Subject:  Register for Feb. 28 Conference on the Next Progressive Agenda

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 10:09:23 -0500 From:

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To:             Progressive leaders, activists, organizations, and individuals

From:        Campaign/Institute for America’s Future

Re:            The Next Agenda Conference


John Sweeney, Jesse Jackson, Paul Wellstone,

Jan Schakowsky, Julian Bond,

Patricia Ireland, George Becker


and other progressive leaders invite you to join activists, policy experts, Members of Congress and leaders of labor and citizen organizations at a national conference on

The Next Agenda
National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW
8:30 am to 10 pm

February 28, 2001


Conference presentations will include:

Jesse Jackson, Jan Schakowsky, John Sweeney on Strategies for Progressives

Heidi Hartmann on Economic Security for Women and Children

NAACP Board Chair Julian Bond on the Imperative of  Voting Reform

SEIU President Andrew Stern, Yale’s Ted Marmor, and Senator Paul Wellstone on Health Care for All.

Carl Pope on Green Growth: the Challenge and Opportunity of Global Warming

Jeff Faux on Responding to the Coming Economic Crisis

William Greider on the Global Economy.


We invite Americans who want to move our country Forward.

The Conference will feature discussion of a core progressive agenda that can help forge a new majority for significant reform. It will dissect the message of election 2000, highlight pressing economic and political reforms, and feature leading progressive legislators, citizen leaders and analysts.

The accidental presidency of George W. Bush presents progressives with a dual task: fighting against a new reaction while putting forth a clear vision and bold agenda for progressive reform.

George Bush may be in the White House, but he did not win this election.

The total vote for Vice President Al Gore and Green Party nominee Ralph Nader was 52%, the largest center left vote since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. As Senator Paul Wellstone notes, “this election confirms what we already knew:

progressive politics are winning politics. Health care, education, retirement security and broadening our prosperity are the issues foremost on voters’ minds. The challenge facing us now is to translate the dominance of our issues into a winning progressive agenda.

Also, at the conference the Campaign for America’s Future will release a new book: THE NEXT AGENDA: BLUEPRINT FOR A NEW PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT published by Westview Press.

Join us as we begin at the National Conference on the Next Agenda.

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