The Ruckus Society, Institute for Policy Studies,
Jobs with Justice & Global Exchange present:
September 14th to 18th, Middleburg VA (near Washington DC)
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 The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) will hold their next semi-annual meeting in late September... under siege. Social and economic justice activists, environmentalists, and people of conscience from around the world will be confronting these neo-colonial institutions in the belly of the beast-- Washington DC.

A five-day intensive training, Global Justice Action Camp will focus on building the links between global and local struggles and provide an unprecedented opportunity for activists and organizers to prepare for inspiring nonviolent direct action against the globalization of racism, imperialism, economic inequity and environmental degradation. In addition to our building block workshops in Nonviolence and Anti-racist Organizing, participants will be challenged to work collectively towards a common vision.  Global Justice Action Camp is an important opportunity for people in the US and around the world to dialogue about how our lives are impacted by corporate globalization and the policies of The World Bank and IMF.

Bringing the Global Home-Workshops by local organizers who are working on:-Immigration  -Welfare  -Prisons  -Health Care-Public Education  -Housing  -Labor  -Environmental Justice Voices from the Global South:Understanding Corporate Globalization- Topics including:-IMF/World Bank 101  -Environment, Human Rights, and Development-World Bank & Fossil Fuels  -Free Trade and Fast Track-AIDS and Public Health  -Structural Adjustment Programs-Debt & Dependency  -The US Government & Corporate Globalization "A to Z" Intensive Training Tracks - choose one:1) Nonviolent Direct Action(history, strategy, tactics and role-plays)2) Arts in Action (imagery creation, street theater, dance, banner-making)3) Activist Media (basic and advanced training in strategic communications)4) Grassroots Organizing (local & global struggles, World Bank Bonds Boycott) 
 ***NOTE: There will also be a special weekend "track" for those only able to attend Saturday and Sunday. Weekend participants will be enlightened by the same great teach-ins, participate in dynamic Nonviolence and Media trainings, and learn how they can best utilize their skills to "plug in" to the mobilization in DC. In addition, Action Camp is an opportunity for activists and organizers to find inspiration, rejuvenation and empowerment in the presence of so many others committed to building a just and sustainable future. We will provide a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere, with cultural events and a last-night celebration. We ask only a sliding-scale donation from those attending, though no one is turned away for lack of funds. Vegetarian food will be provided by the top-notch Ruckus field kitchen and participants will enjoy the beautiful, outdoor location.With support from: Mobilization for Global Justice, JustAct: Youth ACTion for Global JUSTice, United for a Fair Economy, Essential Action, 50 Years is Enough Network  
September 14th to 18th, Middleburg VA (near Washington DC)
To apply:  /  /  510-595-3442
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