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Updated: 04/05/2017

This page presents the concerns and discussion of members of the Metro DC chapter
of the Committees of Correspondence, on
approaching catastrophic climate changes
and what must be done if we are to successfully prevent any of the devastations we face.


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Some of the Major Documents and Position Papers of CCDS on Climate Change 2009 to present:

Peoples Climate change 9-21-14Pevent C3 T-shirt

Peoples Climate March 9/21/2014 NYC We urge everyone to bring their ideas and friends to this crucial effort to force government and those with resources to unite in preventing the catastrophes of climate change we all face.


  • This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein, 2014. This book is an important call to action, Naomi Klein, the author of important work on US imperial strategy The Shock Doctrine now address climate change and the necessity to change the system by replacing unsustainable capitalism with a socially viable system..
  • Don't even think about it: Why we are wired to ignore climate change By George Marshall Published August 22, 2014. This work begins to examine the social/psychology of why it is so difficult for many people to consider the realities of climate change
  • For quick motivation, watch and recommend the short videos at:
  • Change the System not the Climate pamphlet is produced by the Climate Change Committee of CCDS, 2014. PDF on this site. CCDS is selling this statement individually and in bulk. This statement emphasizes the science of climate change and strategies of Green Jobs, Green Energy and wide spread organizing. It should be noted that due to personal health reasons and some differences in political emphasis, I left the chairmanship some time ago and continue to feel it is far more important to focus on what needs to be done to prevent whatever catastrophic climate changes we can in the time we have. My arguments are outlined in past documents on this site and most recently in Climate Change - An Unprecedented Challenge This means, as some of the most far sighted leaders have pointed out for years, that we need a worldwide movement that insists on telling the people the truth about the threats we face and the time lines the science dictates. In the past, many progressives were afraid to frightened the public, arguing that too scared, average people would become immobilized instead of energized. Slow building toward a more sustainable future is preferred, if we have the time. Even the scientists now concede we don't have time and must work to build a worldwide movement demanding all possible prevention efforts, especially the political forces necessary to overcome the resistance of the carbon based, military industrial complex. On the weekend of September 19-21, 2014 in NYC, the largest demonstrations in the US against climate change may help to tip the balance toward real prevention efforts. So the classic questions of How much time do we have? and What is to be done? are more crucial than ever. Walter Teague.

In the last several years, environmental awareness and the climate change movement has become worldwide, yet the response is still inadequate and often conflicted about how much time we have and what can or should be done. While resistance to a comprehensive and committed approach to preventing C3 (and obtaining a sustainable environment) comes from both economic and national conflicts, it is primarily the self-interest of global corporate military industrial powers that oppose serious shift to a sustainable eco-system. The evidence is clear that the military industrial fossil fuel complex ("MIC" for short) recognizes the reality and threats of climate change, but it is also clear that rather than give up their power or privilege - which reaching a sustainable environment would require - they have chosen to make the rest of the world, the 99% pay the price for keeping them in power.

This resistance that President Dwight Eisenhower identified 60 years ago as a great burden on humanity and is now led by an expanded nuclear military industrial fossil fuel complex. Therefore whatever avoidance of C3 C3 is still possible, will require the end of oil and fossil fuel addiction, giving up the nuclear option and a rapid conversion to a high efficiency solar energy infrastructure. Since the U.S. component of this MIC complex is the major obstacle to this path, the US imperial agenda must be confronted, isolated, and finally eliminated if we are to thwart the biggest threat to human survival. More precisely, its material infrastructure should be solarized, with containment of its huge legacy of chemical and nuclear waste. The people of the world must demand and achieve a solarized and demilitarized world, a formidable challenge to say the least! Achievable only with a socialized or socialist approach. (See Schwartzman, Ecosocialism or Ecocatastrophe)

The Climate Change arguments of this page can be describe as:

  1. The scientific community has concluded that climate change is real, is threatening our ecosystem and is significantly accelerated by human activity. In 2011 and 2012, it is notable that leading environmental scientists were once again surprised the rate of threatening climate changes.
  2. Even the past, more conservative estimates of the rate and extent of climate change predict that if not significantly reduced in the next few years, we face catastrophic and irreparable threats when ecosystem tipping points are breached.
  3. Current efforts to organize a world wide response capable of slowing and preventing catastrophic climate change C3 remain conflicted, insufficient and unlikely to succeed. A recent positive sign is the The People's Agreement of Cochabamba, Bolivia adopted by more than 10,000 people, from 135 countries of the developing world, meeting April 20-22, 2010. An even more recent positive development has been the adoption and expansion of environmental concerns and organizing by Occupy movements worldwide.
  4. Given the global scope and difficulties of stopping, much less reversing the factors causing climate change, any plan that is compromised by national and economic interests is likely to be inadequate and fatally late, which is why it is imperative that the best science of tipping points inform and guide the political time frame.
  5. For a mass based movement to grow and succeed, the general public must be fully informed of the nature of the threat and the minimal steps needed to prevent catastrophic climate change. To do less is to risk fatally misinforming them.
  6. Therefore, it is clear that a socialist approach to climate change is necessary if we are to succeed. It would be based on three primary positions; (1) that any climate change prevention plan must be based on the best science available, (2) that all people's needs be considered, based on their vulnerability to climate change and not citizenship or economic status and (3) that no political, military or economic interference be allowed to sabotage the success of the plan.

The importance and substance of this argument for a socialist based plan are further argued in the following documents. Clarifications and additions welcomed.

CCDS - Documents, discussion and resources (chronologically arranged):

  1. Prevent Climate Change Catastrophe Earlier position paper from 12/06/2006 on CCDS web site. Additional sources and links available from Walter Teague. [History of effort to adopt a Climate Change position and paper in CCDS.]
  2. Marxism Ecology and Globalization Writings on Eco-Socialism by David Schwartzman.
  3. Why [is there] No Call to PREVENT coming Catastrophic Climate Change? Questions from 11/7/06 and updated 8/6/08 by W. Teague. Additional sources and links available from Walter Teague.
  4. Leadership in the face of Catastrophic Climate Change? A draft comparing the failure of leadership around Katrina and the challenge of preventing catastrophic climate change. PDF version
  5. Why Eco-socialism? This introduction to David Schwartzman's article Ecosocialism or Ecocatastrophe? was presented at the CCDS Southern Regional Conference in Charleston, SC on 3/21/09.
  6. “The Crisis of Climate Change” Workshop Panel at the CCDS National Convention July 24, 2009.
  7. Proposal on a call for leadership This proposal on the need for an Eco-socialist perspective and leadership to prevent Catastrophic Climate Change was adopted at the CCDS National Convention on 7/24/09.
  8. Rethinking our Strategy is Imperative [unavailable now]- Comment on the UN Climate Change Science Compendium 2009
  9. Metro DC Presents Eco-Socialism on 10-12-09. The slide show for this presentation in PDF SALSA.pdf
  10. Why Eco-socialism? Update of leaflet used with David Schwartzman's presentations.
  11. RSA Report Sydney Royal Arts Society in October, 2009, asked “is it too late to prevent Catastrophic Climate Change?” and detailed what must be done to give us the best chance to survive, an essentially eco-socialist approach.\
  12. Fight Climate Change, Not Wars Davis Schwartzman's 12/11/09 posting on this subject.
  13. CCDS Recruiting Brochure This is the two page brochure put out in February, 2010. MS Word version.
  14. The Belem Ecosocialist Declaration This declaration argues that a strong eco-socialist position is needed to effectively deal with climate change was prepared in 2007 and distributed at the World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil, Jan. 2009. It argues that capitalism can not reform sufficiently to prevent catastrophic climate change. A copy on the CCDS discussion page includes some disagreements on this issue. A printable PDF copy.
  15. Storms of My Children: The Truth About The Coming Climate Catastrophe And Our Last Chance To Save Humanity James Hansen, 2009. Excellent presentation of the latest science and analysis of what must be done to prevent catastrophic climate change.
  16. David Schwartzman's slides Ecosocialism or Ecocatastrophe (How far are we from catastrophe?
    What can be done to prevent it?)
    (updated version Feb. 12, 2010)
  17. At the Precipice of Catastrophic Climate Change? Some thoughts on what it will take for us to change our nature and try to prevent catastrophes instead of reacting too late with too little. Consider the 2008 remake of the film "The Day the Earth Stood Still." Klaatu’s last words, “At the precipice we change.” Walter Teague 3/4/2010.
  18. Climate Change - An Unprecedented Challenge. A 10 page examination of the dangers of climate change and need for a scientific and political plan to mobilize effective preventative responses to avoid Catastrophic Climate Change (C3). Written 3/19/2010 and expanded up to 6/22/2010.
  19. The Wrong Kind of Green: How Conservative Groups are Bargaining Away our Future. Johann Hari, The Nation, 3/22/2010
  20. A New Climate Movement in Bolivia. Naomi Klein, The Nation, 4/10/2010. A brief article on the very important World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth held in Cochabamba, Bolivia. See web for many reviews.
  21. An Open Letter to Bill McKibben: in The Nation May 3rd. Lorna Salzman asks why McKibben and his organization have proposed no serious political plans to realize the very important goal of their organization. 4/25/2010.
  22. World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, held in Cochabamba, Bolivia April 19-22, 2010. This update was posted 5/7/2010. There are many links and drafts posted by the conference. You can start at their home page. or do a Google search for comments and reviews.
  23. Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change Leaflet PDF, MS Doc version. 6/10/2010. CCDS 3 fold leaflet.
  24. Greg Craven's lively application of the 'precautionary principle' to the contemporary U.S. debate about how to respond to climate change. This video spells out the logic of taking serious preventative actions to thwart catastrophic climate change..
  25. Naomi Klein: "Capitalism vs. the Climate," The Nation, November 9, 2011. Read Naomi Klein's (author of "The Shock Doctrine") most recent analysis of the links between organizing against the worst of imperialism, corporate misrule and the growing mass based climate change movement. Essentially, Klein lays out the scientific and political arguments for the necessity of an Eco-socialist response. Capitalism vs. the Climate.PDF on this site.
  26. How can we build the movement to stop climate change? by Ben Courtice posted 4/20/2012 to Climate & Capitalism. An examination of how to build climate change movements in the industrial nations, in this example in Australia.
  27. McKibben’s climate math is too narrow and too broad, by David Schwartzman posted 7/24/2012 to Climate & Capitalism. PDF
  28. Change the System not the Climate pamphlet is produced by the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy & Socialism. PDF By the Climate Change Committee of CCDS, July 2014. Available in bulk from: Address: 220 E. 42nd St, (Room 407), New York, NY 10017 or email Because I want to see this widely read and distributed, I have included a PDF on this site. This statement emphasizes the science of climate change and strategies of Green Jobs, Green Energy and wide spread organizing.


References and citations used in the discussion on the "Katrina Model" (Will be combined and categorized further.)


A.    Left Proposals to deal with Climate Change (all left, except explicitly socialist perspectives):

  1. Manifesto On Global Economic Transitions, A Project of The International Forum on Globalization, The Institute For Policy Studies, Global Project on Economic Transitions, Sept. 2007. from International Forum on Globalization PDF

B.    Socialist Perspectives on Climate Change (those that use a socialist analysis on both cause and cure):

  1. The Debate Heats up, Transforming food into fuels [corn ethanol] is a monstrosity. Fidel Castro, May 10, 2007.
  2. The Tragedy Threatening our Species. Fidel Castro, May 8, 2007.
  3. It is Imperative to Immediately Carry out an Energy Revolution. Fidel Castro, May 1, 2007.
  4. An Ecosocialist Manifesto, By Joel Kovel and Michael Lowy (Sept 2001) Ecosocialist Manifesto 2nd Draft and easier to read version
  5. Social Change to Stop Climate Change, statement from Climate Change/Social Change conference, Sydney, Australia, April 24, 2008. Posted at

C.    Neo-liberal Responses to Climate Change (differentiated from left, system challengers proposals):

  1. Al Gore.
  2. Tony Blair warned “that the world will reach ‘catastrophic tipping points’ on climate change within 15 years, unless serious action is taken to tackle global warming ”at the EU summit in Lahti, Finland 10/20/2006.
  3. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Next President's First Task [A Manifesto], Vanity Fair, May 2008.
  4. U.S. Climate Change Science Program, "U.S. Already Affected by Warming" in "Report Details Effects of Climate Change Across U.S." by Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post, May 28, 2008. The research by the Agriculture Dept. was carried out by 38 scientists, researching thousands of papers.
  5. Tony Blair, Leading On Climate Change: How Action in Congress Can Move the World, The Washington Post, May 29, 2008.

D.   Global Corporate Responses to Climate Change (include government and military components of capitalism):

  1. UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - Feb 3, 2007
  2. Center for Naval Analysis - National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change, May 2014. National Security and the Threat of Climate Change.

E.    Climate Change Deniers (include primary institutions and trends):

Vaclav Klaus, President Czech Republic, Blue Planet in Green Shackles: What Is Endangered: Climate of Freedom, 2008. "The largest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy, and prosperity at the end of the 20th and at the beginning of the 21st century is no longer socialism. It is, instead, the ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism."

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