List of April 17 - 22 Events

Subject:  April 17-22 DC Peace Events

       Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 12:09:33 -0400

      From: Carol Moore <>

        To:    David Adelman <>


Some of the events going on, FYI  If you wish further information on any of this, please call or visit the main web sites for each organizing group to get more details.

For big schedule of Colombia Mobilization April 19-22, call (202) 234-3440 or

Activist Alert - DC Events

.....Promises, film showing and Peace Cafe

  Date:       Wednesday, April 17

  Time:      7:00 pm

  Place:     Visions Cinema, Florida Ave. and 18th St., NW (Dupont Circle Metro, Red line)

                  A free screening of the film PROMISES at Visions Cinema and Bistro. Contact: followed by a Peace Cafe.


Nonviolence Discussion Group Meeting

  Date:       Thursday, April 18th

  Time:      6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

  Place:     Takoma Park Public Library, 5th & Cedar Streets, (Takoma Park Metro, Red line)

Continuing discussion of the 6 stages of a Gandhian campaign. Topic: “Stage 2: Public Education/Leadership Development, part 1” Suggested Readings: Barbara Fultz Martinez and Roberta    Weiner, “Guide to Public Relations,” In Lee Staples’ Roots to Power: A Manual for Grassroots Organizing and Gene Sharp, “The Politics of Nonviolent Action: The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action,” pp.473-475. The meeting is open to all, including new people. Contact: : To receive related announcements:


Globalization, US Militarism, and the Struggle for Justice in Palestine

  Date:       Friday, April 19th

                  Time: 12:00 - 6:00 pm

                  Place: American University’s Ward Building, Massachusetts Ave. & Ward Circle, NW Conference on current situation, the Palestinian struggle and the need to build solidarity in the US.


April 20 Mobilization March to Stop the War

  Date:       Saturday April 20

                  Time: 10:30a am

                  Place: Sylvan Theatre (SW side of Washington Monument, 14th & Independence Sts., NW (Federal Triangle Metro, Orange/Blue line)

                  Gather for Stop the War Rally (11:30 am). A dynamic mix of speakers and performers including Amber Amundson, Julia Beatty, Medea Benjamin, Phil Berrigan, Florio Cumpiano, Ron Daniels, Division X, Altaf Hussein, Kathy Kelly, Martin Luther King III, Hussein Ibish, Michael Ratner, David Rovics, Rev. Al Sharpton, Erica Smiley, and Brenda Stokely. March to the Capitol (1:00 pm) and join group below.\


[Note: War tax resisters and libertarians and others will have table here, and probably at end of march too. Get literature and antiwar/peace buttons there.]

National March on Washington, A.N.S.W.E.R.

  Date:       Saturday, April 20

                  Time: 11:00 a.m.

                  Place: White House, 16th St. & Constitution Ave., NW (on the Ellipse)

                  Assemble for march and rally at the Justice Department (9th St. & Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Navy/Archives Metro, Yellow line). Lots of hardcore noninterventionist speakers. Will later march to join A20 Stop the War rally at the Capitol (3rd St. & Independence Ave., SW).



Washington, DC - The Last Colony, A-20 March Contingent

  Date:       Saturday, April 20

                  Time: 10:00 am

                  Place: Washington Monument, NW Corner, 14th & Constitution, NW

                  Gather under a DC banner to join local groups making DC and our issues visible, as well as our opposition to the war. Groups include Black Voices for Peace, DC

                  Asians for Peace and Justice, DC Statehood/Green Party, Stand Up for Democracy, Washington Peace Center and more. We will step off with the march at 1:00 coming north from Sylvan Theater at 14th & Independence, NW. Contact: Washington Peace Center (202)234-2000 or


Palestinian Solidarity Feeder March

  Date:       Saturday, Apr. 20

                  Time: 11:OO am

                  Place: AIPAC Conference at the Washington Hilton, Connecticut and T Sts., NW

                  Gather and march to the Mobilization for Global Justice rally at the IMF/World Bank at 1:00 pm, continue to Freedom Plaza with MGJ to join the “Stop the War” mobilization march.


Colombia Solidarity Concert

  Date:       Saturday, April 20

                  Time: 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm (two shows)

                  Place: First Congregational Church, 925 G. St. NW (Metro Center or Gallery Place Metro. Yellow line)

                  Celebrate Colombia and our solidarity work to change U.S. policy. Performers include Colorado Sisters (Indigenous Zapatista theater duo), R.A.I. Nation (political rap), Pat Humphries and Sandy Opatow, Charlie King and Karen Brandow, Colleen Kattau and Jolie Rickman, David Rovics, Solstice, and Gina Young.  A fabulous line-up of singers and song-writers that will keep your energy flowing and your spirits flying. Donation. Contact: SOA Watch (202) 234-3440 or or Colleen at


Organizers Meeting for Iraq

  Date:       Saturday, April 20

                  Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm

                  Methodist Building Conference Room,100 Maryland Ave. NE (Union Station Metro, Red line)

                  Join EPIC and other local organizers concerned about US boycott and future plans for Iraq. Contact Mike Zmolek at( 301) 891-0605 or EPIC intern Sara Willi at (202) 543-6176.


DC Asians for Peace & Justice Meeting

  Date:       Saturday, April 20th

                  Time: 7:30 pm

                  Place: St. Stephen’s Church, 16th & Newton Sts., NW


A Gandhian Approach to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

  Date:       Sunday, April 21st

                  Time: 9:30 -10:45 am

                  Place: All Souls Church, 16th & Harvard Streets, NW (Columbia Heights Metro, Green line).

                  A discussion. Contact:


Militant Nonviolence: The Gandhian Approach

  Date:       Sunday, April 21st

                  Time: 1:30 - 2:45 pm

                  Place: Bunn Intercultural Center, Georgetown University, 36th & P Sts., NW

                  A workshop that will familiarize participants with how to organize a satyagraha campaign, the Gandhian approach to conflict.  Part of Capital Area Association for Peace Studies (CAAPS), 20002 Conference.



Sunday April 21st Columbia Mobilization Rally at Sylvan Theater...go to

Counter AIPAC Press Conference

  Date:       Monday, April 22nd

                  Time: 4:00 pm

                  Place: Washington Hilton, Connecticut Ave. & T St., NW (Dupont Circle Metro, Red line)

                  Creative Actions around AIPAC Conference will begin at 4:30pm  (AIPAC is American Israel Political Action Committee, 2nd strongest lobby in the nation that pretty much dictates US policy in MidEast)


Counter AIPAC Rally

  Date:       Monday, April 22nd

                  Time: 6:30 pm

                  Place: Washington Hilton, Connecticut Ave. & T St., NW (Dupont Circle Metro, Red line)

                  Gathering around Washington Hilton for rally/picketing


(May get rowdy since black bloc is coming so be careful and remember your peacekeeping techniques.)