Greetings All;

For demonstrators in the Marches and Rallys of the Weekend of April 20-22 -

A WELCOME CENTER has been established for Thursday and Friday -

The Josephine Butler Parks Center
2437 - 15th Street, NW

Thursday, April 18, 9am - 4pm
Friday, April 19, 9am - 9pm

The National Lawyers Guild/Legal Collective has been kind enough to offer us a special Legal Training which will include special attention to the issues facing non-citizens.

The Training will be at the end of the Mini-Conference at American University (which should be very interesting in itself):

WHERE: American University... SIS Building... Room 203
(SIS = School of International Service)
WHEN: Friday, April 19, 2002, 6-8pm

WRITTEN MATERIALS containing Legal Info for the demonstrations can be
downloaded from the website of the Guild/Collective:

Volunteers Needed by Action Center