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1/7/03 Tue. 7 pm


on the Gulf War & embargo over Iraq

On August 2nd, 1990, Saddam Hussein launched his troops against Kuwait, triggering the first major international crisis of the post-Soviet Union era. But was this invasion a surprise in the first place? Were all diplomatic means really utilized to try to resolve the issue peacefully? Was there any threat from the part of Iraq against Saudi Arabia or against any of the other Gulf states? Why wasn't Washington's rhetoric against Saddam ever matched by any real support to the Iraqi opposition groups? What purpose can the embargo over Iraq serve if it is not to weaken Saddam Hussein, a result it has evidently failed to achieve to this day? What is true behind this mysterious "Gulf War Syndrome" that goes on affecting hundreds of thousands of Gulf War veterans and local populations and more and more of them every day?

Vision's Theatre
1927 Florida Ave., NW DC
4 blocks north of Dupont Circle Metro, Wash., DC
1/13/03 Mon. & weekly 12 - 1 pm
Interfaith Vigil for Peace and Against War
The Interfaith Peace Campaign of Maryland Congressional Districts 4 and 8 (IPC) sponsors a weekly interfaith vigil for peace and against war in Iraq. The vigil is held on the sidewalk in front of the Naval Medical Center. Our witness is peaceful and dignified, and is in compliance with County regulations. The IPC is a group of individuals from various faith communities. Its mission statement is as follows: “We are people of conscience residing in the same congressional district, working for a more humane, more democratic, less violent U.S. foreign policy.” Naval Medical Center, Southwood Road and Rockville Pike. Bethesda, Maryland (Medical Center Metro, Red Line)
Contact: Steven S. Lapham at 301-947-1920 (eve) or Richard Marks at 301-589-4927 or RichardPMarks.
1/13-20/03 See A WEEK OF RESISTANCE FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE United For Peace, a national campaign bringing together more than 100 organizations committed to stopping a new war against Iraq, understands that public protest is a central part of the work we must all be doing. United For Peace provides a structure for a wide range of groups to work together on both nationally coordinated local activities and major national mobilizations. We also support the many efforts that are underway around the country, organized by different coalitions and networks.
United For Peace urges local groups and coalitions, as well as national organizations, to organize and promote a full week of activity in January. We encourage you to post your activities on our web site at
1/13/03 Mon. 7-9 pm
Do we really need more tax cuts for the wealthy? What happens to a democratic society when too much wealth and power is concentrated in too few hands? What can we do NOW to make a difference? Speakers:  Bill Gates, Sr. (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Jim Wallis (Editor, Sojourners Magazine and Call to Renewal), Meizhu Lui (United for a Fair Economy) and Chuck Collins (Responsible Wealth). We will also be celebrating the publication of a new book: Wealth and Our Commonwealth: Why America Should Tax Accumulated Fortunes, by William H. Gates Sr. and Chuck Collins. Foreword by Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Washington Court Hotel, 525 New Jersey Ave. NW
Contact: 202-628-2100 or
10 am - 6 pm
The Women’s Vigil for Peace
This running fast and vigil will continue until International Women’s Day. They are looking for volunteers to join them in daily shifts, to be a constant presence at the park. They also need housing for women coming from other cities to join the vigil. Women in Black will be holding vigil until December 16 Lafayette Park, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW (across from the White House)
Contact: Kristi Laughlin at 202-393-5016 or 415/255-7291 or or womenunited.
1/14/03 Tue. 8 am - 4 pm
Students will assemble and will conduct a sit-in at the flagpole in front Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in an act of civil disobedience, risking arrest by not attending school. Wilson students are the facilitators of this public protest; however other high school students and members of the community are invited.The main objective of the protest is to show how the War on Iraq will not only affect the people of Iraq, but will also directly affect American students. All high school and middle school students welcome.These are our goals: To deny the military access to names and addresses of all students as stipulated by the “No Child Left Behind Act”. That no funds be diverted from education and used for military action against Iraq. That the UN imposed sanctions on Iraq to be lifted. That the current bombings being enacted by the American government on Iraq to cease. That no war with Iraq take place now or in the near future Wilson Sr. High School, 3950 Chesapeake St., N.W. Washington D.C., flagpole.
Contact: Dante Furioso 202-882-1511 or nowar_wilson.
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Silent Vigil for Peace and Justice
Peacemakers are invited to come and join in a silent vigil worship to ask our leaders to “seek justice and pursue it” (Palm 34:14) in regard to Iraq. Candles are optional. No civil disobedience, no anti-U.S. or banners, posters, or literature, please. U.S. Capitol, West Lawn
7 pm
Wealth and Our Commonwealth: Why America Should Tax Accumulated Fortunes
Join Bill Gates Sr. and Chuck Collins for a public book signing. This event is urgent given President Bush’s plan for more tax cuts for the very wealthy, the growing state and local budget deficits, corporate scandals that continue to unfold. the excessive pay gap between CEOs and workers, and the growing gulf between rich and poor. Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
. Sponsored by United for A Fair Economy / Responsible Wealth and Americans for a Fair Estate Tax. Contact: 202-364-1919.
7 pm 9 pm
Alternatives to Violence
The William Penn House is offering refreshments, speakers on alternatives to violence, and discussion following the vigil. Sponsored by the Peace Committee, Langley Hill Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. The William Penn House, 515 East Capitol Street
For more information, call 202-543- 5560
7 - 9 pm

DC Anti-war Network Meeting

At: The American Friends Service Committee Office
2211 14th Street, NW
Join the On-line Discussion by sending an email to:
Join the DAWN Announcement Listserve by emailling

DAWN: DC Anti-War Network
PO Box 21827, Washington, D.C. 20009-1827
Outreach Committee Pat Elder
Tabling Committee Michael Rhodes,
Website Chris Otten, 202-234-7075

1/15/03 Wed. All day
National Fast for Peace not War
Initiated by the Shalom Center, National Council of Churches, Business Leaders for Social Responsibility and Congressman John Conyers. People encouraged to donate the money they would have spent on food for that day either to organizations that give medical aid to Iraq (thereby violating U.S policy in an act of CD) or to donate that money to organizations here in the U.S. that feed the hungry.
7 am - 9 pm
Weekly Interfaith Peace Vigil
Weekly Interfaith Peace Vigil in Silver Spring. The Interfaith Peace Campaign of Maryland Congressional District 4 (IPC-CD4) is sponsoring a weekly interfaith peace vigil for anyone interested in demonstrating their opposition to war against Iraq. We will meet on the sidewalk near the entrance to the Silver Spring Metro station. Participants may wish to use public transportation if possible, since parking in the area is difficult. Signs will be available reading “Start Seeing Iraqi Children” and “No War in Iraq.” Our witness will be peaceful and in compliance with Montgomery County and Metro regulations. Silver Spring, MD, Silver Spring Metro, Red line
For more information about the IPC or the Weekly Peace Vigils in MD congressional districts 4 and 8, contact Steven S. Lapham at 301-947-1920 (eve) or Richard Marks at 301-589-4927 or RichardPMarks.
8 am
Citizens and Immigrants for Equal Justice (CIEJ) is calling on people that believe in equal justice for immigrants and believe that the destruction of families through detention and deportation is an insult to the constitution to join us and our families before the steps of the Supreme Court. On January 15, the Supreme Court will hear the case of Demore vs. Kim.  The outcome of this case will determine the constitutionality of “mandatory detention”, a policy created in 1996, according to which noncitizens facing removal may be incarcerated indefinitely and without a bond hearing for virtually any type of offense. This vigil is a message to our Justices to remember the families that have been affected and will be affected by mandatory detention.  It is also a message to the Supreme Court to respect the wisdom of other Federal Court rulings declaring mandatory detention unconstitutional. Front Steps, US Supreme Court (2nd St. & Maryland Ave.)
Contact: Laurie Kozuba: (972) 329-7080 or ciejinfo or Aarti Shahani: (212) 898-4121 or ashahani.
9:15 am

Gulf War Veterans and Military Families Speak Out at Press Conference

To mark the 12th anniversary of the start of the 1991 Gulf War, Veterans for Common Sense (VCS) and Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) will hold a joint press conference to highlight critical questions the Bush administration has failed to address regarding Iraq. Panelists include Desert Storm combat veterans who know war and its consequences firsthand and family members of service members who have recently deployed to the Persian Gulf. Military families and Gulf War veterans will ask President George W. Bush to reassure them and an increasingly alarmed public that his administration is not hell bent on conflict. With no “smoking gun” or “clear and present danger,” war with Iraq is neither necessary nor inevitable. Americans feel the President has failed to justify a U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. We encourage him to win without war by adhering to the UN process. Yet U.S. preparations for a second major war in Iraq continue. This press conference will mark the first time that families with deployed service members and Gulf War veterans have joined together to raise legitimate questions about our administration’s headlong rush to war. Panelists will include: Moderator: Erik Gustafson, Board of Directors, VCS. Gustafson served in the 1991 Gulf War as a Specialist with the Army’s 864th Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy). He currently directs the Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC). Charles Sheehan-Miles, Board of Directors, VCS. A decorated Gulf War veteran, Sheehan-Miles served as a tank crewman with the Army’s 24th Infantry Division. Former President of the National Gulf War Resource Center, he has worked for years to secure healthcare and disability benefits for ill Gulf War veterans. Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson, Co-founders, MFSO. Richardson directs the Labor Extension Program at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. Lessin works for the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. Their son Joe, an Arab language specialist in the Marines, has deployed to the Persian Gulf. Jeffrey McKenzie, Co-Founder, MFSO. His son, Army Captain Jeremy McKenzie, is currently being deployed to Kuwait. His daughter-in-law Nicole is in the National Guard. Steve Robinson, Executive Director, National Gulf War Resource Center. Prior to retiring as a Sergeant First Class from the Army, Robinson worked with the Pentagon’s Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses. During the Gulf War, he served with the 1st /10th Special Forces in northern Iraq.
National Press Club, 529 14th Street, NW, 13th Floor, West Room
Contacts: VCS, 504 Eleventh St. SE, Washington, DC 20003, 703-668-0353 MFSO, P.O. Box 549, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 - 617-522-9323 Contact: Jen Nader 202-543-6176 or
11:30 am - 2 pm
Welcome Back, Trent Lott
Black Voices for Peace (BVFP) will host a protest at the Senate office buildings against the policies of “Trentlottism” in the Congress and other branches of the government, policies which promote racism, war, the assault on civil liberties, and cutbacks in human needs funding. This event will have participation from Iraq Pledge of resistance. Location TBA
6:30 pm
WPFW Training, Pacifica Radio
Training sessions for young people who want to develop radio broadcast and technical skills. 2390 Champlain Street, NW
Contact: Sam Husseini,
6:45 - 8:45 pm
An Amazing Grace, film and discussion
Documentary footage of Dr. Martin Luther King’s career and grwoth toward political maturity, with a focus on racism and violence of America. Discussion by Medea Benjamin, of Women Against the War and Damu Smith, of Black Voices for Peace, both long time peace activists. FREE IPS, 733 15th St., NW, Ste. 1020
Contact: Netfa Freeman, 202-234-9362, ext. 229 or
7 pm
Invisible Punishment: The Collateral Consequences of Mass Imprisonment
Marc Mauer (editor), Jeremy Travis (Urban Institute) and Angela Davis (American University Law School) discuss their book. Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Contact: Cleve Corner, Events Coordinator (202) 363-7663.
1/16/03 Thur. 6:30 pm
Black Voices for Peace, organizing meeting
Organize and prepare for the upcoming MLK Workshop and Rally on Peace With Justice, see (January 20). 1400 16th St., NW, Ste. 225
Contact: BVSP 202-232-5690.
6:45 - 8:45 pm
Two Towns of Jasper, A Lens on Race & Poverty Film Series
In 1998 in Japser, TX, James Byrd, Jr., a black man was chained to a pick-up truck and dragged to his death by three white men; a modern day lynching. Two film crews, one black and one white, set out to document the aftermath and the subsequent trials. Free. IPS, 733 15th St., NW, Ste. 1020
Contact: Netfa Freeman, 202-234-9362, ext. 229 or
7:30 pm
Town Meeting:
to learn more about
why and how we may
"Stop the War on Iraq"

We hope to build local interest in the national anti-war rally the following Saturday.
Featured are two expert speakers: Ramzi Kysia, an American-Lebanese activist with EPIC will give a report from his first-hand recent experience in Iraq and the Middle East; and Dr. Gwen Dubois, a board member of Physicians for Social Responsibility, will speak on social and moral criticisms of a preemptive attack. The meeting will include time for audience questions and comments.

Please help spread the word about this event among friends, neighbors, members of your church, civic, or political group, whoever you think may take interest.   We appreciate your help!

AT: Greenbelt Community Center, 15, Crescent Road, 2nd floor, Prince George Co., Maryland
For information on the speakers' major affiliations, see (Kysia) and (Dubois)
Contact: Lucy Duff

1/17/03 Fri. .....
Women Rising for Peace and Justice
All Day Women’s Anti-War Day of Action. Part of a National Week of Resistance for Justice and Peace in the spirit of Martin Luther King. War, poverty, and racism, the three evils named by Martin Luther King, are intimately linked to the oppression of women. Join the Women’s Peace Vigil at the White House. Why a women¹s action?  Because women have a unique stake and a valuable perspective on issues of war and peace. Poverty is a women¹s issue: The vast majority of people worldwide living in poverty are women and children. The war against Iraq will divert desperately needed funds from social programs, health care and education. Racism is a women¹s issue: Women of color and women of discriminated groups bear the double burden of race and sex oppression. War is a women¹s issue: Women die under the bombs, see their homes, families, and ability to provide for the next generation destroyed.  War exalts the values of toughness, hardness and aggression that a patriarchal culture assigns to men, and denigrates  compassion, nurturing, tenderness, and love. We will express our solidarity with the women of Iraq, Palestine/Israel, Colombia, and other war-torn areas of the world and call for a shift of national priorities away from war and militarism and toward a national agenda that affirms life.The vigil is a constant presence directly in front of the White House and a constant reminder to the decision-makers in Washington, DC, that millions of people in the U.S. and around the world oppose a pre-emptive attack on Iraq Lafayette Park, across from White House
For more information, call (202) 393-5016.
10 am
. East Coast Student Anti-War Conference
Students at George Washington University are hosting this conference for brain-storming about building a student movement against war, and specifically the upcoming war against Iraq. Marvin Center, George Washington University
Contact: Tim Kaldas, at tkaldas@gwu.ed or 202-242-3869
12 noon
Put the Union Back in Union Station
Contact: HERE 27 202-393-7939 or Union Station, Massachusetts Ave., NW, Garage Entrance
6:30 pm
Tu B’Shvat service and Seder
The Shalom Center, Am Kolel, Shomrei Adamah and Jews for Justice are sponsoring this Jewish event, as tens or hundreds of thousands of  Americans converge on Washington DC to oppose the Bush Administration’s desire for war against Iraq and to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King’s efforts for peace. That Shabbat, Friday night and Saturday, is also Tu B’Shvat, the midwinter Jewish holy day of celebrating the rebirth of trees and the rebirth of God’s abundance and God’s own self in the world. It is celebrated by a sacred Seder meal and in our generation, by action on behalf of peace and healing of the earth. Welcoming Shabbat in song. Four Worlds of Tu Bishvat: Environmental Justice; Social, economic and racial justice; Conscious community; Global wholeness and Holiness. Pot luck vegetarian, fruitarian dinner. Eldbrooke Methodist Church, Wisconsin Ave. & River Road, NW (Tenleytown Metro, Red line)
Contact: Lee Moore, Shalom Center, 215/844-8494 or Charles Lenchner, Am Kolel, 301-309-2310, or
For more information, call 301-309-2310 or am.kolel.
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Voices in the Wilderness
David Hilfiker, social justice author and founder of Joseph’s House, a home for formerly homeless people who are terminally ill, has recently returned from a three week sojourn in Iraq with the group Voices in the Wilderness. He will share his experience and insights with us. This is one talk in a ongoing forum series, “The Things that make for Peace,” offered free of charge by the Servant Leadership School. Festival Center, 1640 Columbia Rd, NW
For more information visit
7-10 pm
Women’s Speak-Out for Peace and Justice
All Day Women’s Anti-War Day of Action. Part of a National Week of Resistance for Justice and Peace in the spirit of Martin Luther King.War, poverty, and racism, the three evils named by Martin Luther King, are intimately linked to the oppression of women... Why a women¹s action?  Because women have a unique stake and a valuable perspective on issues of war and peace.Poverty is a women¹s issue: The vast majority of people worldwide living in poverty arewomen and children. The war against Iraq will divert desperately needed funds from social programs, health care and education. Racism is a women¹s issue: Women of color and women of discriminated groups bear the double burden of race and sex oppression. War is a women’s issue: Luther Place Church, 1226 Vermont Ave., NW
For more information, call (202) 393-5016.
1/17 & 18/03 .....
The Faces of Iraq
6:30 –9:00 p.m. (Fri.)
12:00 - 7:00 pm (Sat.)
This exhibition eloquently conveys to the American public the often muted stories of the Iraqi people. This powerful artistic bridge between the people of the United States and Iraq helps Americans break through the mask of Saddam Hussein, to see the individuals who will be affected in the event of another war on Iraq. ‘Faces of Iraq’ is not intended to be political. Instead, the photo exhibition will provide ordinary Americans with a rarely seen human portrait of Iraq. Speakers & Café Reception: Sunday, Jan. 19, 5:00 pm Invited Speakers: Erik Gustafson of EPIC, Ramzi Kysia, Photographer, Andy Shallal Mesopotamian Cultural Society. Warehouse Theater, 1021 7th Street NW (Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro, Yellow line)
For more information, please visit: or call EPIC at 202-543-6176, ask for Gabriela Bulisova or
1/18/03 Saturday Feeder Marches and Activities - See Addendum
1/18/03 Sat.
11 am

No War on Iraq, National Rally and March

[See Feeder Marches Below]

A national march on Washington on the 12th anniversary of the Gulf War to demand no war on Iraq and money for jobs and education instead of the $200 billion war costs. This rally will include representatives from the diverse movements and organizations that oppose the war. Following the rally, we will hold a mass march to the Washington Navy Yard, a massive military installation located in a working class neighborhood in Southeast Washington DC that parks warships on the Anacostia River. Speaker Include: Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney; Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Auxiliary Bishop, Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit; Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general; Mike Farrell, actor.

Contact: 202-544-3389

Immigrant Solidarity Feeder March
In the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., the “Bush is Taking the Shirts Off Our Backs to Pay for this War” Coalition, and the Progressive Muslim Network - DC, will be joining Positive Force’s feeder march from Columbus Circle to ANSWER’s rally against the war on Iraq in a show of resistance to the US government’s recent clampdown on immigrants. We want to show resistance to the legacy of racism in the US, which began with the “discovery” of America by Columbus and is continuing today with racist policies against immigrants. We will be highlighting the INS’s arrest and detention of hundreds of immigrants from the Middle East and Asia in California and around the country under a “Special Registration” program for men from 20 Countries. We will show our solidarity with immigrants, as well as our opposition to the racist registration laws by wearing armbands like the ones Jews and others persecuted by the Nazis were forced to wear during a similar “Special Registration” process in Germany during WWII. The bands will have the Islamic symbol of the star and crescent or a blue triangle with the word “Immigrant” (which immigrants were required to wear under Nazi Germany). We do recognize that, although Muslims have been the main target of this racist attack by the government, the registrations have effected Christian, Jewish and secular immigrants from the Middle East and Asia. We ask that others make these armbands and wear them to alert people in this country to the dangerous path our government is taking in their preparation for another racist war. From: Columbus Circle (Union Station, Red line)
For more info call 866-860-9311 or e-mail visisbleresistance.
12:00 Noon
Labor Contingent Joins Peace Rally
.... 4th St. and Jefferson Dr., SW (Northeast corner on the Mall)
4:00 pm
High Tea & Straight Talk
Dr. David Hilfiker, author of Urban Injustice, will share his view on the innter city, from his perspective as a doctor for a free health clinic. Parking available. Splonsored by DC League of Women Voters. Ingleside Apartments, Concert Hall, 3050 Military Road, NW
Contact: Joan Wilson 202-237-6264.
4:30 - 7:00 p.m.
The Power of Now: Learning to make the most of the present moment
An Open Space Forum. For many, life consists of a constant striving towards future goals and dwelling on past events. This makes us feel powerless, especially when we realize that we cannot change the past, and the future has not yet arrived. To enjoy the fullness of life, we can  cultivate techniques that help us make the most of the present. The problem is that it is extremely difficult to remain in the present without the mind flitting from one subject to another almost uncontrollably. The upcoming Open Space Forum will explore concrete tecnhiques for being in the moment, no matter what kind of moment it is.
The Open Space Forum meets informally on a monthly basis, bringing together a group of people from diverse backgrounds to discuss issues in an open and inclusive way.
All Souls Unitarian Church, 1500 Harvard St NW
It is facilitated by Ivor Heyman. Cost: $10. RSVP: Ivor Heyman (iheyman).
Or see
6:00 pm
Youth & Student Planning Meeting
Meeting to discuss Jan. 19th actions and future actions against war and racism. Be a part of Youth and Student A.N.S.W.E.R. Help build a student movement that fights racism, police brutality, attackson education, and all manifestations of oppression and exploitation. We are fighting for a different society, one that values human needs over profit. Church of the Brethren, 4th St. and North Carolina Ave., SE
7:30 pm
Candlelight Vigil for War Victims
United for Peace is planning a candlelight vigil at Lincoln Memorial (silent or listing names of people killed in war). Lincoln Memorial, Nation’s Mall
Contact: Roxanne Lawson, AFSC-DC 202-299-1050.
1/19/03 10 am
Health Care for All
Learn more about the new Health Care for All plan from the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative. A presentation by Glenn Schneider, the Initiative’s deputy director. Fireside Room, River Road Unitarian Universalist Church, River Road & Whittier Blvd., Bethesda, MD
For information: Virginia Richardson, 301-530-4498, or Jacqueline Gallagher, 202-333-7957.
11 am
Youth and Student Rally & March
Gather to protest the attacks against the Arab and Muslim communities including the recent mass arrests in California. Many of these violations are taking place within our own schools as more and more universities are complying with FBI and INS efforts to gather information, interrogate, detain and deport thousands of people. March to the Presidential Palace (White House) for a Youth and Student Weapons Inspection. If George Bush believes that the UN weapons inspectors have the right to look into every building in Iraq, then we should have a right to check out his “Presidential Palace.” Department of Justice, Pennsylvania Ave. (between 9th and 10th NW)
Sponsored by International Answer. Contact: ANSWER.
11:30 am
The Iraq Pledge of Resistance and United for Peace & Justice are sponsoring “War is Not the Answer”, a rally and CD action with special guest speaker, Liz McAlister, Peace activist & co-founder of Jonah House (wife of Phil Berrigan). The Iraq Pledge is a nationwide drive to enlist people who are willing to commit nonviolent civil disobedience to demonstrate their opposition to the Iraq War. Farragut Park [between “I” and “K” Sts. &17th and Constitution Ave., NW.
contact Gordon Clark 301-589-235
Jewish Congingent to CD Action
The Shalom Center is gathering a Jewish contingent to support a broader nonviolent civil disobedience action against the march to war. It will be carried out near the White House,  in the style and approach of  Dr. King and his coworker Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. Rabbi Arthur Waskow, director of The Shalom Center, enumerates seven reasons to oppose the war: 1) Assuring Iraqi disarmament can be done by peaceful means, such as the inspections now under way, and by additional steps to strengthen the fabric of international law and planetary community. (2) War will kill unknowable numbers of Iraqis, Americans, possibly Israelis. Israel is especially in danger, as US intelligence reports have said that if pushed to the brink of destruction, Saddam Hussein may attack Israel, and that otherwise, he is very unlikely to try to use mass-destruction weapons. (3) War costs will prevent dealing with urgent health, educational, & environmental needs of Americans. (4) War will increase the power of Big Oil to control the US, scorch the earth, befoul the oceans, funnel money to terrorists. (5) War will erode US civil liberties and weaken the fabric of planetary community even more than has already occurred. (6) War does nothing to reduce & probably increases anti-US and anti-Israel terrorist dangers. (7) War, except in extremely urgent self-defense where there is no alternative, directly contradicts the basic Jewish values of God’s Image, shalom, justice, & healing the earth. Farragut Park [between “I” and “K” Sts. &17th and Constitution Ave., NW.
Contact: Lee Moore, Shalom Center, 215/844-8494 or Charles Lenchner.
1/20/03 Mon. 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
“Living the Legacy of Action Against Militarism, Racism, and Economic Injustice”
Second annual action workshop sponsored by Black Voices for Peace. Black Voices for Peace with support from United for Peace calls for local protest actions, educational events and other mobilization activities around the country focusing on Dr. King’s legacy of opposing militarism, racism and poverty and linking these three pillars of evil in the struggle for peace and justice. Training and strategy sessions will focus on the following issues: 1) Ending the sanctions and war against Iraq. 2) Ending U.S. military and financial support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine/working for negotiated two state solution. 3) Defending the constitution and civil liberties: beating back the assault on our rights. 4) Promoting a national people’s agenda for affordable housing, accessible and affordable health care, education, jobs at livable wages and job training, income security and food safety net, environmental protection and other human needs, linking opposition to militarism as part of this effort. Plymouth Congregational Church, N. Capitol St. & Ridge Rd., NW
Contact: BVFP 202-232-5690.
1 pm
The INS’s “special registration” program for immigrants from 20 Middle Eastern countries is turning into a massive internment campaign of Middle Easterners. Thousands took to the streets in LA on Wednesday to protest this blatant attack on civil liberties and human rights. We in DC need to do the same. Send the message that these detentions must stop and to prevent the deportation of the hundreds of innocent people that they’ve rounded up thus far. Bring signs, banner, pots, pans, drums, etc. to make sure we’re heard. ...
2 - 4 pm
STUDENTS NOT SOLDIERS: A Workshop on Military Recruitment of Youth
A workshop on issues facing youth as the wars abroad continue. Military recruitment, JROTC, the No Child Left Behind Act requiring schools to give contact information on students to recruiters, current bills for a return to the draft or national service, and the history of militarization and struggles against it in DC. Ideas for building a new campaign of youth outreach and alternatives. As Bush rushes to war with Iraq the government is stepping up measures to recruit young people into the military. JROTC programs are expanding nation-wide at great cost to our schools. How can I protect my or my child’s privacy? Who pays for the JROTC program in my school? Can I get out of the Delayed Entry Program?  Are the ASVAB tests mandatory?  How does recruitment disproportionately affect People of Color? Speakers include Roger Newell, Oscar Castro, Brian Cross, and John Judge. AFSC, 2211 14th St. NW (U St./Cardozo Metro, Green line)
Co-sponsored by Black Voices for Peace, Washington Peace Center, CHOICES and AFSC-DC. Contacts: John Judge, WPC 202-234-2000 or Trent Moyer, AFSC-DC 202-299-1050 or Email
2:30 - 4 pm
Pray and Act for Peace and Justice
A prayer service, procession to the White House and prayer vigil, focusing on the connection between war and poverty on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. “We are challenged to rid our nation and the world of poverty...we must find an alternative to war and bloodshed...It is no longer a choice, my friends, between violence and non-violence, it is either non-violence or non-existence...and the alternative to strengthening the United Nations and thereby disarming the whole world may well be a civilization plunged into the abyss of annihilation...” Dr. King, National Cathedral, March 31, 1968. Sponsroed by Sojourners, National Council of Churches and Episcopal Diocese of Washington. Washington National Cathedral, Massachusetts & Connecticut Aves., NW
Contact: 202-537-6555.
3 - 6 pm


Honoring Dr. King's Legacy Of Action Against Racism, Militarism
and Economic Injustice, and Speaking Truth to Power!!!

The Day's Schedule [See morning workshops]
AFTERNOON/EARLY EVENING, 3 UNTIL 6PM: THE NATIONAL RALLY featuring speeches, music, poetry, spoken word, positive hip hop, drum call and dance, in honor of the Drum Major for Justice and Peace, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hear: Dr. James Forman, noted civil rights activist and former leader of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); Dr. Ron Daniels, noted activist and columnist, director of the Center for Constitutional Rights and founder, Institute of the Black World and Haiti Support Project; Ralph Nader, noted consumer advocate and former Green Party presidential candidate; Damu Smith, longtime peace, environmental and human rights activist, founder of Black Voices for Peace and executive director, National Black Environmental Justice Network; Dr. Ruby Sales, former SNCC activist and director, Spirit House; Bill Fletcher, executive director, TransAfrica and TransAfrica Forum; Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, noted columnist and host of XM Radio "The Power" "Reynold's Rap"; Rev. Graylin Hagler, pastor, Plymouth Congregational Church; Leslie Cagan, organizer, United for Peace; Larry Holmes, organizer, International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to End War and Racism); Verna Avery Brown, Deputy Director, Pacifica Radio; Minister Khadir Muhammed, Nation of Islam; Phyliss Bennis, noted author , popular talk show guest and fellow, Institute for Policy Studies; Tony Regusters, Interim General Manager, WPFW, Pacifica Network; Peta Lindsay, student organizer, International A.N.S.W.E.R, Razea Aiken, aka Miss Olivia, high school student entrepreneur; Katea Stitt, co-chair, Black Voices for Peace, and programmer, WPFW Radio; Jonathan Hutto, Amnesty International; Opio Sokoni, Esq., Implementation coordinator for DC's "Treatment Instead of Jails"; KhaRabia Rayford, of KhaYUMbia, artist and community activist with WPFW FM and United For Peace, J. Winter Nightwolf of The Nightwolf Show, WPFW, Native American activist; Mahdi Bray, MAS 4 Freedom Foundation, representative, Palestine National Congress; Ron Pinchback, Program Director, WPFW, Pacifica Network; Damario Solomon-Simmons, Student Activist; Dorothy Lewis, co-chair, NCOBRA; AIDs Activists, youth power segment presenters, and other guests.

PLYMOUTH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (North Capitol at Riggs Rd./Missouri Ave.), Washington, D.C.

See more information at Black Voices for Peace

1/21/03 Tue. 12:30 - 1:30 pm
IRAQ: Voices From the Streets
Prompted by fears of an impending war, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk (D-SD) and Congressman Nick Rahall (D-WV) visited Iraq in September 2002 to speak with Iraqi officials and ease tensions between the two governments. As Abourezk and Rahall meet with Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, Tariq Aziz, and others,  IPS fellow Saul Landau and filmmaker Sonia Angulo record these  encounters and take their own journey to the streets to hear from those who have been and will be affected most by war: the Iraqi people. Listening to the thoughts and feelings of the Iraqi people on this new U.S. threat  serves as a reminder of why war is not justified and why peaceful negotiations are needed. The screening is followed by a brief discussion on the situation in Iraq given by Dr. Samer Shehata of Georgetown University and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, where he is Acting Director of the Master of Arts in Arab Studies Program. He teaches courses on comparative and Middle East politics, political economy, culture and politics in the Arab world, Egyptian politics and society. Dr has recently returned from a trip to Bagdad with Bob Edgar and the National Council of Churches. IPS, 733 15th St, NW, Suite 1020, Wash. DC
For more information, call 202-234-9382 x254.
1/22/03 Wed. 8 pm
Ecumenical Prayer Vigil for Peace in the Middle East
Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Peace in the Middle East. Speaker:  Ms. Gerri Bird, President Partners for Peace. Informal Reception to Follow. Meeting house is on the Lower School Campus of Sidwell Friends School at Edgemoor Lane and Beverly Road, Bethesda, MD. Bethesda Friends Meeting, Bethesda , Maryland For more information contact:  John Salzberg 202-639-8001
1/23/03 Thur. 7:30 - 8:30 pm
War on Iraq - Discussion!
Join Congressman Chris Van Hollen and the Interfaith Peace Coalition (IPC) for a discussion on war in Iraq and other topics related to the struggle for peace. Cedar Lane Unitarian Church, Bethesda, MD
Contact Ed Qubain
1/25-26/03 9 am on
BAM! Building A Movement:
A Popular Education Skills Retreat
in Washington, DC
Institute for the Elimination of Poverty & Genocide in collaboration with St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church present:
Event: BAM! Building A Movement:
A Popular Education Skills Retreat in Washington, DC
Facilitators: Project South national staff - Jerome Scott, Director, Walda Katz-Fishman & Thomas Encarnacion - DC board & staff

At: Project South Washington Office at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church, 1525 Newton Street, NW, Wash. DC
Sponsor: Project South DC
tel: 202.332.5333
fax: 301.320.4534 Email

1/28-29/03 ...
See Emergency Actions!
1/29/03 Wed. 7 pm
Lynn Duke was the Washington Post's Johannesburg bureau chief from 1995 to 1999, and covered not only the larger stories-the devastating Congolese war, post-apartheid South Africa, the continuing AIDS epidemic-but also their impact on the village and township level. MANDELA, MOBUTU, AND ME: A Newswoman's African Journey (Doubleday, $24) depicts the oft-ignored and much-maligned continent through the stories of peacemakers and dictators, refugees and rebels, laborers and activists. Politics and Prose
5015 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20008
Tel 202.364.1919


2/4/03 Tue. ...
ORGANIZE a demonstration for peace at your local gas station, on February 4th. On that day, hundreds of gas stations across the country and around the world will be targeted as we send a clear message that access to oil is not worth war. ===
Leafleting, vigils, street theater, and other forms of nonviolent direct action are all encouraged. Our intent is to communicate through education and peaceful confrontation that clean energy alternatives to oil exist, and that they can increase our security and give us true energy independence.
Organize a demonstration in your area, visit to check local demonstrations and register your rally.
7 pm

PUMLA GOBODO-MADIKIZELA (co-sponsored by South Africa Partners)

Clinical psychologist Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela served on South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Her book, A HUMAN BEING DIED THAT NIGHT (Houghton Mifflin, $24), is a meditation on the nature of evil, of human suffering, and of forgiveness. At its center are her interviews with the commanding officer of apartheid death squads, Eugene de Kock (nicknamed "Prime Evil"). She is with VOICES. Politics and Prose
5015 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20008
Tel 202.364.1919
2/11/03 Tue. 11:30 am
Montgomery City Council Press Conference against sale of BlueCross/BlueShield to WellPoint of Calif.
The County Council will be holding a press conference. The Council, with four new
members, will be reconfirming its position of last year -- opposing the conversion and sale of CareFirst Blue Cross to WellPoint of California. Please turn out to show our
concern and solidarity about the CareFirst issue, that of retaining CareFirst as a non-
profit health insurer.

For more details about the CareFirst issue

Third floor
of the County Council Office Building,
100 Maryland Ave., Rockville, Maryland
2/14/03 Fri. 9 am - 5 pm


New York City

(For those going to NYC)

Building an anti-war movement that connects the struggle against war on Iraq with the fight for social and economic justice and civil rights at home.


at Community Church (35th St. between Park and Madison Ave., New York City)
2/14/03 Fri. 7 pm



Linking the struggle against corporate globalization, war, militarism and racism


at Community Church (35th St. between Park and Madison Ave., New York City)
2/14/03 Fri. 7:30-10:30 pm
Valentine's Dance for Peace
Come to the Valentine's Dance honoring Doris "Granny D" Haddock and the
Senators and Members of Congress who oppose war on Iraq: (Tickets from $25 - 30, write: D.C. Alliance, 7211 Spruce Ave. Takoma Park, MD 20912)
Church of the Reformation, Washington, D.C., 212 East Capitol St., Wash. DC
Call 301-270-9038
2/15/03 Sat. ...

Massive Protest against the US war in Iraq!

(In New York City)


Send your comments

On February 15th there will be a massive worldwide day of protest against war. A national mobilization in the US will march to the United Nations to demonstrate our opposition to war at this historic moment.

Get On The Bus:
Departure: Saturday, 2/15 at 6am at the Union Station bus deck Return: Saturday, 10:00pm

Cost: $30 includes round trip bus fare with snacks and drinks. A limited number of need-based tickets are also available. Tickets must be purchased before February 10th at any of the following locations:


American Friends Service Committee
2211 14th St. NW (U St. metro)
Institute for Policy Studies
733 15th St. NW Suite 1020
Arlington, VA: Contact Amanda: 703-237-3242
Takoma Park, MD
Contact Mike: 301-891-0605

Also: Black Voices for Peace
Buses, call by 2/13/03 202-232-5690

2/16/03 Sun. 10:45 am
Come to hear about:

A Financially Feasible Plan for Ensuring Comprehensive
Health Care Coverage for Everyone in Maryland
Speaking: Glenn Schneider
Deputy Director, Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative

Senate Bill 557 to implement the plan is being considered now in the Maryland General Assembly
Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church

For information, call Robert Rochlin at 301-588-4157
or Molly Hauck at
2/21/2003 7 pm

Manning Marable

Reconstructing Race and Politics in the 21st Century

In the wake of the debate about racism opened up by the fall of Trent Lott, it is particularly exciting to welcome historian and activist Manning Marable. In THE GREAT WELLS OF DEMOCRACY: Reconstructing Race and Politics in the 21st Century (Basic Civitas, $27.95), Marable examines the structural racism that has defined the United States, and which has persisted from the age of slavery through Jim Crow, to its current expression in economic disenfranchisement, criminalization, and poverty for the majority of African Americans. He lays out a new way to think about the past and future of race as a way of reinventing the democratic project. •Virginia Harabin Politics and Prose
5015 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20008
Tel 202.364.1919
2/21/03 Fri. 7 pm
Hidden from the Headlines: Aristide, the People's Movement, & the US War on Democracy in Haiti
Hear voices from the Haitian Popular Movement: Alina Sixto, grassroots Haitian activist and leader in the Lavalas movement, on the accomplishments of the Lavalas Government Pierre Labossiere, from Bay Area Haiti Action Committee, on why the Bush administration is targeting Haiti Walter Turner, professor of African and African American Studies, on a historical view of Haiti University of Creation Spirituality -- 2141 Broadway in Oakland
$5-15 sliding scale. For more info contact Haiti Action Committee - 510-483-7481
2/22/03 Sat. ...
National Conference of the Campus Anti-War Network (CAN)

CAN is organizing a national conference in Chicago of campus-based, student anti-war committees. We believe that the best way to build an independent student voice within the anti-war movement as a whole is for the hundreds of schools with anti-war groups to get together, face to face, and democratically decide how we can all work together to stop this war. All student anti-war activists are encouraged to attend the conference, but each school will be limited to two voting delegates to take part in decision making at the conference so that schools are not geographically under or over represented. All national anti-war groups are invited to send non-voting observers in order to build unity and coordination, but decisions will be up to student delegates. The CAN conference will be held at Loyola University’s Lakeshore Campus in the Roger’s Park neighborhood of Chicago. Two delegates will be recognized from every college or high school campus anti-war or peace group. Only one antiwar or peace group per campus please. As soon as your school decides to attend the conference, please forward the names of the delegates and all other attendees from your school

Loyola University, Chicago, IL
For questions regarding the conference, phone contact can be made at 773-227-7873
6 pm
Prayer service for Middle East Peace
Every month on the 22nd at different churches Georgetown Lutheran Church, 1556 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Call 202-337-9070.
7:30 pm
Expanding the search for weapons of mass destruction
Chaired by Medea Benjamin - Global Exchange / Code Pink: Women for Peace:
Featuring: the Citizen Weapons Inspection Team:
Samaa Elibyari - Canadian Islamic Congress, Alan Simpson - Member of Parliament - UK - Labour Against the War, Libby Davies - Member of Parliament - Canada, Pernille Rosenkrantz - Member of Parliament - Denmark, Francesco Martone - Senator - Italy, Graziella Mascia - Member of Parliament - Italy, Ed Hammond - The Sunshine Project - Austin Texas, Deborah Bourque - National President - The Canadian Union of Postal Workers,
Mel Watkins - Professor, University of Toronto,
Steven Staples - Defence Analyst - The Polaris Institute, David Langille - The Centre for Social Justice (Toronto, Canada), Christy Ferguson - Rooting Out Evil - Canada, Peter Shorett - The Council for Responsible Genetics - Boston
First Congregation Church
945 G St NW
For more information call (202) 546-6727

Sponsored by:
Rooting Out Evil,
International ANSWER, Global Exchange,
Code Pink: Women for Peace, WILPF - Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

2/22-23/03 ...
Rooting Out Evil
We are sending an international team of volunteer international weapons inspectors to Washington, D.C. during the weekend of February 22-23 to inspect the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Laboratory.
The team currently includes Alan Simpson, a Member of the British House of Commons (and head of Labour Against the War); Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East; Professor Mel Watkins of Science for Peace; Steve Staples of the Polaris Institute; David Langille of the Centre for Social Justice; Deborah Bourque, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers; Ed Hammond of the Sunshine Project; and Peter Shorret from the Council for Responsible Genetics. We are expecting to be joined by leaders ...(See more)

Contact: David Langille, Director of Public Affairs, 416-927-0777 x225


Rooting Out Evil

2/23/03 Sun. 1 pm
America At the Crossroads: War is Not the Answer
Louis Farrakhan speaks on the issue of the hour. DC Armory, 2001 East Capitol St., SE
Contact: 202-399-1010
7 pm
Judgment Day

U.S. premier of a documentary comparing the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict with the previous struggle for liberation and democracy in South Africa. This video makes a universal statement about war and the effects of war on young people on both sides of conflicts. For more information about the "Advocacy Days" Feb. 23-26 and the U.S. premier of "Judgment Day"

National City Christian Church, 5 Thomas Circle, NW
Contact: Anna Rhee at 301-384-3615
2/23-26/03 ...
Peaceful Ends Through Peaceful Means. This conference is part of the "Africa and the Middle East Advocacy Days." Keynote: Rev. Mitri Raheb, pastor of Christmas Lutheran Church and director of the International Centre in Bethlehem Discussants: Ambassador Hussein Hassouna, League of Arab States; Ziad J. Asali, MD, President of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Presenters: Ambassador Phil Wilcox, President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace; Clyde R. Mark, Congressional Research Service, The Library of Congress; Craig Albright, Legislative Director, Representative Joe Knollenberg. Workshops: Interfaith Relations and Programming: The Issues, Opportunities and Challenges Update on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace ProcessIsraeli Settlements: The Facts and the Politics Human Rights Issues for Israel and Palestinians Jerusalem: Religious and Political Dimensions Evangelical Christians and the Christian Right Update on Iraq Peacemaking: Opportunities for Congregations and Communities. Sponsors: Churches for Middle East Peace, Church World Service. REGISTRATION: $80.00 - includes registration materials, 2 lunches and a Congressional reception. National City Christian Church, 5 Thomas Circle, NW
For info.
2/26/03 Thur. ...
Virtual March on Washington
Please join me in registering for a Virtual March on Washington on February 26th. We are asking Congress to stop the Bush administration's rush to war, and to Let the Inspections Work.
Time is running out.

With your help, on February 26th, every Senate office will receive a call EVERY MINUTE from a constituent, as they receive a simultaneous crush of faxes and Email. In New York and Los Angeles, "anti-war rooms" will highlight the progress of the day for national
media. Local media will visit the "anti-war room" online, to monitor this constituent march throughout the day.

With your help, every Senate office switchboard will be lit up all
day with our anti-war messages. This will be a powerful reminder of the bread and depth of opposition to a war in Iraq.
2/27/03 Fri. ...
"Blacks in the Labor Movement"

Project South Washington Book Forum with Bill Fletcher on "Blacks in the Labor Movement" scheduled for Feb. 18th has been rescheduled - with a new tentative date of Thursday, Feb. 27th.
We will confirm the date & the location in an Email later this week.

For more information call 202.332.5333



March 3 ­ 9, 2003
Activities to include concerts, teach-ins, exhibits and actions. See more details....

CodePink Calendar

Many Sponsors...
For a full schedule & details:
Codepink4peace UnitedForPeace
The Women's Peace Vigil 202-393-5016 or e-mail
3/4/03 Tue.
9 am
We were snowed out on President's Day but we are trying again. We will be joining Code Pink during (perhaps) it's last week of vigiling at the White House with big signs saying "I WON'T PAY FOR BUSH'S IRAQ WAR" "NO MONEY FOR WAR" etc.
Please e-mail or call us if you know a specific time you can come by.
Below is a list of Code Pink (and other) events for the week, so if you can't make it Tuesday, drop by anytime before the 8th. CodePink Calendar
Carol 202-635-3739
Greg 202-882-9649
Women's Peace Vigil

3/4/03 Tue.
1 pm

Maryland Health Care For All

MD Legislature (House) will hear testimony on bills supporting health care for all initiatives.

Thanks to everyone who agreed to testify at our hearing (the one that was postponed). Your response was fantastic. Let's keep that enthusiasm as we prepare for our new hearings. We need your help as we put together panels of testifiers who can tell our story. Whether you are an uninsured-underinsured person (or know of someone who is uninsured-underinsured), a community leader, a health care worker, a business owner, or an advocate for patients, we need your help and expertise. Are you willing to testify or find us people who can? Please call the office at 410-235-9000 or Drop us an Email and let us know if you can help:
3/5/03 Wed.

National Student Strike!

Students at hundreds of high schools and colleges nationwide are planning a walkout on Wednesday to protest the Bush administration's plans for war in Iraq.
STRIKE because they're sending young people to die in the desert while they sit in the comfort of their offices & mansions STRIKE because we refuse to go along with their transfusion of blood for oil STRIKE because they're about to launch 400 missiles a day at a defenseless people ("There will not be a safe place in Baghdad...rather like Hiroshima" - H. Ullman, U.S. military planner) MORE...
Check the story in the NYTimes.
Nationwide Strike Called
A Nationwide strike is being organized by United for Peace and Justice. Our men and women in uniform are putting their lives on the line. If the war starts, some will make the ultimate sacrifice. So we can certainly afford to sacrifice our normal lives for one day if there's a chance we can stop this thing and bring them all home alive. See: UnitedForPeace
Code Pink Women Uniting for Peace & Justice
Exhibition & Panel & refreshments
Discussion 6:00 - 8:00 pm, with music & CodePink Calendar
Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Library, 901 G Street, NW
11am on...
Rally and March

At 11 am, the rally will gather at the Northern end of Malcolm X (Meridian) Prark, near Euclid and 16th Street. The rally will include Alice Walker, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Cheri Honkala of KWRU and representatives of Iraq Women, Labor and others.

At 1 pm, the March will proceed down 16th Street to and encircle the White House.

Black Voices for Peace & CodePink

CodePink Calendar

6:30 pm
Fundraiser for WPFW
Alliance friends, Greg Pallast, the outstanding investigative reporter who spoke at the Alliance convention in Gettysburg, will be speaking in Washington, DC. Greg is a real friend of the Alliance. And we sure need WPFW these days more than ever! First Congregational Church
945 G Street (near MLK Library) Tickets are $35 call WPFW or at the door.
3/6/03 Thur.
9:00 a.m. - Orientation
10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Visit Congressional offices
3:30 ­ 5:00 p.m. - Tea on Capitol Hill.
A day of lobbying Congress and the Administration CodePink Calendar Lobby Day on Capitol Hill in conjunction with the National Organization for Women, Women's Action for New Direction, and Women's International League of Peace and Freedom. Join with others to lobby your congresspeople to take a stand against the war. We will deliver pink slips to those who are failing in their job. Pink badges of courage will be presented to those who have been brave and continued to support peace. Many Sponsors...Call..
The Women's Peace Vigil 202-393-5016 or e-mail
3/7/03 Fri.
9 am - 5 pm
"From Service to Justice: Realizing a Vision for a Just, Inclusive, and Caring DC"
In this era of budget shortfalls and an increasingly frayed social safety net, simply doing direct service is not enough. Join service providers, community leaders, advocates, labor, artists and others in exploring ways to work for structural change as well as preserve essential services. Our ultimate goal is to transform DC into a more just city, one that puts human needs first. The cost is $10 for individuals, $5 for Fair Budget Coalition members; $30 for organizations, $15 for coalition members.No one will be turned away due to their inability to pay.

Sponsored by: The Fair Budget Coalition of DC.
All Souls Church, 1500 Harvard St, NW
Julia Gordon at 202-906-8025

9:00 ­ 5:00 p.m.: Teach-In "For a Just Peace & Real Security, Listen to Women for a Change!" at Shiloh Baptist Church, 9th & P Streets, NW
8:00 p.m.: Concert at Lisner Auditorium, 730 21st Street, NW Washington, DC
CodePink Calendar
Many Sponsors...
For a full schedule & details:
The Women's Peace Vigil 202-393-5016 or e-mail
7 pm
AN ACT OF STATE: The Execution of Martin Luther King"
WILLIAM PEPPER presents his "In AN ACT OF STATE: The Execution of Martin Luther King." Human rights lawyer and journalist William Pepper has compiled the details of his probe into MLK's death. Politics & Prose
5015 Conn. Ave., NW, Wash., DC
202-364-1919 or 800-722-0790 e-mail:
8 pm
No War in Iraq: An Evening of Music, Comedy, & Poetry
Music featuring Michelle Shocked, Elayne Boosler, Ulali, and others. Sponsors: National Organization for Women, CODEPINK for Peace, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, United for Peace & Justice, Unreasonable Women, Global Exchange, Peace Action.

Lisner Auditorium, GW Univ. 730 21st Street, NW
Women's Peace Vigil at 202-393-5016

3/8/03 Sat.

11 am...



On International Women¹s Day, thousands of women and men from all walks of life will converge on Washington, DC for an amazing women-led rally and march to encircle the White House for peace. Join with Alice Walker, Vandana Shiva, comedian Janeane Garofalo, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Granny D, Barbara Ehrenreich, Amy Goodman, Rania Masri, Michelle Shocked, feminist theologian Hyun Kyung, Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams, Cheri Honkala, Maxine Hong Kingston, Inga Muscio, Terry Tempest Williams, Medea Benjamin, Starhawk, and many others to say no to war and yes to policies that reflect the values of peace, compassion, generosity, and the recognition of the interconnectedness of the whole human family. CodePink Calendar
For details on the march and rally, see
11:00 a.m. Rally at Malcolm X Park, 16th St. btwn. W and Euclid
1:00 p.m. March
8:00 p.m.: Community Festivities at Josephine Butler Parks Center,
2437 15th St., NW Email
"Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich", book discussion
The book is by Kevin Phillips. "Kevin Phillips' new book takes a much broader approach by detailing the historical account of the relationships between politics and wealth in the U.S. He relates how the disparity between rich and poor correlates with our propensity for speculative excess and technology manias and the corruption of government throughout this nation's history. He points out that real, after-tax income for average workers peaked in the late 1960s, while the amount of wealth concentrated in the upper one percent has steadily increased. This trend reflects similar boom-time eras as the Gilded Age (1870-90) and the 1920s. As this gap widens, Phillips warns that we may be in a late-stage economic period similar to that of three previous leading economic powers: Britain, the Netherlands, and the earlier Spanish Hapsburg empire. The figures on the financial worth of famous American aristocrats through the years are impressive." Washington Peace Center
1801 Columbia Road NW, Suite 104
202-234-2000 Everyone is invited to attend. contact
12 noon
Peace Walk
There will be a "peace walk" starting from the National Cathedral at noon and going to the Islamic Center, and then continuing on to the White House. This has been initiated by the Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship Contact: Mary Conley 202-494-7867.
5 - 7 pm
matters of the he(A)rt
An Opening Reception and Artist Talk. Fridha Kahlo, Clarissa Sligh, Emma Amos, Carrie Mae Weems, Adrian Piper, Howardina Pindell, Faith Ringold, Nikki Lee - Women of Color Artists have created autoportraits as a means of discussing a range of issues as stifling as sexism, as intimate as sexuality, as complex as racism and as fantastical as growing up a girl. Through the work of five women artists, matters of the he(A)rt, explores the space between vulnerability and cathartic release, as five artists turn themselves into subjects of art. Artists Colette Cullors, Jacqueline Mari, Keisha Scarville, Shannon Washington and Suné Woods use their experience as raw material to create art that is both highly personal and political. matters of the he(A)rt , curated by Takema Robinson, will be on view at Sisterspace and Books Gallery from March 1st to March 30. The bookstore and gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sisterspace and Books Gallery, 1515 U Street, NW
Sisterspace and Books Gallery, 202-332-3433
5 pm
Meeting of Marylanders Organizing against war in Iraq.
"Hey everyone. [Maryland Statewide Statement]

Let's say meeting this Saturday, at 5:00 Pm at the Marvin Center (meet on the 2nd floor). The Marvin Center is part of the GWU campus and is located at 21st and H streets in downtown DC. This is an easy walk from the Code Pink rally which will end at the White House (which is a block from H street and along 16th). So it's a few blocks away. Ryan." (Proposal from Baltimore Anti-War Coalition)

Marvin Center, 2nd fl., GWU campus 21st & H streets in downtown DC.
Ryan 410-733-6867
3/9/03 Sun.
8 am
Protest and nonviolent direct action at the network news stations, whose weekly talk shows provide an unabashed and virtually unopposed platform for war propaganda to Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney. We will march from there to the appropriate news station. FARRAGUT SQUARE, 17th & K Sts, NW
DC Anti-War Network.
10 am
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.: Spiritual Celebration with Alice Walker, Hyun Kyung, Starhawk, Terry Tempest Williams and others; followed by discussion - Where do we go from here? / George Washington University Marvin Center Ballroom,
800 21st Street, NW
CodePink Calendar
Many Sponsors...
For a full schedule & details:
The Women's Peace Vigil 202-393-5016 or e-mail
10 am - 1 pm
Where do we go from here?
Spiritual Celebration/Discussion with Alice Walker, Hyun Kyung, Starhawk, Terry Tempest Williams and others. Sponsors: National Organization for Women, CODEPINK for Peace, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, United for Peace & Justice, Unreasonable Women, Global Exchange, Peace Action. $5 suggested donation. Childcare Available-Pre-Registration Requested. Wheelchair Accessible GWU, Marvin Center, 800 21st St., NW, Ballroom
Women's Peace Vigil
2 PM
Join us in a national funeral march and memorial service for the victims of the war against Iraq, who have overwhelming been women and children. We encourage you to bring pictures of Iraqi civilians, banners, homemade cardboard coffins and anything else appropriate for a memorial service and funeral march, where we will take this message of human suffering to our government's leaders. NATIONAL MALL, between 6th & 7th Sts. NW
DC Anti-War Network.
3/10/03 Mon. 12-1 pm
Interfaith Vigil for Peace
The Interfaith Peace Campaign of Maryland Congressional Districts 4 and 8 (IPC) sponsors a weekly interfaith vigil for peace and against war in Iraq. Our witness is peaceful and dignified, and is in compliance with County regulations. Richard Marks at 301-589-4927
7 pm
"Liberia: America's Stepchild"
Liberia is Africa’s first independent nation. Colonized in 1822, by a group of manumitted Africans and mulattoes from the United States of America, Liberia was proclaimed an independent Republic on July 26, 1847. The American Colonization Society helped established Liberia with the intent on getting rid of trouble making Africans who were no longer enslaved. Over the years, Liberia came to symbolize a refuge and home to Africans in the diaspora. This concept has been forgotten. Unfortunately, the newly founded nation quickly became a microcosm of the oppression and fascism that these freed women and men (Americo-Liberians) faced in the U.S. The conflicts between the Americo-Liberians and indigenous
Liberians continue to stratify the nation. The Administration of President William Tolbert attempted to rectify this situation but his progress was cut short by a CIA backed coup d’etat in 1980.
Sponsored by Organized COUP
3/11/03 Tue. 5:30 pm
Silent Vigil For Peace
A silent vigil under the banner "Seek peace and pursue it" at the . All are invited to come and join us in silent prayer and worship. No additional signs, please. U.S. Capitol (Constitution & New Jersey Aves., NW)
6:30 pm
Gaza Strip
Showing of Gaza Strip/2002/87 min. [USA]. This film follows a range of characters and events in different
cities and towns inside the Gaza Strip from February to March 2001. Gaza Strip aspires to the most basic aim of documentary film: to fix reality in an unblinking, thought-provoking way, and to create a document of time and place that would otherwise never be recorded.All films are in English or have English subtitles. Attendance is free - donations are welcome. Information
Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine, 2435 Virginia Ave. NW
7 pm
The Forging of an American Political Tradition"
Lucy Barber's MARCHING ON WASHINGTON: The Forging of an American Political Tradition (Univ. of California Press, $34.95) traces how such mass mobilizations have "transformed the capital…. into a national stage for American citizens to participate directly in national politics." Politics & Prose
5015 Conn. Ave., NW, Wash., DC
202-364-1919 or 800-722-0790
7 - 9 pm
DC DAWN Meeting
Please join us as we prepare for the big March 15 Rally and March (starting noon at Washington Monument). Let's try to use this last week to stop Bush's attack on Iraq. Current agenda items: DAWN Contingent at March 15 Rally and March, Tabling at the Rally and March, National Peace Lobby effort
Other proposals to stop the war?
AFSC- DC, 2211 14th St. NW, 2nd Floor
Contact: Michael
7:30 pm
Interfaith Peace Campaign (IPC) Steering Committee Meeting
Cedar Lane Unitarian Church, Bethesda, MD, Room 15
The IPC will be discussing the Montgomery County Antiwar Resolution. See their homepage at
Contact: Ed Qubain 301-493-6479
3/12/03 Wed. ...
Labor Day for Peace: Union Yes--War No
Dear Union Sisters and Brothers Opposed to the War on Iraq. The Bush administration is threatening to launch a war on Iraq by mid-March despite massive domestic and international opposition. U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) is calling on all unions and trade unionists who are opposed to this war to engage in workplace-based anti-war activities on March 12, as a way of heightening awareness among union members to the dangers of this war. We want to translate the excellent resolutions that unions and Central Labor Councils have adopted into a commitment to take labor's anti-war message into the workplace and enlist the support of the members. Because the possible outbreak of war is so near, we are encouraging unions to commit staff time and resources toward this effort. Worksite anti-war activities could include workplace leafleting, the wearing of buttons, distribution of bumper stickers, lunch-time meetings and discussions, and meetings at union halls. USLAW
12 noon

Hold the Washington Post Editorial Board Accountable!

Description of the Board!

* The decidedly pro-war and hawkish bias of The Washington Post editorial page is responsible for legitimatizing the Bush Administration's drive toward an unjustified war in Iraq that will kill both U.S. soldiers and thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.
* Come help us we stage a peaceful "Die-In" in front of the Post to send a message that war will lead to unnecessary deaths in Iraq and make us less secure here in the Nation's capital.
Sponsored by: Black Voices for Peace, along with members of DC
Anti-War Network, DC Statehood Green Party etc...
Contact: 202-862-9740 x.3038
12 - 1:30 pm
Dead Heat: Global Justice and Global Warming
Foreign Policy In Focus invites you to a talk by authors Tom Athanasiou and Paul Baer. These days, the Bush administration says that we must adapt to climate change. U.S. climate policy, in other words, is: get used to it. Tom Athanasiou and Paul Baer couldn’t disagree more. In their brilliantly argued new book they explain that, even in the face of accelerating climate change, we still have intelligent choices available, and can still hold the warming below catastrophic levels. The book explains how. Only a social justice approach, they argue, can shape the necessary compromise between the rich world and the poor; that, in effect, justice can make it possible to cut a path to sustainability, even on this, a planet laden with explosive national, ideological and class divides. The talk will cover a quick tour of science surrounding the current climate situation and then turn to the specifics of the emerging debate over a global equity-based climate treaty followed by questions, answers, and discussion. IPS, 733 15th Street NW, Suite 1020, Wash. DC
ontact: Erik Leaver 202-234-9382, ext. 240
3/13/03 Thur.
1 pm

Maryland Health Care For All
Maryland Legislature (Senate) will hear testimony on bills supporting health care for all initiatives.

Thanks to everyone who agreed to testify at our hearing (the one that was postponed). Your response was fantastic. Let's keep that enthusiasm as we prepare for our new hearings. We need your help as we put together panels of testifiers who can tell our story. Whether you are an uninsured/underinsured person (or know of someone who is uninsured/underinsured), a community leader, a health care worker, a business owner, or an advocate for patients, we need your help and expertise. Are you willing to testify or find us people who can? INFORMATION Please call the office at 410-235-9000 or Drop us an Email and let us know if you can help.
6:30 - 8:30 pm
The African American Coalition Against AIDS
The African American Coalition Against AIDS, Inc. (AACAA), invites you to a fund-raiser/reception. The AACAA provides educational materials, resources and literature aimed at promoting the importance of HIV/AIDS prevention. Specifically, they focus on neighborhood outreach and public education in urban areas. The AACAA sponsors educational workshops for schools, churches and community groups. Utilizing a grassroots approach, the AACAA also engages in a number of proactive outreach efforts including a street education program in which volunteers walk the streets distributing educational material, condoms and testing information. The AACAA carries out its mission and work throughout the Northeast Corridor of the United States with a specific focus on the Washington, D. C. metropolitan region. AACAA relies solely on volunteers to carry out their work and mission. The suggested donation for this event is $100.00. If you would like to attend or if you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your organization please contact Kristen Clarke, Executive Director, African American Coalition Against AIDS at (301) 499-7178. Sisterspace and Books, 1515 U Street, NW, Wash. DC
Contact: Sisterspace and Books (202) 332-3433.
3/10-14/03 Week
Women's Congressional Call-In Week
Women around the country will speak out against war and call for a shift in US foreign policy. This is a great opportunity for an important segment of voters to call for better leadership from Congress. Your participation in this event would make it a great success. We ask that you please promote it. We have additional information and resources related to women and the need for a better US foreign policy on our website. These include talking points, flyers about the call-in week, cards that women can send to their members of Congress, and an outstanding article by Eve Ensler (founder of V-day, friend of peace, a woman behind the Vagina Monologues). Please feel free to use any resources that would be helpful to your own organizing, in whole or in part. See Peace Action
3/10-16/03 1 - 9 pm
A series of photographic images depicting the humanity and diversity of Iraqi people in color and black-and-white prints. A collection composed primarily of portraits; it eloquently conveys to the American public the often muted stories of the Iraqi people. It gives voice to Iraqis through the lilt of their smiles and the weight of their gazes. This powerful artistic bridge between the people of the United States and Iraq helps Americans break through the mask of Saddam Hussein, to see the individuals who will be affected in the event of another war on Iraq.... Contact: EPIC 202-543-6176.
3/10-23/03 ...
Who Wants War?
Part of the program Mobile-Eyes on Who Wants War?
For part of our upcoming program Mobile-Eyes on Who Wants War? we will be traveling throughout the Northern United States to document grassroots anti-war efforts from small towns to inner cities. We will show how individuals and groups in the US are connecting with one another and with the people in Iraq in order to promote peace, justice, and an alternative to the Bush administration’s plan of global domination and annihilation. While doing this we will also be highlighting related issues such as racial profiling and discrimination, INS detentions, and the gradual strangulation of civil liberties. Our goal is to do more than just educate our viewers on this important issue, we want to provide them with the tools and resources to get involved and take action. Free Speech TV is a progressive, non-commercial television network that works with activists and artists to cultivate an informed and active citizenry in order to advance social change. In this age of corporate-controlled media, we present alternative ways to interpret the world around us, empowering citizens to fight injustice and revitalize democracy. Featuring diverse, eye-opening social, political, and cultural works from independent producers and filmmakers, FSTV reaches up to 11 million viewers in the United States. FSTV airs 24/7 on direct broadcast satellite on the DISH Network channel 9415, part-time on over 60 affiliated cable access stations across the country and on our website at Contact: Nadya Waziri at 303-442-8445 x 104
3/14/03 Fri. 12-1 pm
Peace Vigil
The Dorothy Day Catholic Workers hold weekly vigils in front of the White House, across from LaFayette Park. White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
11 pm
Party Tonight - Befor the Demonstration!

Initation! Tonight: AntiWar Party/Salon w/ Open Mike for Speakers, Poets, and Music and Poetry
Donation -- $10-20, (impoverished activist discounts available) --This is a benefit for the Washington Peace Center and

Mimi's American Bistro 2120 P. St. NW
Bernardo Issel 202-277-8434
3/15/03 Sat.
9 am - 5 pm
GI Counselor Training
Come to a GI Counselor Training presented by the Center on Conscience and War and hosted by the Virginia Anti-War Network. The training will be free and open to all who are interested. Bring a dish to share for lunch, a pen or pencil, a notebook, and lots of ideas and questions. Center on Conscience and War is at Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors is at Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft is at, and GI Rights Hotline at Contact: CCAW 202-483-2220
12 noon
DC Teachers Contingent
No War on Iraq. National demonstration and day of actions in DC, New York City, San Francisco, and other cities. Gather at Monument and march to White House. See events listed at internationalANSWERcampaigns/
DC Contact: 202-544-3389 or
1 pm on...
Emergency National Anti-War Convergence
Tens of thousands of people will be converging for a National Anti-War March to TAKE IT TO THE WHITE HOUSE on Saturday MARCH 15. There will be parallel activities in Los Angeles and San Francisco.Buses, vans and car caravans are traveling from over 100 cities in more than 35 states to join the March 15 demonstrations. The listing of transportation being organized from cities around the country is updated daily. For the current contacts -- or to sign up to list the transportation options from your city -- go to: Leaflets Gather at Wash. Monument and march around White House and back.
7 pm
Gray Panther Benefit
This year, the Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington observes thirty years of progressive social activism in the interest of justice, human dignity and peace. To celebrate this historic milestone, we are planning a Thirtieth Anniversary Benefit Concert. The concert will feature a performance by the popular Pam Parker and Friends, featuring Steve Jones. Pam is a progressive performer whose new CD “Working Class” features songs dedicated to working people’s struggles. The suggested sliding scale contribution is $10 per ticket, Saturday, March 15th, 7PM Potters House Coffee House, 1658 Columbia Rd NW
Contact: John Steinbach
3/16/03 Sun. Info.
Global Vigil
As of noon EST today (Friday), there are over 3,000 vigils planned in 100 countries. Tens of thousands -- if not hundreds of thousands -- will be participating on Sunday. You can still sign up for a vigil in your area at: Information
12:00 noon
Creative and Direct Actions for the Day After a War on Iraq Starts
[Please see call to action below.]
We will be getting together this Sunday, March 16 @ 12:00 noon at 942 Westminster St, NW to do arts for these and other upcoming antiwar actions. We need all the help we can get so please join us.
942 Westminster St, NW, Wash. DC
7 pm
A Night of Gulf War Films
Featuring: The Gulf War Crisis TV Project. Before the Gulf War started, a group of media producers began a series with peace activists and war resisters to fight the rampant militarism that seemed to be leading to war. As the war ensued, this series became the only voice of media dissent, documenting the thousands who marched in protest and the many organizations who actively worked to stop it. Special guest: Kani Xulam from the American Kurdish Information Network. Films include: Students Against War, a video documenting high school students organizing against the war, including footage from the Feb. 21, 2003 student walkout in Washington, DC. Hear why students are actively opposing war on Iraq. Zapatista Women, a 30-minute film featuring women insurgents of the Zapatista National Liberation Army. In this piece, they speak of what it means to be indigenous women in Mexico, how they came to the EZLN, how their lives are within the army, and what their struggle is about. Indymedia footage from the International Women's Day march on the White House and Code Pink Women's Vigil for Peace. SIS Lounge, American University, 4400 Massachussets Ave. NW
Presented by the DC Independent Media Center and the American University Independent Arts Collective. Proceeds benefit Indymedia and the arts collective. $5.00 suggested donation. INDmedia.
3/17/03 Mon. 7 pm
Students Not Soldiers campaign
City-wide organizing meeting National Student and Youth Coalition for Peace & United for Peace and Justice.
7:30 pm
Important Meeting for those planning direct action.
There will also be a very important meeting on Monday, March 17 @ 7:30 at location TBA (please check our website for the location) for those individuals and affinity groups who would like to be involved in the direct action. At: TBA
"Bush is Taking the Shirts Off Our Backs to Pay for this War" Coalition 866-860-9311 Email
Anti-Capitalism Reader: Imagining a Geography of Opposition
Ongoing discussions of Joel Schalit's Anti-Capitalism Reader. The reader is an accessible, hard hitting, non-doctrinaire anthology of essays and interviews that covers the intellectual geography of the new anti-capitalist left. Meets every other Monday. Book: $10. Arthur Flemming Center, 1422 9th St., NW Positive Force
3/17-24/03 ...

The Congress of the United States is the only branch of government that has the constitutional authority to authorize war. Last October, they gave that authority away to an Administration that is clearly willing to defy the will of the American people and the world. Information & Schedule

3/18/03 Tue. 5:30 pm
Commemorative Rally for Rachel Corrie
Craig and Cindy Corrie, along with their son, Chris Corrie will attend a candlelight vigil in memory of their daughter Rachel, who was killed on Sunday in the Gaza Strip, when she was run over by an Israeli bulldozer. Rachel was protesting the Israeli policy of demolishing Palestinian homes and was standing in front of a home in Rafah, located in the Gaza Strip, urging the bulldozer driver to stop, when he ran her over. The vigil is being organized by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). Please join us to commemorate the life and protest the tragic death of this courageous American peace activist, Rachel Corrie. Her friends and family will not let her death go in vain and will continue to fight the inhumane Israeli policy of destroying Palestinian homes, and for the freedom and justice that Rachel gave her life for. Israeli Embassy, International Drive and Van Ness St., NW (Van Ness/UDC Metro, Red line)
Contact: ADC (202) 244-2990.
6:30 pm
Shirts Off Our Back, Emergency Response Planning
AFSC-DC, 2211 14th St., NW (U St./Cardozo Metro, Green line)
Planning meeting for day after actions. Contact: 299-9100.
7 pm
The Maryland Action Collective
Spokespersons council. Any individuals, groups, collectives, affinity groups or organizations interested in direct action from banner drops on up are encouraged to send reps. As Bush escalates his war, its time we escalate our response. His 48 hour ultimatum is up Wednesday night so this meeting will be critical in coordinating our actions beyond the day after and into the coming week. We will also provide direct action and legal trainings. DC Iraq Pledge of Resistance will also take part. St. Stevens Church, 16th and Newton Sts., NW (Columbia Heights Metro, Green line)
3/19/03 Wed. 8 am
The Congress of the United States is the only branch of government that has the constitutional... (more) St. Aloysius Church, 900 N Capitol St. NW, (Union Station Metro, Red line)
DEMAND PEACE - Lobbying Congress
President Bush has made clear his determination to order the U.S. military to launch a massive and brutal attack on the people, the infrastructure, and the environment of Iraq. His "deadline" for Saddam Hussein comes on Wednesday at 8 pm Eastern time. Make your voice heard in Washington, DC. Code Pink - Women for Peace will give Congress one last chance to exercise their responsibility. Assemble to prepare for extreme lobbying. St. Aloysius Church, 900 N. Capitol St. NW (Union Station Metro, Red line)
Details: 202/393-5016
9:30 am


Mayor wants to cut IDA!

Interim Disability Assistance (IDA) for D.C. Residents with Disabilities. This is an essential source of income while people with disabilities wait for the government to start their SSI/SSDI paymenst - which can take years!

Freedom Plaza, 13th & Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Scott McNeilly, 872-1925

12 noon
Walkout! No Business as Usual! No War on Iraq! George W. Bush has promised to unleash an all-out war against Iraq, possibly as soon as Wednesday, March 19. We join with peace-loving people all over the world in challenging this 48 hour war ultimatum. At this critical moment, we urge all people of conscience to oppose this illegal war of aggression by participating. Stay at White House all day until a march at 5 p.m. If war has begun, there will also be a March 22 regional demo at the White House in Washington DC at 12 noon. North side of White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
A.N.S.W.E.R. 202-544-3389.
DEMAND PEACE - Prayer Service

White House at noon for a prayer service followed by a civil disobedience action.
Sponsored by a Coalition of Religious Groups. United for Peace and Justice, joined by the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, Iraq Pledge of Resistance, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, Black Voices for Peace, Veterans for Peace

White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
3:45 PM
Gather and march to the White House, with optional nonviolent civil disobedience. We're having a student action tomorrow and we need EVERYONE to be there. Several of us will engage in civil disobedience and we encourage you all to get arrested with us, but it is not necessary. Please come tomorrow after school. Download fliers from, print out the flyers and massively distribute them at your schools. This is a solely student action and we need to represent and match the numbers to oppose this war. Students for Peace and Justice, National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, Youth Leadership Support Network and Students Not Soldiers.
Contact: Cherine Foty
5 pm
Code Pink
Code Pink Procession to Donald Rumsfeld house.Together we will tell President Bush that he does NOT have the support of the people of the U.S. for the actions he is about to take; tell the people of Iraq that the people of the U.S. do not condone the actions taken in our name; tell the world that we reject the President's unilateralist contempt for international opinion and his determination to use massive, lethal force to impose his will on an unwilling world; call out to the people of the United States -- the majority that rejects unilateral military action and all the others -- to recognize and assert that the attack being undertaken in our name is immoral and unwise; inspire people across the country to make clear that we will hold the President, his advisers, and the Congress that has failed in its responsibility to check the excesses of the White House accountable for their actions.

Dupont Circle, Connecticut Ave., NW

5 pm
NEW EMERGENCY RESPONSE LOCATION. At the start of the war, on the first day of attack at 5:00 pm. (If bombing starts overnight, gather the next day at 5:00 pm.). Gather at Dupont Circle, Connecticut Ave., NW (at P St.) Our traditional gathering site, Lafayette Park, will be closed off. Rally with speakers and music, flyer attached to this Alert. Please download and copy for distribution. Contact: Washington Peace Center at 202-234-2000. (See details)
When War Starts! !!!

Creative and Direct Actions for the Day After a War on Iraq Starts
WHEN & WHERE: -ON BIKE: 7:30 AM at Dupont Circle for a Critical Mass "Race Against War" -ON FOOT: 7:00 AM at the Eastern Market metro station for a "March of Resistance"
"Bush is Taking the Shirts Off Our Backs to Pay for this War" Coalition 866-860-9311 Email

6 pm “Walk for Peace” The day the war starts, at 6:00 pm, gather at Little Patuxent and Broken Land Parkways, (near the Columbia Mall) Columbia, MD. The Howard County Coalition Against War, a recently-formed activist organization, is planning a “Walk for Peace” in Columbia to coincide with a likely U.S. invasion of Iraq. Organizers seek to provide an outlet for the strong sentiment against the war held by a number of citizens and elected officials in our area. This is the location where a silent peace vigil has been held on a weekly basis since October 2001. Black armbands will be provided as an expression of mourning for the lives that will be lost in the war, both civilian and military. Walkers are also encouraged to bring candles or flashlights. The Howard County Coalition Against War is comprised of individuals and members of various lay and religious organizations in Howard County who are opposed to the war against Iraq.
The Day After... 7 am Day After Emergency Race Against War and March of Resistance. "When the war starts, the world stops". The day after the war starts, a Critical Mass will meet on bicycles at 7:30 am for the Race at Dupont Circle and on foot at Eastern Market Metro at 7:00 am for the March. A call to stop business as usual. Sponsored by Shirts Off Coalition. Unpermitted direct action events. Contact: Zoe Mitchell 202-253-2990, Brendan Hoffman 202-285-1391, or Virginia Rodino 410-704-4139
1 pm Emergency Student Walkout. Montgomery County High School Students are Organizing Against the War! The next school day after the start of the war on Iraq, a Montgomery Countywide student walkout will occur at 1:00. Students should stay on school grounds near the flagpole until school is over. Then we will rally in front of the Rockville courthouse officially starting at 3:00. See the Montgomery County Students for Peace and Justice Website:
Also other Walkouts:
(See details)
3/20/03 Thur. 1 pm & 4 pm

Montgomery County Student Walk Out

1:00 pm (Gather at flagpole outside school)
4:00 pm (Meet other students at Dupont Circle, DC)

If war is declared, high school students from the schools in Montgomery County's SPJ (MCSPJ) will protest by walking out of class. Students and staff from nearly every public school and several private schools in Montgomery County plan to participate despite the possible risk of detention, suspension, or dismissal. Among the participants in Springbook's walkout will be Montgomery County Student Member of the Board of Education, Mihyar Alfinady. Springbrook HS and Montgomery Blair HS are expecting the largest crowds. Sponsored by: MCSPJ members (Montgomery County Students for Peace and Justice), a coalition of Montgomery County student activist groups, and aware students. Participating staff and students will gather by their schools’ flagpoles or other designated location at. All participants will then proceed to Dupont Circle, where they will meet with other regional chapters of SPJ. See: Chuck DeVoe: 240-305-4033 or Minna Hsu: 301-325-6453.
4 pm
University of Maryland students will gather at the sundial on the day war on Iraq is declared. That evening, students will be leaving from the sundial at 4:00 PM to gather at Dupont Circle in DC at 5:00. The following day, students will walkout at noon to meet at the sundial to attend a "funeral for democracy". McKeldin Mall, University of Maryland, College Park
5 pm

The Washington Peace Center will host its traditional rally at the start of war or bombing at 5:00 pm at Dupont Circle. (Lafayette Park and surrounding parks are not available). Speakers include: Damu Smith, Black Voices for Peace, Erik Gustafson, EPIC, Rev. Greyland Hagler, Plymouth Cong. Church, Gordon Clark, Iraq Pledge of Resistance, Mike Zmolnek, National Network Against the War in Iraq, Lane Browning, Women in Black. And speakers from DC Labor Against the War, DC Asians for Peace and Justice, Institute for Policy Studies, American Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee, Win Without War, Campus Action Network, DC Anti-War Network, Organized COUP. Performers include DC Poets Against the War, Rhythmworkers, Sol Y Soul and more. (See details)

Dupont Circle, Connecticut St., NW (Dupont Circle Metro, Red line)
Contact: Sherry Brown or John Judge (202) 234-2000 or
3/21/03 Fri. 6:30 pm...

-Opening act currently undetermined -2 AM Revolution -Soma Solution -The Code -Parallax -Wake up on Fire

All Ages!, 3 dollars at the door!, No drugs or alcohol... All proceeds benefit the Towson Anti-war Coalition!

Ascension Lutheran Church
7601 York Road, Towson (near York and Stevenson), MD
7 PM
Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court Versus the American People
Jamin Raskin discusses his book. Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Avenue NW
Cleve Corner (202) 363-7663.
3/22-24/03 Sat-Mon 1 pm ...
Veterans Against Iraq War are calling for
Operation Dire Distress in DC
Mark your calendar! Saturday - Monday, March 22-24 Veterans Against Iraq War are calling for Operation Dire Distress in DC.
Teach-In and Speak-Out Saturday 1:00 - 5:00 pm, American University.
Demonstration Sunday 12:00 pm, Constitution Gardens, near Vietnam Memorial, procession to VA, White House and Ellipse
Lobbying Congress Monday, FCNL office, 245 2nd Ave., NE.
Sponsored by Veterans for Peace 314-725-6005
Vietnam Veterans Against the War 773-327-5756
Veterans for Common Sense 703-668-0353 and
Military Families Speak Out 617-522-9323.
3/22/03 Sat. 12 noon
Demonstration Against the War
ANSWER in DC is planning a demonstration at noon, probably in or near Farragut Sq., Conn. Ave. and K Street, NW, DC. TBA
3/23/03 Sun 3:30 pm
Meeting for the Maryland Anti-War Coalition
The meeting for the Maryland Anti-War Coalition will continue planning the rally marked for April 4th and other actions.
Beforehand there is a vigil/rally on Eastport Bridge. It goes from noon to 1 then you can go get lunch. Please show up early and come join "Bridges for Peace." If you need directions to Eastport Bridge contact me.
From 50(most likely east unless you live on the other side of the Bay Bridge) Take the Rowe Blvd. exit (#24 Route 70) toward the Historic District. Stay on Rowe Blvd, toward the State House until you cannot go any further. Take a left on Calvert Street. Then at the stop sign a right on St. John's Street. Left into the Campbell Parking Lot. McDowell hall is the building with the bell tower in the top.

McDowell Hall Room 13, Annapolis, MD
Questions: 410-212-5115.

3/25/03 Tue.
7:30 pm

Anti-war Community Meeting

Peace & Justice Coalition, Prince George's County--


Greenbelt Community Center (15 Crescent Rd.) Maryland
3/27/03 Thur. 5:50 - 7:30 pm
"Back to the Future: Lessons from Sociology’s
Forgotten History"
Patricia Madoo Lengermann & Jill Niebrugge-Brantley
Scholars-in-residence, Dept. of Sociology at American University will dialogue about "Back to the Future: Lessons from Sociology’s Forgotten History" Details
American University, Butler Pavilion Board Room - 6th floor
Contact: 202.332.5333
Lost? Call 301.367.1079
7 pm
Students Not Soldiers
Students Not Soldiers campaign will hold a city-wide organizing meeting at AFSC-DC, 2211 14th St., NW at 7:00 pm. Contact Trent Moyer 202-299-1050 or John Judge 202-234-2000.
"The U.S. in the Middle East: Manifest Destiny?"
Center for Contemporary Arab Studies Annual Symposium. Panels to Include: Perspectives on the War on Terrorism; US Policy and Politics; Media and Public Opinion; European Perspectives; The US Role in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict; The US and Saudi Arabia; and The US and Iraq. Georgetown University, IACC Center
3/28-30/03 Fri. to Sun
Conference on

Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) announces its Twentieth Anniversary Conference on SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY
Join with fellow psychologists, social scientists, mental health professionals, educators, and activists to help build peace and social justice. University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC. Co-sponsored by the Society for Community Research and Action and the Department of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences at the University of the District of Columbia

(for full information, go directly to


3/28/03 Fri. 12 - 1 pm

Peace Vigil

Every Friday!

The Dorothy Day Catholic Workers hold weekly vigils in front of the White House, across from LaFayette Park. White House
5 - 6 pm
Takoma Park Peace Vigil
(Every Friday)

Organized by Takoma Park Kids for Peace.

Contact: Ellen Taylor at

Takoma Park Library, Route 410 & Philadelphia Avenue (at Maple) (Takoma Park, Red line)
3/29/03 Sat. 12 - 2 pm
Picket for Peace
Northern Virginians for Peace weekly picket. Northern Virginians for Peace welcome all opposed to war to a vigil Contact: or Central Park, Clarendon & Wilson Boulevards at Highland St. (Clarendon Metro, Orange/Blue line)
4 - 5 pm

Silent Peace Vigil

(Every Saturday)

A weekly silent peace vigil to encourage non-violent alternatives to war. Every Saturday for one hour. The vigil has been ongoing since the September 11th attacks. Sponsored by: Patapsco Friends Meeting Columbia Mall, SE Corner of Little Patuxent and Broken Land Pkwys., Columbia, MD
Contact: Sherri Morgan 410-465-6554 or
5 - 7 pm
A Showcase of Sisters
An open mike celebration of women's words, whimsical, wise, passionate, potent words that will make us weep and lyrics that will make us laugh. Go from the page to the stage in a sisterly, supportive environment. Are you interested in reading? Cost: $5.00. Contact Michelle at 301-254-4488
3/30/03 Sun. 3:30 - 5:30 pm

Peace Demonstration

3:30 – 5:30 p.m.
(and every Sunday)

Participants will gather to raise awareness of local opposition to U.S. war against Iraq and will call on President Bush to stop the military intervention. Speaking out for peace has already had a significant impact on the current crisis and may encourage the US Administration to work closely with the international community and within the framework of international law. Join folks from local congregations with banners, signs and handouts.

At: Woodmont & Bethesda Avenues, Bethesda, MD

Contact: Jane Coe 301-320-5083

3:00 - 6:00 pm
IMAGINE: A Fundraiser for Code Pink and Black Voices for Peace
A fundraiser for Black Voices for Peace and Code Pink. The drums of war continue to beat, but our voices can be louder. Add your voice to the growing dissent. $20 minimum donation. HIGHLIGHTS: two drinks and appetizers FREE. Music, Auction of Code Pink Art. Discussion with the leaders of these two fearless peace groups. For more information, Mimi's American Bistro, 2120 P St NW (Dupont Circle Metro, Red line)
Contact Jen Tucker, 202-486-6409
3/31/03 Mon. 7:30 pm
Anti-Capitalism Reader: Imagining a Geography of Opposition
Ongoing discussions of Joel Schalit's Anti-Capitalism Reader. The reader is an accessible, hard hitting, non-doctrinaire anthology of essays and interviews that covers the intellectual geography of the new anti-capitalist left. Meets every other Monday. Book: $10. Arthur Flemming Center, 1422 9th St., NW Positive Force


4/5/03 Sat. 1 pm & 7 pm



Festival of Peace and NonViolence
1pm - Festival: Musicians, Speakers, Theatre and Workshops
7pm - Candlelight Vigil and Speakout
Read the Call to Action: Our Communities Say "NO to War at Home and Abroad!".

Washington Monument, NW Corner of 17th St. and Constitution Ave
Campus Antiwar Network
In DC: Minou or 202-242-1722

4/6/03 Sun. 7 pm
Meeting of the Baltimore Anti-War Coordinating Committee is

The next meeting of the Baltimore Anti-War Coordinating Committee is Sunday April 6 at 7pm at the Progressive Action Center in Baltimore (1443 Gorsuch Ave, at Kirk Ave).

Baltimore Anti-War Coordinating Committee, and is endorsed by other Maryland and D.C. anti-war organizations.
4/9/03 Wed. 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Teaching & Organizing for Justice
The Quality and Quantity of Contact: African Americans and Whites on College Campuses with editor & author Robert M. Moore III Assistant Professor of Sociology at Frostburg State University& Do Undergraduate College Students Self-Segregate? with authors Bette Dickerson Professor of Sociology at American University & Kianda Bell Sociology Doctoral Student at American University

Project South Washington Book Forum Series
Howard University, Graduate Library - Browsing Room 1st floor, Wash. DC

4/10-15/03 7pm

Global Convergence March & Rally
Latin America Solidarity Coalition


Mobilization Against the U.S. Military and Economic Intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean
March & Rally aimed at IMF/World Bank and School of the Americas.

March/ Rally- starts at 11:00 pm at Lamont Park (17th& Mt. Pleasant St NW) then procedes to the IMF and World Bank.

Conference (starts at 7:00pm on Friday April 11) at St. Aloysius Church 19 I St, Wash. DC

Jon Everhart, Organizer
Latin America Solidarity Coalition (202) 234-3440

4/11-13/03 ...
March for Peace from Baltimore to Washington
April 11-13 March for Peace from Baltimore to Washington. The cost of war is paid by the poor.

Contact: 410/908-7603

4/11-14/03 Call
“Hidden in Plain Sight”
“Hidden in Plain Sight” premiers in Washington, DC at Casa del Pueblo and Visions Cinema. An award-winning documentary about the School of the Americas. Contact: 202-244-4520
4/12/03 Sat. 12 noon
International Day of Action

On April 12 -- in addition to the National March on Washington DC and joint actions in San Francisco and Los Angeles -- massive and coordinated demonstrations will take place around the world, in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. INFORMATION

March on the White House

UK Web site

4/14-15/03 ...
Civil Disobedience
April 14-15, Civil Disobedience actions nationwide, called by Iraq Pledge of Resistance. Iraq Pledge of Resistance
4/19/03 Sat. 4 pm
Emergency Meeting on Threats to Cuba

Events in the arena of US-Cuba relationship over the last few months, has been regressing. The many attempts to roll back our hard fought for, and hard won victories on issue relating to changing the US Government relationship with Cuba, have made it necessary for those honest forces, movements and organizations which are concern about the People of Cuba to come together. We must come together to discuss:
1. How to reorganize and rebuild a vibrant coalition – united front in the DC area, to give political support to the Cuban People and the Cuban Revolution.
2. How to develop a plan and a process to win the struggle to liberate the five Cuban patriots, held unjustly in US Jails.
3. How to continue and bring to a conclusion the Struggle to lift the immoral and illegal embargo and end the blockade against the Cuban People.

At: All-Souls Church, corner of 16th Street & Harvard St. NW.

Please reply, and RSVP to Banbose Shango

4/23/03 Wed. 8:30 am
Nike is trying to hide behind the First Amendment to protect its right to lie to consumers about labor practices in its overseas sweatshops. Social justice activist Mark Kasky challenged Nike under CA law and won in CA Supreme Court. Nike appealed to U.S. Supreme Court. On April 23 the Supreme Court will hear the case. Information.
4/24/03 Thur. 9:30 am
“Save Rent Control Day at the D.C. Council”
The Mayor submitted legislation in the FY2004 Budget Support Act (B#15-0218) at Title 16 which will abolish the Rental Housing Commission and force litigants who want to appeal cases heard under the Rent Control law to go to the D.C. Court of Appeals. The Mayor has not provided any funding for the Rental Housing Commission in the FY2004 budget. Whether or not the legislation passes, the Mayor has threatened not to have any Commissioners after September 30, 2003, effectively terminating the function of the Rental Housing Commission against the will of the people John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW (Federal Triangle Metro, Orange/Blue)
Information: D.C. Coalition for Housing Justice (202) 667-6622 or Tenants’ Task Force for Rent Control (202) 882-4262
4:30 - 8:30 pm
UDC President's Forum
"The Patriot's Act, Homeland Security, and War: A Look at America's Future."
Featured speakers: The Patriot's Act: C. Williams Michaels - Author of "No Greater Threat: America After September 11 and the Rise of A National Security State"; Homeland Defense: Charles Pena, PhD - CATO
Institute; War & Pre-emptive doctrine: Ambassador Jonathan Dean - Union of Concerned Scientists.
Moderator: Chuck Woolery - Advocacy Director, Global Plan Initiative & Chair, United Nations
Association Council of Organizations.
University of the DC, 4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Building 38, 2nd Floor, Student Lounge
5:30-7:30 pm
Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court versus the American People
The Institute for Policy Studies, D.C. Vote, the Fund for Constitutional Government, and the Democracy Action Project invite you to a Book Party and Signing to celebrate the publication of two books by American University Constitutional Law Scholar Jamin Raskin. Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court versus the American People is a current Washington Post best-seller that Barbara Ehrenreich calls "brilliantly argued and meticulously researched." he Stewart Mott House, 122 Maryland Ave. N.E. (Union Station Metro, Red line)
RSVP: Moira Lee at (202) 274-426
7 pm
"The Middle East after Saddam."
We present a panel of experts. Contact: Cleve Corner (202) 363-7663. Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Avenue NW
"Imperialism, Globalization and Internationalism: Some Reflections"
The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies presents E. Roger Owen, AJ Meyer Professor of Middle East History, Harvard University speaking on “Imperialism, Globalization and Internationalism: Some Reflections on their Twin Impact on the Arab Middle East at the Beginnings of the 20th and 21st Centuries” Intercultural Center Auditorium, Georgetown University, 37th and O Streets, NW
RSVP: 202-687-6215 or ccasevents
4/25/03 Fri. 12 - 1 pm
Peace Vigil
The Dorothy Day Catholic Workers hold weekly vigils in front of the White House, across from LaFayette Park. White House
5 - 6 pm
Takoma Park Peace Vigil
Organized by Takoma Park Kids for Peace Takoma Park Library, Route 410 & Philadelphia Avenue (at Maple) (Takoma Park, Red line)
Ellen Taylor at eroztaylor
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Women In Black Vigil
Ongoing vigil to mourn the deaths in the conflicts between Israel and Palestine and to seek peace. Particpants wear black and maintain silence. Farragut Park, 17th & K Sts., NW (Farragut North Metro, Red line)

6:00 pm


(Every Friday)

DC Critical Mass Against the War. After a sizeable ride last night (with awesome route past Rumsfeld’s house) we decided to switch to Bikes Not Bombs! rides every Monday and Friday. Come bring your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and whoever else wants to roll over oppression and stop this war. Dupont Circle, Connecticut & P Sts., NW
7 pm
Terror and Liberalism
Paul Berman will discuss his book (reviewed by Niall Ferguson yesterday in the New York Times).  Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Avenue NW
Contact: Cleve Corner (202) 363-7663
7:00 - 9:30 pm
Rally for Peace With Justice
Speakers, music, dance and poetry. Rev. Walter Fauntroy, New Bethel Church, Democracy Now and Pacifica Radio’s Amy Goodman, Damu Smith, founder Black Voices for Peace, Tony Regusters, director WPFW Radio, Songtress Ayanna Gregory, Afrika Abney, Ashawarrior performer, Imam Mahdi Bray, Rev. Dr. Carolyn Boyd, Spirit of Truth Center, Dr. Ruby Sales, Spirit House, Rev. Stephanie Butler, AME Church, Spirit and Praise Dancers, Vanessa Dixon, health care advocate, Phyliss Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies. WE DEMAND PEACE, NOT WAR!! JUSTICE, CIVIL RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, CIVIL LIBERTIES, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, REPARATIONS, JOBS, EDUCATION, AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND HEALTH CARE, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, AND PROTECTION FOR ALL CHILDREN. Plymouth Congregational Church, N. Capitol St. & Riggs Road, NW (Fort Totten Metro)
Sponsored by Black Voices for Peace. Contact: 202-232-5690
7:30 p.m
Commemoration of Guatemalan Bishop Juan Gerardi
A bilingual event to commemorate the life and work of Bishor Gerardi, who was the driving force behind the Catholic Church’s report “Guatemala, Never Again,” which documented the violence of the 36-year internal conflict in Guatemala. Two days after publicly presenting the report, he was assassinated in his home on April 26, 1998. Please join us on the 5th anniversary of his death to remember him and reflect upon the lessons to be gained from his life. Hosted by the Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA, the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala, members of the local Guatemalan community, the Religious Task Force on Central America and Mexico, Sister Parish, Voices on the Border, and EPICA. St. Stephen’s Church, 16th & Newton Sts, NW (Columbia Heights Metro, Green line)
Contact: Jennifer (202) 265-8713
Peace Concert

Black Voices for Peace
Greater Washington Area Great Black Peace Concert

Contact us
4/26/03 Sat. TBO
Peace March

BVFP Greater Washington Area Great Black Peace March

Contact us
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Earth Day Celebration
Annual event. Join in the celebration and fun. Yard sale to encourage re-use, recycling and community sharing. Enviornmental education and entertainment, a covergence of ideas and inspiration. Sponsored by Takoma Park/Silver Spring Co-op. Carroll & Ethan Aves., Takoma Park, MD (Takoma Park Metro, Red line)
Contact: Lisa Ripkin 301-891-2667 or Steve Albright tpssrecycling
12:00 pm
Community Meeting: Brown versus Black
Sponsored by: Organized St. Stephen’s Church, 16th & Newton Sts. NW
12:00 - 1:00 pm
Vigil Against the Iraq War
The Peace & Justice Coalition, P.G. County, will continue weekly igils against the Iraq war, or longer if energy mounts). We hope to keep this up until peace breaks out.  Bring your signs, or just yourselves, and join us to mourn the dead and protest U.S. aggression. Greenbelt Road, Beltway Plaza, Greenbelt, MD (Greenbelt Metro, Green line)
Contact: Lucy Duff, 301-577-2350 or lucyduff.
12:00 – 2:00 p.m
Picket for Peace
Northern Virginians for Peace weekly picket. Northern Virginians for Peace welcome all opposed to war to a vigil Central Park, Clarendon & Wilson Boulevards at Highland St. (Clarendon Metro, Orange/Blue line)
Contact: lamaryates
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
I Will Survive: The African-American Guide to Healing from Sexual Assault
Lori Robinson will discuss and sign her book, “An award winning journalist and a rape survivor herself, Robinson walks readers through the ways survivors can experience emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual healing. Robinson offers firsthand knowledge on the particular difficulties African-Americans face on their journey toward recovery. Sisterspace and Books ~ 1515 U Street, NW (U St./Cardozo Metro, Green line)
Contact: 202-332-3433.
1:00 - 3:00 pm
Emergency Committee to Restore Prescription Drug Benefits
St. Aloysius Church, N. Capitol and I Sts., NW (Union Station Metro, Red line)
Contact: 202-397-2277.
2:00 - 4:00 pm
Women’s Clinic Defense Training
Learn how to shield patients from harassment, and how to keep cool under verbal assaults. Trainings are open to all. WACDTF 202-797-6577 or wacdtf
3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Black Feminist Scholarship
Dr. Beverley Guy-Sheftall, Dr. Sharon Harley, and Dr. Trudier Harris will discuss their work, writings, and vision for and about African American women. Trudier Harris’ new book is Summer Snow: Reflections from a Black Daughter of the South. Sisterspace and Books ~ 1515 U Street, NW (U St./Cardozo Metro, Green line)
Contact: 202-332-3433.
4:00 – 5:00 p.m
Silent Peace Vigil
A weekly silent peace vigil to encourage non-violent alternatives to war. Every Saturday for one hour. The vigil has been ongoing since the September 11th attacks. Sponsored by: Patapsco Friends Meeting (Quaker). See: Columbia Mall, SE Corner of Little Patuxent and Broken Land Pkwys., Columbia, MD
Sherri Morgan 410-465-6554 or smorgan807
6:00 pm
Take Back the Night March & Rally
Participate in Sexual Assault Awareness Month by attending the city’s largest event to reclaim our streets and our freedom. Live music and empowering speeches will precede the march. Sponsored by DC Rape Cricis Center Dupont Circle, Connecticut Ave. & P St., NW
Contact: 202-232-0786, x 350.
8:00 pm
A feature length anti-war film. Fee: $8. Meeting House, 5885 Robert Oliver Place, Columbia, MD
Contact: 410-581-2322.
4/26/03 Sat. Info. 

March from Baltimore to Washington, DC

We call on all people of conscience to walk with us on a three day march from Baltimore to Washington, DC, on Saturday, April 26 through Monday, April 28
Saturday April 26 -- We will leave from Baltimore's Washington monument at Charles and Monument St. in the morning, and walk via Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Pratt St, and Wilkins Avenue out of the city to Route 1. We will take Rt. 1 through Baltimore County and Howard County to the Jessup area for a total distance of 13-15 miles.
Start: Baltimore's Washington monument at Charles and Monument St.
Baltimore Anti-War Coordinating Committee, and is endorsed by other Maryland and D.C. anti-war organizations. 410-908-7603
4/27/03 Sun.

Sunday April 27 -- We will leave the Jessup area and walk 14-17 miles along Rt. 1, through Howard County, Laurel, and Prince George's County to College Park.

Peace & Justice Coalition, P.G. County, has joined the list of endorsers of this peace march from Baltimore to Washington, Apr. 26-28. They will arrive in College Park Sun. 4/27 and march from there downtown on Mon. 4/28. If you can join them for any of the distance, or can help in other ways, check their web page to the right. Lucy Duff 301-577-2350

Leave Jessup area, Maryland.
Baltimore Anti-War Coordinating Committee, and is endorsed by other Maryland and D.C. anti-war organizations. 410-908-7603
4/28/03 Mon. Monday April 28 -- We will walk 9 miles from College Park along Rt. 1, which becomes Rhode Island Ave., to Lafayette Park and the White House. We plan on arriving mid-afternoon. We will return to Baltimore on the MARC commuter train that evening.
Walk from College Park along Rt. 1 to Lafayette Park, WDC
Baltimore Anti-War Coordinating Committee, and is endorsed by other Maryland and D.C. anti-war organizations. 410-908-7603


5/1/03 Thur. ...
May Day Celebration
Be there or be square. We in the Socialist Party are planning to celebrate May Day with word and song down at our usual spot in Rock Creek Park, the covered house across from Pierce Mill and the Art Barn.
We reserved this spot and feel any celebration there would be incomplete without your participation.  There is a fireplace we usually stoke with charcoal and wood. We bring drinks and dogs and vegetarian food to share. This would be good time to review and memorialize Michael’s, Tilford’s, David’s and many many others’ contributions to the movement for justice and peace in the U.S. and this city.
Rock Creek Park, Picnic Grove #1
6:00 am
Ironworkers Stand Strong
Ironworkers Union builds pressure on East Regional Rebar Corner of Pennsylvania Ave. & 19th St. NW
Contact: Flavia Jimenez (301) 431-4179 x 218.
9:00 - 10:30 am
“A Taxing Debate: How the Left Can Defeat the Bush Tax Cut”
Citizen Works’ First Thursday Forum presents updates and discussion withBOB MCINTYRE, Director, Citizens for Tax Justice. Complimentary continental breakfast. Mimi’s American Bistro, 2120 P St. NW (DuPont Circle Metro, Red line)
RSVP: Ali Arace (202) 265-6164 or
12:00 Noon
DC Labor For Peace & Justice Meeting
Contact them for information. AFL-CIO, 16th & K Sts. NW, Room 5012
12:30 - 2 pm
What Were They Thinking?

Why did Cuba crack down on dissidents now?

In mid-March the Cuban government arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced 75 opposition activists to prison terms of between 7 and 28 years. Many in the United States who have opposed current U.S. policy toward Cuba have asked what motivated the Cuban actions, which come after several years of relative internal openness and at a time when U.S. public opinion has leaned increasingly toward easing the forty year old embargo. What explains Cuba’s actions?

Join us for a discussion with:

  • William LeoGrande, Dean of the School of Public Affairs, American University
  • Wayne Smith, former chief of the U.S. Interests Section in Cuba and Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy
  • Kimberly Stanton, Deputy Director, Washington Office on Latin America
100 Maryland Avenue, NE Wash. DC
The Latin America Working Group, Washington Office on Latin America, Freedom to Travel Project/Center for International Policy
Contact Rachel Farley of WOLA at (202) 797-2171or the Latin America Working Group at (202) 546-7010
4:30 pm
May Day Action/Rally
Janitors for Justice hits the streets. DC janitors are preparing for a showdown over health benefits. On April 30th the contract covering DC janitors expired and without an agreement that provides janitors with health benefits, they may be forced to strike. Help show building owners that Justice for Janitors means business in Washington. The campaign to win healthcare benefits, full-time work and better wages for DC janitors heats up this week and next with a series of actions against the Washington, DC Contractors Association, the group of contractors that SEIU Local 82 is now bargaining with. You can also show your support by sending a fax to building owners: Franklin Square, 14th and K Sts. NW
Contact: 202-884-7635 or  or Maria Naranjo 202-789-8282, ext. 125
5/3/03 Sat. 1 - 3 pm

Veterans for Peace


This is an organizing meeting for local Veterans for Peace. Call for information.

Patrick 301-324-5322
msgs: 301-324-8798

5/13/03 Tue. 6:45 pm
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Post 9-11 Actions by the US Government
SALSA class with Kit Gage (National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom), Kareem Shora (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee) and Shoba Sivaprasad (NLG Immigration Committee). Since 9-11, the US government has issued a number of directives against immigrants and American citizens in the name of national security. This workshop will explain how these directives are chipping away at constitutionally protected civil liberties and freedoms. This workshop will summarize the USA Patriot bill and raise for discussion a possible Patriot II.... IPS, 733 15th Street, NW Suite 1020, Wash., DC.
Contact: 202 234 9382, ext. 229.
7 pm
DC Antiwar Network (DAWN) Meeting
DC Antiwar Network meeting. Help plan an event. Nonviolent guidelines.Volunteers needed to assist in
maintaining and expanding press list of several hundred local, national and international press contacts. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Volunteers needed for fundraising to assist nascent, grassroots antiwar groups in metropolitan area.
FSC-DC, 2211 14th St., NW
Pat Elder 202-302-5548
5/14/03 Wed. Noon
It's the Economy, Mr. President....Again: Mass Picket & Rally
The U.S. has lost over 2 million jobs in the past two years, nearly 500,000 in February and March alone.
Extended unemployment benefits end on June 1, 2003 while the economy continues to slump. States and cities across the country are facing massive deficits, which is causing large-scale cuts in jobs and vital programs. The Bush Administration's answer is massive tax cuts for the wealthy, little immediate stimulus for the economy and no aid to the unemployed or the states. Rally to demand Extend Unemployment Benefits, Fiscal Aid to the States and a Real Stimulus Package for the Economy. Demand help now for the jobless (continue the extension) and provide funds for the states to prevent massive cuts in programs. Stop tax giveaways to the rich and offer a real stimulus to the economy.

US Department of Labor
ponsored by AFL-CIO and many others.

Contact: 215-557-0822.

6:30 pm
DR. STRANGELOVE PARTY, Popcorn, friends, and critique of this famed film. Voluntary donations accepted. The Fleming Center
1422 9th Street, NW
Chris: 202-234-7075.
5/17-18/03 Info.
National Conference
Against War, Colonial Occupation and Imperialism

Join anti-war organizers and activists from around the country for:
* Strategy * Analysis * Evaluation and assessment * Plenaries and workshops

* U.S. plans for war and occupation: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine
* The U.S. and Iraq in Historical Perspective
* The U.S., Israel and the Palestinian National Liberation Movement
* "National Security Strategy of the USA:" Blueprint for Global Domination
* Fighting for national liberation and the right to sovereignty from the Philippines to Zimbabwe to Colombia
* Why working people of all nationalities -- in the U.S. and around the world -- have nothing to gain from Bush's war for Empire




5/17/03 Sat. 9 am

Support Cuba!

Protest Miami Mafia

Join us for a picket to protest the attack by the right wing Miami Mafia on Cuba.

In recent weeks US policy toward Cuba has become more aggressive and there are serious indications that the Bush administration's war efforts against Iraq will be redirected to our tiny struggling neighbor, Cuba. Currently there is a flurry of misinformation, half-truths, and out-right lies being used to justify more aggressive measures against Cuba. Recent measures to tighten travel restrictions are not only an unjust indictment of the Cuban people but also an infringement on our civil and human rights.

  • End the Blockade!
  • Stop all forms of economic, military, and political intervention in Cuba!
  • Repeal the Helms-Burton Act and normalize relations!
  • Lift all travel restrictions!
  • Free the Five Anti-Terrorists in U.S. Prisons! Take Cuba Off the Terrorist List!
2630 16th St., NW
(in front of the Cuban Interests Section)
5/19/03 Mon. 5 pm



15th St., between E & G St., NW
Join us to tell the Treasury Department:



7 pm
Tribute to the Life of Walter Sisulu
At the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church
1518 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008

Sponsors: Embassy of South Africa and the Organizations of the Host Committee.

5/21/03 Wed. 7 - 8:30 pm
Teach-in and discussion with survivors of the worlds worst industrial disaster. Meet grassroots leaders from Bhopal, India, Rashida Bee and Satinath Sarangi. More information at, Contact: Casey Harrell, , 202-413-8514(mobile), Jen Carr, 202-234-2000,
5/31/03 Sat. 1-5 pm

A National Teach-in on Iraq, Preemptive War and Democracy


Speakers include: Arundhati Roy, Author/Activist via satellite Cynthia McKinney, Former Congresswoman from Georgia Edward Said, Professor at Columbia University Gene Bruskin, US Labor Against the War Howard Zinn, via satellite Hussein Ibish, Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee Kathy Kelly, Voices in the Wilderness via satellite Michael Klare, Hampshire College and author of Resource Wars (invited) Miles Solay, Not in Our Name Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies Rania Masri, Southern Peace Research and Education Center Ralph Nader and more. See for details.

At: National City Christian Church, 5 Thomas Circle, Wash. DC
Free and Open to the Public! No pre-registration required.
Contact Henry Moses at the DC UFPJ office at 202-234-2000 or Email
Volunteer call Quixote Center 301-699-3443 x114


6/1/03 Sun. 4 pm
Thie event is being presented by SUSTAIN (Stop US
Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now), and sponsored by the
Int'l Solidarity Movement (ISM)
Univ. of DC, Gynmasium 4200 Connecticut Ave., NW
Contact: SUSTAIN 866-860-9311 or SUSTAIN
6/4/03 Wed. 1:30 - 5:30 pm
Take Back America
[This just recently appeared and it is not clear why publicized so late. MoveOn is sponsoring it and billing it as the "largest progressive gathering in 20 years! We recommend you check out their site and the content.]
6/6/03 Fri. 6:30 - 11 pm
Music by Pat Humphries and Sandy Opatow and the Rhythmworkers Union.
$10 at the door/sliding scale. Contact: Jen Carr 202-234-2000 or
Potter’s House, 1658 Columbia Road, NW
Contact: Jen Carr 202-234-2000 or
6/7/03 Sat. 1 pm
Open House for Wash. Peace Center
OPEN HOUSE OF THE ARTHUR S. FLEMMING CENTER! SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1PM1426 9th St., NW, Ste. 306, Washington, DC 20001. Come check out our newoffice space!  The Arthur S. Flemming Center is a cooperative project ofEmmaus Services for the aging and other diverse non-profitorganizations, seeking to create a community with a shared sense ofservice, creativity and justice.FEATURING ARTIST DAVID ROVICKS AT 7PM! 1426 9th St., NW, Ste. 306, Wash. DC
Contact Mark Andersen, Emmaus Senior Services: 202-745-1200, Email
6/11/03 Wed. 6:30 pm

La Última Cena (The Last Supper)
by Tomas Guitérrez Alea, (Cuba, Spanish with English subtitles, 110 minutes, 1976)

Part of the Carribean film series sponsored by Trans Africa et al. La Última Cena (The Last Supper)

In the midst of the Haitian slave rebellion of 1795, powerful Cuban plantation owners pressure slaves to increase production to match the world’s demand for sugar. During Easter week, a wealthy and pious count visits his Havana sugar mill on the day a slave runs away. On Holy Thursday the count instructs his cruel overseer to choose twelve slaves to participate in an reenactment of the Last Supper. The twelfth guest is the recaptured slave. The brilliant supper scene draws on sources of Christianity, socialism, humor, despair and political reckoning.

The Resource Center for Activism and Arts
1611 Connecticut, NW, Suite 200, Washington, D.C. 20009
6/12/03 Thur. 4:30 pm
Justice for Janitors Day!
Janitors who clean the Red Cross Headquarters are organizing for a living wage and basic benefits like health care. Unfortunately, Continental, the company that cleans the Red cross Headquarters, chooses to pay their workers poverty wages and refuses to give them the rights and benefits that 85% of janitors in Washington DC already have won. Come out and support these Janitors’ struggle for dignity and justice! Red Cross Building, 2025 E. St. NW
8 pm
JIM HIGHTOWER at the Anniversary Celebration of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Referred to by many as “the other Texan,” author, humorist and populist activist Jim Hightower relishes coming to Washington, DC. Here, the proximity to Beltway politics is expected to intensify his fiercely funny tirades against current environmental, economic, social and defense policies.
Lincoln Theatre, 1215 U St. NW
For tickets and additional information, call PEER at 202-265-7337 or email
6/13/03 Fri. 7:30 pm
Fundraiser for Socialism 2003 - MC Son of Nun
This Friday there will be a fundraiser for Socialism 2003 at the Potter’s house. Live Music will be featured. All are welcome $5 or higher suggested donation at the door. Potters House. 1658 Columbia Road
6/14/03 Sat. 12 noon
Wash the Flag, Come Cleanse the Stains of America’s Shame
Join an ad-hoc, inter-faith, multi-racial committee of people for peace and for a speakout ceremony to scrub our flag of the stains of racism, classism, militarism, imperialism, injustice, oppression and other historic and current day evils so to hold up the hope of a new United States based on real American values and ideals. Archives Plaza - Pennsylvania and 8th Street, NW or call 202-484-FLAG (3524) or 202-548-7640
or email spirithouse
  7 pm
Candlelight Rally for Self-Determination and Peace in Korea
in Memory of Two Korean Students Killed by U.S. Military
To mark the first anniversary of the deaths of the two schoolchildren by U.S. military vehicle in South Korea, Korean organizers have launched an international grassroots movement to gather 100,000 participants (the goal has been reached) for the     commemoration events, which will include massive candlelight rally in Seoul and in other cities, as well as a dedication of a monument in rememberance of the two girls, Hyo-soon and Mi-sun. Organizers in the U.S. will be holding a candlelight rally in front
of the White House on June 14.
Lafayette Park, In front of The White House, Washington, DC
Contact KoreaSolidarity
Organizing Committee for 6.13/14 Event (US-East), (703) 314-1489
6/24/03 Tue. 6-8:30 pm



  • LEONARD WEINGALSS, attorney for the five cuban patriots being held unjustly in u.s. prisons
  • REV. LUCIUS WALKER, founder of pastors for Peace
  • JOSE PERTIERRA, cuban american immigration rights lawyer
  • CUBAN INTEREST SECTION REP., the official diplomatic office of cuba in the U.S.

In recent weeks US policy toward Cuba has become more aggressive and there are serious indications that the Bush regime’s foreign policy against our tiny struggling neighbor will become even more hostile. Currently there is a flurry of misinformation, half-truths, and out-right lies being used to justify more aggressive measures against Cuba. Join us for an open discussion about US-Cuba relations. We hope to shed light on the current political and economic situation between our countries; the historical context of the US blockade against Cuba and increased US intervention in the island; the effect of the US blockade on Cuban Americans and US citizens; the humanitarian achievements of Cuba in the face of the US blockade; and the case of the five Cuban patriots who are being unjustly held in U.S. prisons.

All Souls Church
Corner of 16th St. & Harvard St., NW

For More Info: 202-722-1307

*This event will be aired at 11 pm the same evening on WPFW 89.3 FM

6/26 & 27/03 Thur. & Fri. 10 am - 5 pm
2003 Cuba Consultation Meeting
"A Key Moment for Cuba Policy Debate" In this critical moment in the debate about U.S. policy toward Cuba, the Cuba Steering Committee (an ad hoc working group of more than a dozen organizations and individuals active on Cuba policy issues) invites you to participate in a two-day consultation on Thursday and Friday, June 26 and 27, 2003, in Washington, DC. Location TBA
[By invitation only]
6/26/03 Thur.
5:30 pm
RALPH NADER WILL BE SPEAKING: Co-Sponsors: Labor Studies Program of Dundalk Community College, Democracy Rising Call for information: (410) 285-2703 Union Hall
540 Dundalk Ave.
Baltimore , MD
7 pm
Ralph Nader's "People Have The Power Tour" arrives in Baltimore
On June 26th, Ralph Nader's "People Have The Power Tour" arrives in Baltimore at the John's Hopkins University Shriver Auditorium. This will be the 15th event in a brand new tour designed to help strengthen American democracy, build a long-lasting progressive movement, and fight for global justice. Nader, along with special guest speakers and performers, is coming to Baltimore to support: Strong Public Education, Universal Health Care, Affordable Housing, Worker's Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Environmental Protection, A Fair Economy & A Living Wage. JOHN HOPKINS UNIVERSITY SHRIVER AUDITORIUM,
3400 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD. 21218


7/4/03 Fri.
George W. Bush has been invited to the opening of the National Constitution Center. We need to be there to say No to U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad; No to Colonialism and Empire; End the Occupation of Iraq; No to Racism, Attacks on Civil Rights and Immigrants, the USA Patriot Act and the Shredding of the Constitution; and to Call for Funding of Social Programs - not the Pentagon's War Machine.



7/5/03 Sat.
6 pm
IFCO/Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba in Washington DC!
Join us for dinner, music, a short film on the Latin American Medical School and an update on Cuba and the blockade! Presentations will be given by: *A representative from the Cuban Interests Section (the embassy of Cuba in Washington DC) *Spokesperson for the 14th US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan. Cafe Mawonaj, 624 T St., NW
Pastors for Peace-DC, 1401 Tuckerman St., NW #303 202-722-1307
7/8/03 Tue.
7 pm
A social event to welcome the Band of Hope
Come on out for an evening celebrating the conclusion of a national walking trek for Peace featuring live musical acts, DJ’s spinning the latest, and an open mic. The Band of Hope will speak of their experience walking from Tuscon, AZ stopping in some Bush domains including Austin, TX, Tallahassee, FL, and concluding here in DC.Live music provided by members of the Rythm Workers Union and DJ’s from FunkDC Bossa Bistro and Lounge -- 2463 18th St., NW
For more info on the Band of Hope, check out: bandofhope Chris Otte or 202-234-7075.
7/11/03 Fri.
6 pm
Shout out against the injustices of the Patriot Act and The Invasion of Iraq.  Live Music / DJ’s (start by 5:00PM; end by 9:00PM).  Speakers (6:15PM - 7:45PM).  The Patriot Act passed in October 2001, has among other things: led to mass detentions of immigrants in California and elsewhere in the nation, attempted to destroy fundamental constitutional rights, and expanded surveillance of everday people like you and me.   In addition, demand an end to the Occupation of Iraq. The invasion has led to: thousands of innocent civilians losing their lives, an occupying military machine made up of our brothers and sisters and commanded by war mongers who don’t care about the lives of their soldiers, and the needless destruction of Mother Earth due to the use of depleted uranium munitions.  Live Music: Rythm Workers Union.  At: Dupont Circle
Hosted by members of the DC Anti-War Network and DC Statehood Green Party.
 Sponsoring organizations include: Code Pink, The Shirts Off Coalition,, DC-American Friends Service Committee, SUSTAIN (Stop US Tax Aid to Israel Now), The Band of Hope, and others...
7/12/03 Sat.
10 am
Tenants’ Rally
Vehicles and drivers are needed to support a demonstration and direct action for tenants’ rights, sponsored by WISH and the New Capitol Park Plaza Tenants’ Association.  If you or others you know are interested in supporting the rally this way, please call 202-332-8800 soon.  Tenants from around the city will be demonstrating at in support of closing the loophole in the city’s right to purchase law.  This loophole allows for owners to sell their buildings without first giving tenants’ the right to purchase them.  This practice forces many tenants out of their housing as new owners carry out redevelopment and raise rents.  When tenants have the opportunity to buy their buildings, they are in a better position to preserve affordable housing 3rd and I St. SW (near Waterfront Metro)
Contact:  belltoweroverflo
7/15/03 Tue.
8-9 am
  Demonstrate Against the American (Empire) Institute
The American Enterprise Institute is the most influential think tank in the country. George Bush praised it for “doing such good work” and acknowledged that he borrowed 20 of their “brains”. Richard Perle, the leading architect of this last war on Iraq, is typical of the fellows that belong to the AEI. The AEI was a prime mover of the bogus justifications for the war on Iraq and is now the prime ideological mover behind the push for intervention in Iran. The AEI is not just into starting wars abroad, it has been engaged in a war on citizens here at home for decades. It has promoted such projects as the “Bell Curve” - a book that provides genetic justifications for the dismantling of welfare and affirmative action - a racist polemic disguised as scientific research. It is now promoting a book by Orriana Fallaci - a racist Italian author who calls Islam a “retrograde religion” among other slurs. The AEI has also done seminars to justify the underpayment of public school teachers and published papers that justify the pay gap between women and men. Come join us to protest this racist institution. 1150 17th Street, NW, Wash. DC
Contact: bhoffman or 202.285.1391.
There will be picketing, informational leafleting of the public, speakers from all walks of life, music, and puppetry.
7/16/03 Wed.
10 am - 1 pm
Testify against the Modern Pit Facility
Now’s your chance to testify against the Modern Pit Facility, a new nuclear bomb plant that could produce in excess of 500 plutonium pits per year – comparable to the Cold War production levels at the Rocky Flats Plant (shut down due to massive contamination in 1989). The Department of Energy (DOE) intends to build the Modern Pit Facility (MPF) with the flexibility to build new design pits. As such, the MPF could build the next generation of nuclear weapons, including low-yield nuclear weapons (see action alert on low-yield nukes). The DOE released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on the MPF and is accepting comments at public hearings around the country or via submission until August 5. The DEIS can be obtained from the DOE’s website at and background information, talking points and additional resources can be found linked from this ANA page on the Modern Pit Facility.  ANA is pulling together a news conference/event before the meeting starts inside DOE HQ - more details on that as it develops...meeting on DOE’s draft EIS on the new nuclear bomb factory (“Modern Pit Facility”): U.S. Department of Energy 1000 Independence Avenue, SW Room
Contact:  tom.clements
7/17/03 Thur.
6 pm
Temperance Row SLEEP-IN
Manna CDC has another exciting “action” planned in protest of the BZA decision against Temperance Row.  The action starts will initially piggy-back on an event sponsored by Public Welfare Foundation.  At 6:00 pm, we and PWF are holding a 45-minute ceremony to dedicate the Temperance Row land, and we will recommit to fighting on until the affordable housing can be built there.  PWF is then holding a 7:00 pm forum to discuss the history of the True Reformer building and its links to the neighborhood, on the building’s 100th Anniversary.  Our action event is a SLEEP-IN on the to call attention to the need for housing there and for BZA to reverse its decision. It will begin at 6:45 pm, immediately after the Dedication, and run two nights until 8 am Saturday morning.  We are inviting both community members and potential Temperance Row residents.  We will supply some basics: food, drinks, and a few tents.  We need more tents, mats, lawn chairs, and lanterns.  You should also bring a musical instrument, poetry, or anything to help us have fun. We hope to have 25 to 40 people out here with us!  Even if you don’t stay the whole night, come out for part of the event.  There will be four  “shifts” we need people to sign up for: Thursday evening/night; Friday morning; Friday afternoon; Friday evening/night.  Please come out and support affordable housing in a fun and community-building event Temperance Row lots (behind the 1200 block of U St.)
Contact: nrichman
7/20/03 Sun.
Rally for Iraqi Self Determination
The Walking Bohemian Band of Hope is hosting a rally for Iraqi Self Determination and to celebrate our arrival in DC at Du Pont Circle. We are planning a short march from Du Pont Circle to Malcom X park following the rally. We plan to meet at noon at Du Pont Circle for the rally. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available. DuPont Circle
contact Ross Lampert (520) 241-2022 or rosslampert
7/22/03 Tue. 7:30 pm
"An Evening with Dennis Kucinich"
"Maryland/D.C. Progressives for Kucinich" will be sponsoring "An Evening with Dennis Kucinich" Tuesday July 22, 2003, 7:30pm at the Takoma Village Community co-housing complex community center in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The group, made up of individuals supporting progressive politics, was formed exclusively to support the Ohio congressman in his bid for president.
Representative Kucinich, the youngest person ever elected to lead a major American city (mayor of Cleveland in 1977 at age 31) has become well known for his stance against the invasion of Iraq, his willingness to challenge corporate interest, and his desire to create the Department of Peace. If elected president, Kucinich has vowed to cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization
The event will start with remarks from three local activists: Jennifer Elingston, Roger Newell, and Linda Schade, a leader in the Montgomery County Coalition for Alternatives to War. Rep. Kucinich will take the stage approximately 8:15 and speak and answer questions for 1 hour.
Community Center at Takoma Village Community Complex
6827 4th St. NW WDC
Sponsored by: Maryland/D.C. Progressives for Kucinich
7/25/03 Fri.
12-2 pm
advocates.  Who should attend? * Providers of emergency assistance and community aid * Individuals who refer people to organizations that provide this aid * Advocates and community members who are concerned about the future of financial assistance programs in DC.  Since the District government eliminated its publicly-funded Emergency Assistance program in 1996, a heavy burden was placed on community organizations, churches and other service providers to meet the needs of people living in crisis.  It is remarkable what groups have been able to do, but the demand for assistance far outweighs the resources that are available, and we need to come together to creatively think about how we can most effectively respond to people in need.  We invite you to join us in a conversation about what emergency resources presently are available, what needs are not being met (both by volume and type) and how we can use our collective energy to best respond to those needs.  ALL SOULS CHURCH, 1500 Harvard St, NW
For more information contact Darwin Fishman at All Souls, (202) 332-52 66 x 18, darbfish7
7/27/03 Sun. 12 - 2 pm
WHITEHOUSE PROTEST!This July 27th marks the 50th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice, which concluded open fighting without a permanent peace treaty between the United States and North Korea. For fifty years, Koreans have lived in fear of renewed aggression. Now, more than ever, as tensions between these two nations grow, it is time to truly end the Korean War. On this anniversary Koreans and peace activists from around the world will come together in Washington D.C. to demand an end to current hostilities and the beginning of just negotiations towards true reconciliation. Please join us for these two days of historic events For more information contact:
2-7 pm
The Street Stage: Festival in the Park
The Street Stage is a series of creative events that bring together the homeless community, service providers and other members of the Washington, DC community through an interest in the arts. Share your creative talent! Watch others perform! Enjoy food and games! Marvin Gaye Amphitheatre in Heritage Park
Division Ave., NE and Foote St., NE
301-233-2911 or TheStreetStage
7 pm
As the second Palestinian Intifada begins, Wendy Pearlman, a young Jewish woman from the American Midwest, travels to the West Bank and Gaza Strip in a quest to talk to ordinary Palestinians. The emerging narrative offers readers a unique chance to “visit” the Palestinian territories and discover what life is like from the inside. The stories range from the humorous to the tragic and they show Palestinians as individuals with hopes and fears. Indeed, it is difficult to read these interviews without imagining that the speaker could be a neighbor or friend. Supplemented with a wealth of contextual detail and stunning photography, this powerful work of oral history offers a new perspective on the current impasse in the Middle East while going beyond it to shed light on the big issues at the crux of the conflict. “Wendy Pearlman gives us something we are rarely allowed: an intimacy with Palestinians that is both human and humane … What emerges is a discourse of compassion and understanding that argues, more than anything, that peace is still possible in this deeply wounded land.”—Sara Roy, Harvard University 1633 P ST NW,WASHINGTON, DC
7/29/03 Tue. 7-8:30 pm
Teach-in on Iran
Join the Shirts Off Coalition in this instructive teach-in on the current situation in Iran.  Students are demonstrating for greater democracy, and the neo-cons associated with the Bush Administration, led by Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), are floating the idea of forcing a “regime change.” * What’s the real situation in Iran?
* What (or who) is influencing Bush?  * What are the alternatives aside from war?
* Who should our allies be?  Join Ross Pourzal, a longtime local Iranian activist, and Mehrdad Mashayekhi, a professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, for an
informational discussion and debate on whether war in Iran is a real possibility, how we can stop it, and how we can make Iran work for Iranians.  Brought to you by the Shirts Off Coalition’s campaign against the American Enterprise Institute and United for Peace and Justice. 

Flemming Center (9th & P St. NW)
Call 301-523-4197

7/31/03 Thur. 12 - 1 pm
Demonstrate Against Indonesian Military Human Rights Violations in Aceh
 The Indonesian military has continued its massive assault on the people of Aceh, which began with a declaration of martial law on May 19.  Tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced, the military has forcibly relocated civilians to camps, the death toll is in the hundreds, and torture and rape are prevalent.  Access to Aceh by the press, human rights monitors, and humanitarian workers is severely restricted. Please join Amnesty International and the East Timor Action Network to protest these horrific human rights violations. Contact Karen Orenstein or Allie Berg at ETAN at 202-544-6911.  East Timor Action Network:;


8/1/03 Fri. 5:30 - 8:30 pm
BLACK VOICES FOR PEACE announces a protest, rally and vigil
 BLACK VOICES FOR PEACE announces a protest, rally and vigil. Support our troops and their families—bring them home now—end the occupation with Iraq—stop Bush’s lies—heal the economy!
BLACK VOICES FOR PEACE CALLS UPON ALL JUSTICE AND PEACE GROUPS, MILITARY FAMILIES AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC TO JOIN WITH US as we host a protest to bring the troops home, end the occupation of Iraq, expose and stop Bush’s lies, and to heal the nation’s ailing economy growing worse in large measure because of the war. Nearly everyday, our young men and women in uniform are being shot at, killed or seriously wounded by Iraqis resisting the U.S./British led occupation of Iraq. Our young people in Iraq serving in the U.S. military are quickly coming to realize, that they have been lied to by Bush and company. They also are coming to see their presence in Iraq as wrong, immoral and unnecessary. More and more they are becoming angry and frustrated as they get picked off like sitting ducks because they have been forced to fight in a country they don’t know in a war for oil and empire. Many want to come home immediately and be reunited with their families who too are angered and frustrated by BUSH’S PACK OF LIES. Meanwhile Bush’s lies---which were the basis, rationale, and pretext for the war in Iraq---are unraveling for all to see. And it’s not about 16 words in his January state of the union speech about alleged Iraqi attempts to obtain uranium for nuclear weapons programs from the African nation of Niger. The corporate media has it wrong. It’s about 16 plus lies that Bush and company have told the people of this country and the world over the past several months about why the U.S. needed to go to war, how much the war and occupation would cost, the impact on the suffering children and people of Iraq, and the impact of the war on health care, housing, children, our cities, the economy and the overall quality of life at home. The military, political and humanitarian crisis in Iraq must be handled first by the Iraqi people with support from the United Nations and the international community. BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!!
 For Information Call 202-232-5690 WWW.BVFP.ORG
6 - 11 pm
FUNdraiser at The Potter’s House!
Friends & Supporters of Community Harvest and Urban Oasis Farm. Community Harvest and the local musician Lea will  be hosting a fundraiser at the Potter’s House. Please join us for an evening of good food and good music. The Potter’s House is located in Adams Morgan, DC, at 1658 Columbia Road, NW. This is a fundraiser and we will be requesting a $10 donation at the door.Volunteer at the event in exchange for a free entrée! We need a couple people to serve as doorkeepers, table servers and dishwashers for shifts between 6pm and 11pm. Please RSVP if interested.Help spread the word! If you need any additional information, please contact Community Harvest at 202-667-8875.
You are invited to spend an evening with Community Harvest. At 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm there will be Live Performance by Lea nominated for several WAMMIES including Best New Artist,Best Contemporary Folk Vocalist - Female, Best Debut Recording and Songwriter of the Year. Donations will benefit the Urban Oasis Community Farm and Learning Center, project of Community Harvest! Dinner and dessert will be available from 7:00 pm - 10:30
Adams Morgan, DC, at 1658 Columbia Road, NW, Wash. DC
8/3-7/03 6:30 - 8:15 pm
Peace Camp
Dinner each Evening!
Buffet dinner featuring ethnic foods - $2.50 per person for those who wish to eat at the church prior to the opening of the camp each evening.  Sponsored by Bethel United Church of Christ, Mary Joan and Jerry Park of Mt.Rainier, Maryland, the founders of Little Friends for Peace. More information about “Little Friends” can be found at  The sessions will include problem solving skills, how to change win-lose to win-win situations, a look at our varied community, cooperative games, peacemaking and listening skills. This camp will have sessions directed at both adults and children so that we can be  little and big friends.  Registrations will be accepted by mail or e-mail through July 30. Bethel United Church 4347 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, VA 22203
8/4-12/03 .
Hiroshima Volunteers Needed
Volunteerrs needed, especially drivers, from August 4-12. Mostly we need folks to drive and accompany our Hibakusha guests (These are survivors of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima) If you can volunteer even one morning, afternoon or evening, please reply email. Contact John Steinbach
8/4/03 Mon. 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Expanding the Franchise
The history, constitutionality and politics of granting non-citizens the right to vote in local elections: Professor Jamin Raskin, American University*  SPONSORED BY: The Voting Rights for ALL DC Coalition Professor Jamin Raskin will speak about the history, constitutionality and politics of granting non-citizens the right to vote in local elections.  A constitutional law professor at American University and author of a leading article on non-citizen voting in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Professor Raskin will discuss the experience of Takoma Park, Maryland in enacting non-citizen voting and the current movement in other parts of the country to “share the vote.”   Professor Raskin is a noted constitutional authority and Bestselling author of numerous works, including We the Students, The Wealth Primary and Overruling Democracy. Latin American Youth Center, 1419 Columbia Rd. NW
8/8/03 Fri. 10-11:30 am
A giant 15-foot inflatable tombstone will be displayed to mark the 100 days of U.S. occupation of Iraq, since President Bush declared the end of the U.S.-Iraq war on May 1. The tombstone includes the name of every U.S. serviceperson who has been killed    since May 1.  After this week=s loss of several soldiers, 100 U.S. soldiers have died since the president=s declaration of an end to hostilities. Countless Iraqis have died in the same period 3rd Avenue and Constitution, NW
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Nagasaki Commemoration & Welcome Hibakusha
Potluck supper & reception for Hiroshima Survivors with a discussion and speakout. Stephens & the Incarnation Church, 16th & Newton NW
Contact : 703-369-7427
8/13-17/03 ...
Student Campus Organizer Training
The Student Organizer Training is designed for young progressives whowant to develop vital organizing and campaigningskills to combat pressing environmental problems. After the training,you will continue on to be part of the Student ActivistNetwork and work with Greenpeace and other university students duringthe 2003 - 2004 school year. The training is free toattend.  Food and housing will be provided. Limited travel scholarshipsavailable.  Application deadline is July 18th 2003.Space is limited, so apply now!  We will try to meet the interests andneeds of participants, so if you=re interested inattending and you don=t see something you=d like to learn, let us know!Below are some highlights: Non-violent direct action,Campaign planning, Media strategy, Legal 101 for activists, Campus &grassroots organizing, Recruitment, Online activism,Anti-oppression training.  To apply or for more information, contact:Maria Lya Ramos, 1-888-363-9197, (202) 319-2467
8/18-22/03 9am-1pm
Peace Camp 2003 - Maryland
At this summer=s Peace Camp we will explore themes of peace through twoprojects:APlanting Peace and Building a Peace Train@.  In APlanting Peace@ wewill look into out roots at the variety of individualsand families in our communities, reflecting on the diversity of campersand the special characteristics we all bring to PeaceCamp.  Campers will end the week by learning how ro nurture the earthand cultivate peace by planting a peace gardencontaining a variety of fruits and vegetables.  ABuilding a Peace Train@has campers construct a cardboard peace train thatthe will drive on the closing day.  Each child will decorate his or herown car, as a step in resolving conflictsnon-violently.  For children ages 5-11 Cora Weiss Senior Center, Mt. Rainier. MD
Contact Mary Joan Park at 301-927-5474,
8/23/03 Sat. TBO
Martin Luther King - 40th Anniversary March
The March on Washington DC Mobilization / Host Committee invites you to join Stand Up! in planning March for the upcoming 40th Anniversary March, scheduled for Saturday, August 23rd, 2003. Volunteers are needed for outreach to local churches, media, labor and other grass roots organizations and all the people of DC! Let’s use this national platform to address the civil and human rights issues of DC statehood, voting rights, employment, housing, health care, education, criminal justice, civil liberties, and more. 3rd Avenue and Constitution, NW
For more information, contact: Matt Zawisky 202-277-9563 8 or Kevin Kamps 202-328-0002 ext. 14, Essential Action
8/23-29/03 TBO
"Bushville" Tent City on the Mall
We need your help! Join the Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KWRU) in building "Bushville"a tent city on the National Mall from August 23rd to August 29th.
KWRU, the amazing poor people's movement out of Philly, is spearheading the Poor People's March for Economic Human Rights which will leave Marks, Mississippi on August 8 and arrive in DC on August 23rd to coincide with the 35th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's vision of a March on Washington.
Check out for more info.
KWRU organizer Tara Colon is in town this week. You can reach her at 202-246-5462
8/26/03 Tue 7-9 pm
oin IPS' Foreign Policy In Focus and Social Action & Leadership School for Activists (SALSA) for a special screening of Liberia: America's Stepchild at Visions Cinema. Liberia: America's Stepchild presents the untold story of America's African progeny. This dramatic documentary follows the parallel stories of America's relationship with the African republic of Liberia -- founded and backed by the American Colonization Society (ACS) and the U.S. government as a home for freeborn Blacks and former slaves -- and the settlers' relationship with the indigenous people. As seen through the eyes of Liberian filmmaker Nancee Oku Bright, the film explores the causes of the turmoil that has ravaged Liberia since 1980. VISIONS CINEMA
1927 Florida Avenue, NW Washington, DC


9/5/03 Fri. 6 pm
“Where We Come From,” the first DC solo exhibition by Palestinian artist Emily Jacir
Jacir asked other Palestinians from around the world, “If I could do something for you, anywhere in Palestine, what would it be?” The artist used her American passport and its accompanying “freedom of movement” status in an attempt to realize desires of people who have limited or no access to their own nation. The exhibition documents in text, photography and video the artist’s fulfillment of these requests across artificial and dangerous borders. The presentation is simple and straightforward: photographs record a vista denied, a family separated, a bill paid, a historic district obliterated. A text in Arabic and English records each request and its outcome (some requests have been impossible to fulfill).   Emily Jacir
1611 Connecticut Ave, NW - Suite 200 - Washington, DC 20009
9/6/03 Sat. 5 pm
Women of Burma Working Group Fundraiser & Picnic
We would love for you and your friends to join us on August 2 toeatgreat Burmese food, drink $1 beers, watch the latestfootage of Aung San Suu Kyi=s tour, and raise money for a greatorganization, The Women=sLeague of Burma (WLB). TheWLB works to improve thesituation of women from Burma and seeks toincrease their political participation.  To RSVP andreceive directions please email us at: wburmawg@yahoo.comMore about the situation of women from Burma: The struggles faced by theBurmese people on the Thai-Burma border aregreat, but Burmese women on this border face even greater obstacles.Along with the responsibilities of finding medicaltreatment, safe food,and a job that can support their families, thewomen of Burma must also protect themselves from rape,sexual harassment and discrimination. The systematic rape of ethnicminority women has been well-documented in thereport ALicense to Rape@ by the Shan Women=s ActionNetwork (SWAN) and@No Safe Place@, published by RefugeesInternational Ahtar=s house, 1214 Highwood Rd., Rockville, MD20851
301-762-0006, 301-996-8159
9/13/03 Sat. 10 am to 4 pm
3rd Annual Pagan Pride Day Celebration Description
Make plans now to attend this year’s DC Pagan Pride! A day of public ritual and celebration, this annual harvest gathering is coordinated by the OHF, the International Pagan Pride Project, and members of the local Pagan community to facilitate community service, religious worship, and showcase Pagan-friendly organizations. Feed The Body—Bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to So Others Might Eat (SOME). Feed The Mind—Help build an educational resource. Donate a Pagan or Pagan-related book to the OHF Lending Library! Feed The Spirit—Bring your spirit and your drums! Activities at the Washington DC Pagan Pride Day will include harvest blessing and thanksgiving rituals, drum circles, a community picnic, and tables showcasing our local Pagan and Pagan-friendly organizations The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
9/28/03 Sun. ...
Marching Against Modern Colonialism
On Sunday, September 28, marches in cities across the U.S. will be part of an international weekend of protest against colonial occupation, from Iraq and Palestine to Afghanistan, Korea, the Philippines and everywhere. Then on Saturday, October 25, hundreds of thousands of people will be back in the streets in Washington DC and in capital cities of other countries to demand:" End the occupation of Iraq." The shout "BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!" will echo throughout the country on these important dates. DC and other cities around the US


10/11/03 ...
The Triangle Artists Group (TAG) is preparing a provocative newexhibition, APropaganda of War.@  We are acceptingsubmissions fromartists for this event. Would you be willing to post something on yourweekly e-mail list?  Info is below...Deadline forSubmissions:August 31 Submissions, c/o Jeff Zimmer, 1725 17th Street, NW, #400,Washington, DC 20009 (include SASE); or digitalimages to  Triangle Artists Group (TAG) is sponsoring anew multi-media exhibition exploring propagandaas it relates to conflict and war.  We will explore: *What is thisthing, propaganda, which has the power to make, or stop,war? *Why is it used? *What is it used in place of? *What are theeffects? *Is art propaganda? *Can propaganda rise to thelevel of art?@Eligibility: All original works will be considered; 2D, or 3D; digital,or mixed media. This exhibit is open to all artists age18 or older. The artwork mustbe original, completed within the last 3 years, and suitably preparedfor exhibition.  Coordination may be made forperformances 1021 7th St, NW Wash., DC
Contact kickinglass, or 202.319.8668
10/17/03 Fri.
Peace Concert
BVFP National Great Black Peace Concert TBO
Contact us
10/18/03 Sat.
Peace March
BVFP National Great Black Peace March TBO
Contact us
7 pm Cuba relations and in solidarity with Cuba's right to self-determination. The National Network on Cuba (NNOC) and the DC No War on Cuba Movement
(NWOC) are sponsoring a public event on US - Cuba relations and in solidarity with
Cuba's right to self-determination. The activity is scheduled for Saturday October 18, at 7:00PM. and is part of a series of meetings and other activities that the NNOC will be having from October 16 to October 19 in DC for its fall national meeting.
7:30 pm A Night of Culture and Friendship with the People of Cuba This event coincides with the fall meeting of the National Network on Cuba and
is co-hosted by the DC No War On Cuba Movement.
Bossa Bistro Lounge, 2463 18th St. NW, second floor
10/21/03 Tue. 7-9 pm Speaking Truth to Empire, UMD Anti-War Panel Sponsored by the UMD Peace Forum, the Campus Antiwar Network, and the Muslim Students Association
DAMU SMITH - Founder and co-chair of Black Voices for Peace and others.

Nick Chin

10/25/03 Sat. TBO
March on the Pentagon
More than 1,000 organizations and individuals have already endorsed the October 25 March on the Pentagon. Please circulate the call and solicit additional endorsers from your area. Call and email organizations and individuals, members of your City Council, trade unionists, women's groups, lgbt organizations, religious, community and student and youth leaders. Leaflet Washington 202-544-3389
9 am
Great Black Peace March & Rally
Join Black Voices for Peace in a pre-rally and mini-fest before the UFPJ and ANSWER demonstration on the mall. A march to the Washington Monument will kick-off from the park at 11:30a.m. Planning meetings will be held on Wednesday, October 22nd and Thursday, 23rd at 6:30pm at the Foundry Methodist Church, 16th and P Street NW. See Malcolm X Park (nestled between 15th &16th Sts and Euclid & Florida Ave NW)
Contact: 202-232-5690
WHERE to MEET: First, CODEPINK's Gael Murphy will be speaking at the Black Voices for Peace rally at the Great Black Peace March & Rally from 9-noon in Malcolm X Park (nestled between 15th &16th Sts and Euclid & Florida Ave NW). A march to the Washington Monument will kick-off from the park at 11:30a.m., so come out friends and neighbors and join up! After the march, meet us at the CODEPINK convergence spot at the American History Museum around noon where we'll travel as a brigade of Peace Officers to the official rally site Malcolm X Park, nestled between 15th &16th Sts and Euclid & Florida Ave NW
First Matinee

"The Gatekeeper"

Benefit for Casa de Maryland

Please join use for an afternood of film and fund raising by attending a special screening of the multiple award winning film "The Gatekeeper." A portion of you ticket benefits Casa de Marland. Tickets $10 for this fundraiser.

Dupont Circle 5 Theater
1350 19th St., NW WDC


11/11/03 11 am to 7 pm
Veterans For Peace
Will hold a
Veterans' Day Vigil
Walter Reed Army Medical Center,
The Washington & Baltimore Chapters of Veterans For Peace

* Commemorate the sacrifices GIs have made throughout our history;
* Commiserate with our newest generation of vets now convalescing at WRAMC, and
* Condemn the foolish fantasies of those now making our nation's foreign policy.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
7100 Georgia Ave., NW Washington DC
Patrick McCann 301-324-8798


12/8/03 Mon. (Check ongoing dates) 6:15 pm
Reception with Harry Belafonte
Attend a Benefit Screening for "HEALTHCARE ACROSS BORDERS" of
HUGO CHAVEZ, ELECTED PRESIDENT OF VENEZUELA IN 1998, IS A COLORFUL, UNPREDICTABLE FOLK HERO, beloved by his nation's working class and a tough-as-nails, quixotic opponent to the power structure that would see him deposed. Two independent filmmakers were inside the presidential palace on April 11, 2002, when he was forcibly removed from office. They were also present 48 hours later when, remarkably, he returned to power amid cheering aides. Their film records what was probably history's shortest-lived coup d'état. It's a unique document about political muscle and an extraordinary portrait of the man The Wall Street Journal credits with making Venezuela "Washington’s biggest Latin American headache after the old standby, Cuba." Directed and Photographed by Kim Bartley and Donnacha O’Brian in Spanish with English Subtitles
Mon Ami Gabi, 7239 Woodmount Ave., Bethesda, MD
$30-$100 donation
7:30 pm

Film Screening


Landmark Cinema, 7235 Woodmount Ave., Bethesda, MD
Post screening discussion with the Ambassador of Venezuela
$15 ticket price

*To reserve tickets or for more information call: Mwiza at TransAfrica Forum 202/223-1960 ext.137 (Checks made out to: the Venezuela Solidarity Committee)

12/14/03 Sun. ...
Inter-Faith/Secular Witness Liturgy for the Hibakusha (A & H Bomb Survivors)
The DC Inter-Faith Anti-Nuclear Justice and Peace Coalition will host an "Inter-Faith / Secular Witness Liturgy" the Sunday before the Enola Gay exhibit opens. Several Hibakusha (A & H Bomb survivors) will tell their story. Rare footage of the smoking, radiated city will be shown. The Hibakusha would deeply appreciate a packed church. It holds more than 1,000. Flyers and info: Contact: at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, (1313 New York Ave.; Metro Center/McPherson Square)
Dec. on... 11 am to 7 pm
Safeway Supermarkets Boycott
Walk the picket lines at 18 Safeway stores in the DC area, and there may be other picket sites. UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers union) strikers from California and West Virginia are walking picket lines at 18 Safeway stores in the Washington, DC area to let the public know about Safeway’s attempt to destroy health benefits for 75,000 UFCW members. Please join these courageous activists on the picket line to show your support. Please shop at other UFCW-represented stores in the DC area, including Giant, Shoppers Food Warehouse, Super Fresh, and Magruders . . . NOT Safeway . . . and urge friends, co-workers and family members to do the same. Maryland Safeway outlets
Contact: UFCW, Greg Denier, 202-466-1951, Jill Cashen, 202-728-4797
12/15/03 Mon. 11 am
Protest the Enola Gay
The Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
"Regarding the Smithsonian Exhibition of the restored B-29 Bomber, Enola Gay, we cannot repress our deep astonishment and anger. To exalt the Enola Gay - which caused an unprecedented atrocity is completely unacceptable to the atomic bomb victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki." -Japan Confederation of A and H Bomb Sufferers Organizations Near Dulles Airport. (Rt. 66 W to Rt. 50W to Rt. 28N to first cloverleaf. Right after overpass to toll booth)
12/18/03 Thur. 7 pm
Open Discussion and Report On A Recent Trip To Israel and the Occupied Territories.
CAFÉ MAWONAJ 624 T Street NW (Howard University Metro)
Contact 866-206-9069 x5413. Café: 202.332.4480
12/19/03 Fri. 11 am
National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day
Join us for a vigil to honor those who died homeless in 2003: Juan Pastor, Robin Sanders, Moses Thomas, Jordan Haydon Hamilton, George Wilkins, John Maher, Andre Blair. Co-sponsored by the National Coalition for the Homeless, the Coalition of Housing & Homeless Organizations (COHHO), C.A.R.E., Charlie's Place at St. Margaret's Church, and the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. McPherson Park, 15th and Vermont Avenue, NW
PANORAMA: a D.C. Community Arts Initiative
"Made By You" Cleveland Park,  Due to budget cuts, D.C. art programs get pushed further and further back on the priority list.  It is now more essential then ever to initiate artistic and creative opportunities that will inspire and empower all D.C. communities. Enter PANORAMA, A D.C. Community Arts Initiative is a newly-founded project that works to bring opportunities in arts to the people of the District of Columbia. Our mission is: 1) To ensure all residents have consistent opportunities to participate in & appreciate the arts. 2) To increase awareness and visibility of art & activism in the District of Columbia. 3) To bring people together through community arts. 4) To preserve & celebrate our cultural diversity. Help sustain PANORAMA's programs and events, including our January Art-In, setting up a darkroom at the Paul Robeson Youth Study and Struggle Center, and a variety of community workshops. $20 at the door - price includes a ceramic tile to paint plus your first drink. Enter the raffle and win cool prizes from various local stores. Live music and open mic. RSVP: Alexandra at 3413 Connecticut Avenue, NW (near Uptown Theater)
Call 202-431-4840
12/20-21/03 10am - 6 pm
20th Annual African American Holiday Expo- Market Place Festival
Stress-free shopping, information, health, fun and empowerment, all for a worthwhile cause.  Attend the oldest, east-coast celebration of Christmas and Kwanzaa.  Wheel chair accessible. The Market Place Festival provides a cultural, more spiritual alternative to the highly commercialized holiday season which encourages the community to “spend its money where it counts” supporting self-help in the Black community and youth entrepreneurs. This event offers 2 floors of unique shopping, culture, food, entertainment, empowerment workshops, a wholistic health fair, H.U. Hospital free health screenings, an Interfaith , Intergenerational worship service a United Nations exhibit, Post Office Heritage postage stamps and fun activities for entire family.  Reeves Center, 14th and U Sts, N.W.(Metro Cardoza  - U  Street)
Call 202-667-2577
12/21/03 Sun. 6 pm
Peace Chanukah
An Event to Support the Israeli Refuser Movement and Oppose the Occupation. Organizations: Refuser Solidarity Network, JPPI and Jewish peace activists. Special Guest: Stav Adivi, an Israeli Refuser. Cost:  Donation. Peace Hannukah, DC is part of a national effort to express our support for the Refusers, who face prison rather than participate in the Occupation, as well as rededicate ourselves to a vision of a just peace. Last year, dozens of communities worldwide responded to the first call for a Peace Chanukah.  They used the menorah as a symbol of hope amidst so much loss, and they gathered to recommit themselves to finding a just peace to the conflict in Israel and Palestine. Please join us this year as we celebrate those individuals in Israel and in our community who have served as beacons of light in these dark times. We will sing songs, light menorahs, hear words from Stav Adivi and eat latkes! DCJCC 1529 16th St., NW
For more information Peace Chanukah
Contact:  Rebecca Zimmerman 202-236-9518
6-9 pm
"Iraq through the Eyes of an Arab-American" (potluck and speaker)
The Egyptian American Cultural Association (EACA) cordially Invites you to a Special Presentation and Pot Luck Dinner. Speaker: Dr. Amr Abdalla, Senior Fellow, The Peace Operations Policy Program, School of Public Policy, George Mason University. Dr. Abdalla will share his impression and findings concerning the conditions in Baghdad today.  Last summer, during his visit to Baghdad, Dr. Abdalla conducted several community visits, interviews and observations as part of his work with a US-AID contracting NGO. Mason Governmental Center -  6507 Columbia Pike,  Annandale, VA
RSVP Indicate dish will bring.
Or call: Mohammad El-Shinnawi 703- 866-9239, Zeinab Mansour 301-718-0801, Ramez Fahmy 301-924-8312, Hdeel Abdelhady 410-312-5259, Mohsen Matter 703-802-8340,  Tarek Omar 703-421-7923.
12/22/03 Mon.  
The first observance of a global Minute for Peace was at the time of President John F. Kennedy's death. His efforts to see peace realized through the United Nations were ended in Dallas at 19:00 GMT, the very moment on the global clock when the United Nations Charter was signed eighteen years earlier. In the Minute for Peace broadcast given at the end of the mourning period (December 22, 1963), the words of President Kennedy were repeated:(From Kennedy's speech at the United Nations, September 25, 1961):
"Never have the nations of the world had so much to lose or so much to gain. Together we shall save our planet, or together we shall perish in its flames. Save it we can--and save it we must -- and then shall we earn the eternal thanks of mankind and, as peacemakers, the eternal blessing of God." Can a "Minute for Peace’ become a minute of goodwill observed in unison around the world? Will it irresistibly move the leaders of men into paths of peace? What has happened so far seemed utterly impossible at first. Who knows what may happen if we put our faith to work and use the power of the Spirit to solve the problem of the sword? "Peace on Earth, Good will to man".
Contact: John McConnell  at or 303/758-7687.
12/24/03 Wed. 9-10:30 pm
Solemn Candlelight Vigil for Peace in Palestine
Bring your candles, banner and/or sign. For more information Washington National Cathedral (Massachusetts and Wisconsin Ave. NW)
Contact ADC-DC Area Chapter
12/31/03 Wed. 4-6 pm
“Support the Troops/Bring them Home”
Baltimore Pledge of Resistance will make the message visible.
White Marsh Mall, Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD


The Days After... ... Immediate Campaigns
The Campus Action Network has launched a Website. See: Get in touch with campus antiwar groups in your area. Info on local and national antiwar mobilizations. Day-X (the day after the war starts) actions. Anti-war resources. The Campus Antiwar Network is a grassroots bottom-up organization of campus-based antiwar groups from over 100 colleges, high schools, and universities nationwide. CAN stands firmly opposed to the coming war against Iraq and the racist crackdown on civil liberties here at home. Furthermore, CAN calls for an end to the UN sanctions - which have led to the deaths of millions of innocent Iraqis over the past decade - and demands money for education, jobs, and health care – not war. includes an extensive set of web links to anti-war and progressive sites. CAN asks that your site also links to ours - we offer reciprocal links for sites that do so. Contact Warren Craig - 512-659-6915

Maryland Anti-War Coalition. We are forming a large coalition of MD groups and citizens working against this war to organize a state-wide march on Annapolis. So far the groups involved are: •Now or Never •College Park Peace Forum •Anne Arundel Peace Action •Howard County Coalition Against War •Howard County Friends of Latin America •Towson Anti-War Coalition •Montgomery County Students for Peace and Justice •Northwestern High School •Students Against Violence and Exploitation (UMBC). We feel that taking Annapolis for a day will give this movement the momentum it needs to prevent a horrible and tragic war. People who would normally not attend a national demonstration will attend a local one, especially when it involves their lives personally.

If you are interested in helping organizing, join the new Maryland List: -
The home page is:

We must urge this state to pass an anti-war resolution, House Joint Resolution 18. NO WAR. Time is of the essence. Contact: Ryan - NoN/Towson Anti-War Coalition 410-733-6867 or or Setareh - College Park Peace Forum 301-221-6677 or

The Peace & Justice Coalition, P.G. County, will continue weekly Saturday vigils against the Iraq war-- 12 noon until 1 pm (or longer if energy mounts) on Greenbelt Rd. opposite the eastern end of Beltway Plaza, near the Staples store. We began Mar. 22 and hope to keep this up until peace breaks out. Bring your signs, or just yourselves, and join us to mourn the dead and protest U.S. aggression. (If you live at some distance and would rather gather like-minded friends and vigil at another busy spot, all the better!) --- Lucy Duff --- 301-577-2350

Northern Virginians for Peace. A new umbrella network of peace advocates and a clearinghouse for information about peace groups and projects in Northern Virginia. Current members are from Arlington, Alexandria, Burke, Falls Church, McLean, Reston, Lorton, and other towns and are working on such projects as petitions, leafleting, vigils, teach-ins, cities-for-peace resolutions, outreach, and more. We can help you find like-minded neighbors with whom to coordinate your efforts. See: