastrophic Climate Change" or Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change
  2. 2009 Why Eco-Socialism and Stopping C3- Arguement for Eco-Socialism presented at the Sourthern Regional on 3/20/09.
  3. Proposal by Ted Pearson "Two Crises."4/6/09
  4. Proposal by Betty Brown of Northern California CCDS. 4/25/09
  5. Climate Change Crisis and CCDS [Examination of environmental issues discussed in CCDS "Founding Document"] 6/23/09
  6. Comments since 6/23/09
  7. Minutes of last Conference Call 7/8/09
  8. [Draft] Agenda for Crisis of Climate Change Workshop - Updated 7/12/09.
  9. “The Crisis of Climate Change” Workshop Panel at the CCDS National Convention 7/24/09.
  10. Proposal on a call for leadership by Walter Teague "On the need for an Eco-socialist perspective and leadership to prevent Catastrophic Climate Change." Adopted at the CCDS 2009 convention 7/24/09. MS Doc version updated.
  11. [Draft] Agenda for Climate Change Committee conference call. MS Doc version 10/6/09
  12. The Climate Movement in the U.S. - Al Weinrub's presentation notes.
  13. 2010 Climate Change Committee meeting minutes 3-14-10
  14. Climate Change Committee Report to the NCC 4/10 & 11/2010.
  15. CCDS positions on Climate Change PDF, MS Doc version 4/11/2010.
  16. Minutes and Notes of the Conference Call 5/9/2010. This is an brief version.
  17. Minutes and Notes of the Conference Call 5/9/2010 original extended. This version has more information, but some links to local materials will not work.
  18. Final C3 Three Fold Leaflet PDF, MS Doc version. 6/10/2010. The Doc version approved by the NEC can be used to add local contact information.
  19. Comparison of three sample 10 Point Climate Change Action Programs. 7/31/10.
  20. Climate Change Committee Report to the NCC 7-31-10 7/31/10
  21. Summary on the Climate Change Committee and policy paper proposal. Presented to the NEC on 9-8-10
  22. CCC_summary_report_to_NCC_12-4-10.htm
  23. 2012 CCC Draft Notes by Zach to June 2012 NCC PDF
  24. Revised 3 Fold C3 Brochure by David Schwartzman.
  25. Revised Climate Change: An Unprecedented Challenge and Opportunity by David Schwartman.
  26. CCC Draft Brief Report on the Climate Change Committee 8-1-12 PDF Copy
  27. 2014 Change the System not the Climate pamphlet is produced by the Climate Change Committee of CCDS, 2014.

B. Additional Links on the Crisis of Climate Change:

  1. Climate Change Discussion on the DC Metro CCDS web site -
  2. Invitation to the Northern California CCDS January 10, 11 2009 conference on "Climate Catastrophe and Social Change, an Eco-Socialist Perspective." Conference Leaflet
  3. Leadership in the face of Catastrophic Climate Change? - comparing the failure of leadership around Katrina and the challenge of preventing catastrophic climate change.
  4. Fight Climate Change, Not Wars. Posted by Naomi Klein on Dec. 10, 2009..
  5. Fidel Castro's Reflection: The Threatening Dangers by Fidel Castro Ruz, March 7, 2010. PDF on this site..
  6. Climate Change - An Unprecedented Challenge MS Doc version. Members of the Climate Change Committee drafted a longer background paper based on David Schwartzman's draft. The Metro DC chapter prepared and distributed copies at the Left Forum in New York City 3/19/2010 and at some local DC events, receiving good feedback. The current edition was updated 6/23/2010 in preparation for the US Social Forum. It will be edited based on further feedback

C. Additional Resources:

  1. Web Communicaton Equipment. 5/3/2010
  2. Climbing Jacob's Ladder 6-12-2010.
  3. Help organize a "Red & Green" international meeting in Istanbul - July 5 - 8, 2012.

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