Subject: Racism, Globalization & Africa, Film & Discussion – Tues. Dec 4th.
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 00:43:59 -0800 (PST)
From: Eddie Becker <>

Dear Friends, Please pass this invite along to your network of e-mail pals. It should be a good show. Thanks, Eddie Becker

My dear Friends,

South African anti-apartheid leader and poet Dennis Brutus, presents two extraordinary documentary films by Ben Cashdan. For those in the know Cashdan’s films are “in the spirit of Michael Moore (Roger & Me) and Nick Broomfield’s (Tracking Down Maggie: The Unofficial Biography of Margaret Thatcher; The Leader, the Driver and the Driver's Wife) “London Mail and Guardian.”

Following the films Cashdan and Brutus will hold forth on a broad ranging discussion of the Durban Conference Against Racism, Reparations, Globalization and Africa.

One Show Only!!!!

Tuesday December 4th 7:30, at the Cada Vez Screening Room, Conference Center and Restaurant. 1438 U St NW, Just west of 14th & U. For a map see Map (nominal $4 donation requested) Parking: General Parking located at 1914 14th U & T St located right south side of 14th St 8am to 8pm Monday – Saturday Parking $5.00. Reeves Center (opposite Cada Vez underground parking) 7 pm to late 7 days week $3.00 - $5.00. Metro: 13th/U St U Street/Cardozo Green Line Metro Stop 2 blocks from Cada Vez.

1) APARTHEID GOLD AND REPARATIONS. Swiss Banks made billions selling South African gold under apartheid, financed Pretoria, despite sanctions, came to rescue PW Botha during the debt crisis, and is now being targeted by civil society to pay South Africa compensation for their actions over the past decades? Shot in South Africa and Switzerland. Made for Swiss TV (20 minute version)

2) GLOBALISATION AND AFRICA: WHICH SIDE ARE WE ON? This is a guerrilla-cinema-style compilation of clips, constantly evolving and presented interactively by the filmmaker. With clips of local struggles in the townships of South Africa and material from the Durban Anti-Racism Conference in September and the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this year, the film raises questions about the impact of globalization on ordinary South Africans. It also looks at the stance taken by ANC politicians – increasingly a part of those elite global institutions targeted by anti-globalization activists. Hear Thabo Mbeki on the anti-globalization protestors, George Soros on global economic injustice and Louis Michel (Belgium’s foreign minister and chair of the EU Presidency) on colonialism’s brighter si! de! Plus see Soweto activist Trevor Ngwane taking on Soros (in Davos) across a satellite link from the World Social Forum on Porto Alegre, Brazil. (50 mins roughly)

DENNIS BRUTUS is a highly respected activist whose tireless work for a non-racial South Africa got him shot in 1963 and an 18 month jail term where he spent time breaking stones with NELSON MANDELA,

BEN CASHDAN, was a documentary film maker for the BBC in Britain then moved to South Africa to help form the mass democratic movement which toppled apartheid in South Africa, former economic advisor in the office of President Nelson Mandela. After studying for a doctorate in economic geography at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Ben returned to making films in Johannesburg, South Africa. His five films on globalization and local struggles have been screened across Southern Africa, Europe and the US. His "Two Trevors go to Washington", now translated into 6 languages, follows the South African finance minister and a Soweto activist of the same name to the meetings and protests at the World Bank in Washington in April 2000. "Two Trevors" contains unique inside footage of the global economy's commanding heights and the protest movement which has emerged to fight those commanding heights. Ben's films make the link between local struggles over land, housing and basic services and the broader debates over economic policy and globalization. Ben's films include unique interviews with South African figures such as Mandela, Tutu, and Mbeki, as well as global players, such as financier George Soros and IMF MD Stanley Fischer.

Don't miss this first-hand update on the challenges of globalization and development in Africa from Dennis Brutus and filmmaker Ben Cashdan!