Documents referenced in Vietnam: Neglected Antecedents.

[Note: References to King of Anam and Cochin China, refer to what later became Viet Nam or Vietnam.]

# Item From/To/By Date(s) Contents Source Included
1. Vietnam: Neglected Antecedents By Ira Body Written up to about 1970. Includes: Background and brief biography of Ira Bodry, Introduction, Chapters 1 through 5 and 3 letters listed below. Typed manuscript. PDF and HTML versions.
2. Letter of the Consulate of the Unites States From J. Balestier, US Consul to Secretary of State, Washington. Singapore 6th April 1847

Received 7 Aug. 1847

Consul reports Mandarins' description of the 1845 attacks by the USS Constitution. Warns it leaves an unfavorable impression.

H070 Records of D.O.S. Consular Letters Records Dip Branch.

PDF Lettter

Letter from Consul Balestier

3. Letter of Credentials From Zachary Taylor President to the King of Anam Undated, but about 1949.. For Mr. John Balestier, US Counsel, Singapore Photocopy. Photocopy and full text.
4. Letter from Zachary TaylorLetter from President Zachary Taylor From President Zachary Taylor to King of Anam Aug. 16, 1849 President Taylor denies US responsibility for Percival's alleged acts and then threatens to militarily attack Vietnam.

Communications to Foreign Sovereigns and States, Vol. 2, pages 114-117. Dept. of State, Records Group 59, National Archives, Diplomatic Branch (photocopy)

ZT letter PDF

ZT letter DOC

Letter from President Zachary Taylor

Items referenced, but copies and full text not included yet.
5. Letters and Annexed Documents From Captain John Percival to the Secretary of the Navy May 1845 on . M125 413 rolls  
6. Tales For The Marines Harry Gringo (nom de plume of Henry Wise) Philips Samson & Co: Boston 1855 Lt. Wise    

USS Constitution Journal(s)

Midshipman Meriwether Patterson Jones 10 May: Off Touron, Cochin China.
12 May: Entered harbor.
14 May: Visited
19 May: Shore
20 May: Attack
26 May: Islands
27 May: Cannon
"Gallsa Han" Island. Fired 6 Paxihan shots, 2.7 lb., 4 lbs, shells raked the shore. Journals: M1030-16
Vol. 14, 1845
Vol. 13
Roll #16

USS Constitution Photos

Click for recent photo

Series of interesting photos from 1812 to 2006.

8. Midshipman Colevile Tennett (sp) Oct. 21, 1844 to Sept. 20, 1845 Maybe May 15-24 also. Reports firing on shore at local people who tried protecting their ships.
9. USS Constitution Log . 10-27 May, 1845 . Index: M1030-1
Log: M1030-4

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