The bankruptcy of Enron is simply a striking example of how the
inherent evils of "cowboy capitalism" may be sowing the seeds of

As public trust of corporations slips amidst growing recognition
of the need for better government oversight, can progressives
use of this moment to advance needed reforms?

Plan to join with other activists at the Forum on Corporations
Wednesday, March 6, for a deep and broad roundtable discussion
of how different dimensions of the Enron scandal relate to
issues in corporate accounting and disclosure rules, deregulation
and privatization processes, campaign finance and corporate
lobbying, pension reform and other topics.

Forum co-sponsors will facilitate discussion of the current
of reform proposals and opportunities to mobilize public opinion
behind more substantial measures to limit unaccountable corporate


Forum on Corporations Steering Committee:
John Cavanagh, Institute for Policy Studies
Charlie Cray, Multinational Monitor
Ralph Estes, Stakeholder Alliance
Philip Mattera, Corporate Research Project
Peter O'Driscoll, Center of Concern