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Health Care as a Human Right
Training and Discussion to Prepare for May 1 Day of Action

Why: Because the health care crisis in this country has reached grave levels, and we, the poor of America, suffer the pain. Because we've seen our neighbors and family members die from sicknesses that could have been prevented by having access to quality health care. Because we have been made invisible for too long in this country, and it's time we united around the issues affecting our lives and made our presence and strength known.

Who: Members of Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, health care providers, and all others interested.

What: Workshops on how the health care system operates: the power that HMOs have in making decisions about what health care we receive, how HMOs are decreasing the quality of the health care we receive, and how the health care system in the U.S. compares to that of other countries. Discussions on how we as organizers can respond to and utilize the health care crisis we're experiencing. Planning/Training for carrying out an effective set of nationally coordinated actions around the issue of health care on May 1. The event will be directed toward those involved in the planning and leadership of your May 1 action.

When: April 5-7, 2002

Where: Philadelphia. Room and Board provided.

Contact: Cary Beckwith of the KWRU at 215-386-4665.