Why is it so hard to Prevent Crap From Happening?

by Walter Teague

Wanted to have a place to put some thoughts, which are not yet ready for a blog. - Updated: 01/18/2014

- Heroes we didn't hear about in school:

Nancy Cook. One of many woman who were really important and brave and contributed to the good things, or at least helped make the really bad stuff less. Like Helen Keller and Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Cook is one of many women who played a major role in US history, but whose best work and ideas are still hidden from Americans, especially students.


Helen Keller SocialistHelen Keller. To get people to consider if they have been lied to by the "Only in America" "Freest Press in the world" I ask them if they know "Why did Helen Keller work so hard to learn German?" Think about it. Usually people have no clue, so I give them one; Braille in America was mostly under the sway of religious groups. They may not like my assertion, but they hadn't thought about it. Then I slip in a little known fact that the deaf community has at least two different sign languages in the US; the signs they learned in school (again religiously dominated and conservative) and personal signs they use to communicate with each other when the nuns or whatever aren't watching. Ask a deaf friend to sign "giving birth" or "born" and see if they sign the approved way (Hand comes up and out from the stomach) or the real way (Hand sweeps down and out and then up from the crotch).

Answer to the German question: Social Science and materials on socialism were printed in braille only in Germany, and Helen wanted to know why deafness and blindness were more prevalent among the poor children. Of course when ever she tried to speak or write about her socialist ideas, she was opposed or "silenced." The ultimate silencing is the fact that while her language teacher is celebrated and every American child learns Helen was special, her true intelligence, ideas and aspirations were suppressed and hidden.

Read. Who Stole Helen Keller - The Socialist Legacy of Helen Keller - Helen Keller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- Who's a Socialist? Helen Keller! - Google Helen Keller Socialist. Why I became a Socialist.

Patriotic Treason

John Brown, and his family. What we did hear about him was mostly lies. But anyone of the many books about him and his historical contributions starts to correct this. But still it is hard to get past the propaganda. A good source of what he and his family were like, at least his sons, is Patriotic Treason: John Brown and the Soul of America by Evan Carton,

Racist Monument by Daughters of the Conferacy to

Confederate Memorial Movement: If you want to understand John Brown's role and legacy, it is important to also understand what happened in Harpers Ferry and around the US after the Civil War. The Confederacy continued to fight to maintain it's economic and social power during reconstruction and until this day. One of the lesser known elements was the Monument Movement. This movement was designed to establish racist "revisionist" propaganda monuments throughout the South and any other towns the could infect. One of the most ugly was the Heyward Shepherd Monument that still stands on a street in Harper's Ferry today.

Also check on the "Faithful Slave Committee." Really, that was their name and supposed focus.



- Recommended Readings:

Some documents from the anti-US War on Viet Nam movement in the 1960's and 70's.Reflections On The Way To The Gallows

Reflections On The Way To The Gallows: Rebel Women In Prewar Japan, Ed. Mikiso Hane. Oppressed in so many ways, these women and the men theybefriended were incredibly brave and struggled to live and make a difference mostly unknown to the rest of the world. I am so glad I stumbled upon this book and thank Mikiso Hane.

" 5.0 out of 5 stars A classic of global feminist history!, November 7, 2013 By Z.A. Mrefu (Atlanta, GA) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Reflections on the Way to the Gallows: Rebel Women in Prewar Japan (Paperback) Mikiso Hane's book is probably one of the most cited works on early-20th century Japanese feminism available in the English language. And with good reason! The stories of women like Kanno Sugako and Kaneko Fumiko are simultaneously tragic and inspiring. These anarchist women were heroic rebels who died for their principles. All feminists and revolutionaries today can learn something from their stories. I cannot recommend this book enough."



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Updated: 01/18/2014