Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 13:21:52 -0500
From: Joyce Dowling
Subject: Re: Thoughts on the Counter-Inauguration

At 2:37 PM 1/17/05 To:

As such, it is easy to forget or ignore that this President was just re-elected by a clear majority of our fellow countrymen, garnering something like 2.5 million more votes than Kerry. Most of us were rather shocked by this result....

Yes, many people were shocked for good reason - even early exit polls showed Kerry as winning. The data from those exit polls that predicted Kerry would win are still being used for other information as if it's truth. Why? Because exit polls usually are fairly valid. Is it possible the results weren't right and the majority really didn't vote for Bush?

Is it a coincidence that Diebold's CEO said he'd do anything to re-elect Bush and then produced voting machines for half the country?

Why didn't Kerry object? Could it be related to a pact with the Skull and Bones to which both Kerry & Bush are members?

Could all the information that's going around about how people support Bush and exit polls that "prove" this have to do with the media not doing their job and having a bias toward the president?

Who do you know voted for Bush? Why did they vote for him? Because they really like him and what his administration is doing or for some other reason?

Bush is being wined and dined by businesses supporting his campaign during this inauguration. Should there be no reminder that his policies are not supported by many in this country?

Bush gala has big donations pouring in Newsday, NY - Dec 28, 2004 ... going to raise some questions about spending money on ... They include businesses with an interest in the outcome ...,0,777280.story?coll=ny-leadnationalnews-headlines

Another way to protest

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