Civil Liberties TEACH-IN: 12/11 7PM
at All Souls Church

The PATRIOT Act has already begun to steal our civil liberties. It is a complete ATTACK on our FREEDOMS, promoted in part by a racist president, attorney general, and an easily manipulated congress.

**Find out why we must organize to protect our rights - especially non-nationals like immigrants.

When: December 11th, 7pm
Where: All Souls Church, 16th & Harvard St., NW
METRO: Columbia Heights - Green Line
Sponsored By: DAWN - DC Anti-War Network & Black Voices for Peace

Hear and discuss the issues with speakers like:

Come prepared with questions, especially about our BIll of Rights. Why are there over 1000 people currently being detained with no due process and limited legal aid and contact with their familes??? Because now it's LEGAL! Most of those detained are Arab-Americans who have now replaced African-Americans for the honor of being the prime targets of racial profiling by law-enforcement officials.

These ATTACKS on our FREEDOMS must stop. Because if it can happen to anyone else, it can happen to YOU.

Find out more, contact the DC Anti-War Network at:
Phone. 202-777-2641 x6306