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The Bush administration is rushing towards war. The time to act is now. The people of the United States can stop this madness.

World public opinion and almost every government opposes Bush's planned war of aggression. But it will take a mass peoples' movement--in the streets, workplaces, communities, campuses and high schools--to stop the coming war.

On Saturday, October 26, 2002 -- the first anniversary of the signing of the so-called Patriot Act -- anti-war, civil rights, labor, student and other forces are joining together to launch a massive international mobilization in opposition to a new war against the people of Iraq. Mass marches and rallies will be held in Washington DC and San Francisco in the U.S., and in many other countries.

As the Bush administration violates international law it has been systematically engaged in a campaign of division and repression in the United States including a wholesale assault on the Bill of Rights, institutionalization of racial profiling, and aggregation of near dictatorial powers to the Executive branch.

In articulating the so-called doctrine of preemptive war, the Bush administration is preparing to violate all existing international law and the UN charter which forbids countries to carry out war except in the case of self-defense. Preemption is merely a slogan to justify a foreign policy of armed aggression and military adventure.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and company are planning to send tens of thousands of young GIs to kill and be killed in another war for Big Oil. Simultaneously, the Bush Administration is diverting billions of dollars to feed military conquest and away from jobs, education, healthcare, childcare and housing.

The so-called debate that is opening now to public view from within the political establishment presents a necessity for all anti-war forces to become a major factor in generating an authentic opposition to U.S. war plans in the Middle East. The October 26 National March in Washington DC and joint action in San Francisco come just one week before midterm Congressional elections.
There won't be a real national debate on a planned invasion of Iraq until the people are in the streets. We can't leave it to the military establishment to decide when and how they will go to war and to define the debate. We must tell Bush and his corporate and Big Oil patrons that we will not allow this to happen.

This war can be stopped. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and company can be stopped. But the essential element must be the mobilization of a massive new anti-war movement in the streets. We call for civilians and soldiers alike to exercise their political right to speak out against an illegal war. On October 26, there will be a National March in Washington DC, a West Coast march in San Francisco, and protests around the world.


*** To ENDORSE the Call to Action, go to http://www.internationalanswer.org/campaigns/o26/o26endorse.html#endo


- A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
- Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation
- National Lawyers Guild
- Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general
- Dr. Hans Christof von Sponek, former director of the UN Oil for Food Program
- Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Auxillary Bishop, Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit
- Rev. Graylan Hagler, Senior Minister, Plymouth Congregational Church
- Dorothy Day Catholic Worker
- IFCO/Pastors for Peace
- Free Palestine Alliance
- Muslim Student Association
- Partnership for Civil Justice - LDEF
- Mexico Solidarity Network
- Nicaragua Network
- Korea Truth Commission
- International Action Center
- Kensington Welfare Rights Union
- Middle East Children's Alliance
- Bayan USA-International

- San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO) - Howard Zinn, Peoples' Historian
- Mumia Abu-Jamal
- Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM)
- Kathy Kelly, Voices in the Wilderness*
- Black Voices for Peace
- Los Alamos Study Group, Santa Fe, NM
- Center for Constitutional Rights
- Committee in Support of the Iraqi People
- International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
- Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines (NISPOP) - Sudanese American Society
- Congress for Korean Reunification - U.S.A
- Campaign to End the Sanctions
- The Network of Arab-American Alumni & Professionals, NY, FL
- Chuck Turner, City Councilor, Boston, MA
- Dr. Pol De Vos, President of the Anti-Imperialist League, Belgium
- Jean McGuire, Executive Director, METCO*, Boston, MA
- College Voice, College of Staten Island, CUNY
- Michigan State University Students for Economic Justice
- Exploris Middle School United for Peace, NC
- Chico Peace and Justice Center/Chico Peaceworks
- Beloit College Womyn's Center
- Asian Americans for Justice in Palestine
- Campaign to End the Sanctions
- Gray Panthers Metro Washington
- Citizen Soldier
- Quest for Peace / Quixote Center
- Greens/Green Party USA
- Michigan Emergency Committee Against War in Iraq
- Committee to Protest War Against Iraq
- Mid-Hudson National People's Campaign
- The U.S. Greens Abroad
- Gloria La Riva, President, Typographical Sector, Northern California Media Workers Union*
- Leslie Feinberg, activist and author, NWU/UAW Local 1981*
- Harlem Tenants Council
- National Organization for Women at University of Houston
- Muslim Student Association at Syracuse University
- The Toronto Coalition Against War & Racism
- ADC Fresno, CA
- United Muslims of America
- Students for Social Change, Silver Spring, MD
- Bus Riders Union, Los Angeles, CA
- San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Challenge
- Pan-African News Wire, MI
- Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice, KS
- Conscience International, Atlanta, GA
- Queers for Racial & Economic Justice
- Indian Association of Lawyers, Bombay, India
- collectif YA BASTA, St Ouen, France
- Labor Committee for Peace and Justice (Bay Area) - I.L.W.U. Loc. 400, Vancouver, B.C. - NJ Independent Alliance
- Workers World Party
- Coastal Convergence Society of Huntington Beach, California - Columbia Solidarity Committee, Chicago, IL - The United Peoples
- Leftbooks.com
- Turnwind, AZ
- Vietnam Veterans Against The War Anti Imperialist National HQ
- The Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois/Fellowship of Reconciliation
- First Congregational Church, UCC
- WESPAC (Westchester People's Action Coalition) - Organization of Iranian People Fadaee Gurrillas, VA
- Columbus Campiagn for Arms Control/For Mother Earth, OH
- Olympia Movement for Justice & Peace, WA
- School of Americas Watch-San Jose
- People's Coalition Against War, Los Angeles, CA
- Falmouth Anti-war (Cape Cod) - The March For Justice
- The American League For Justice and Peace
- Outrage, NJ
- Whatcom Peace & Justice Center, Bellingham, WA
- Paramedics for Peace, NC
- Gay-Straight Alliance of the University of Wisconsin, Stevens, WI
- The Charlotte Fellowship of Reconciliation
- TEA Society (Society for Teaching Educational Activism), MO
- Australian ? Iraqi Friendship Association, Melbourne, Victoria
- Grandmothers for a Just World, NC
- Justice for Palestinians, CA
- Vets Against War
- Instant Anti-war Action Group, VT
- Rainbow Flags for Mumia - Indian Association of Lawyers
- Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America
- Women for Positive Change
- Mothers for Peace-International
- International Council for Peace and Justice
- Collier County Anti-War Coalition
- High Country Citizens for Peace and Justice
- Tri-City Peace Action
- El Dorado Peace & Justice Community
- Marin Peace & Justice Coalition
- Gray Panthers California
- Joliet Anti-Racist Action
- Parents for Peace
- People Against Oppression and War
- Ocean Beach Grassroots Organization
- Voices of Palestine
- Broward Anti-War Coalition (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
& many more!

For the growing list of endorsers, go to http://www.internationalanswer.org/campaigns/o26/endorsers.html

*** To ENDORSE the Call to Action, go to http://www.internationalanswer.org/campaigns/o26/o26endorse.html#endo


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