Saturday, February 16th, 7-10 PM
Kay Chapel, Center for Global Peace, American University

Challenges to the UN in Conflict Management, and a Preemptive Strike Using
the Peace Room.

Many ambassadors and other dignitaries may be in attendance.

Dr. Scott Jones, Founder and President of P.E.A.C.E. (Peace and Emergency
Action Coalition for Earth).
Dr. Anthony Arend, Professor of Government at Georgetown University

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tax-deductible donation of $20 is suggested, made to The Masters Group. 
No one is turned away for inability to pay.


The War Room has played its part in history as the core facility involved in
planning and executing combat operations.  Is it possible that the
institution of “Peace Rooms” could play a similar role in the articulation,
gaming, and execution of global and local peace strategies?

Dr. Scott Jones has had military experience as a combat carrier jet fighter
pilot, fifteen years in intelligence assignments, and War Room experience in
the Pentagon, in overseas major commands and in underground emergency
Command and Control sites.  He has taught political science and
international relations at the college and university level.  For six years
he was Special Assistant to Senator Claiborne Pell with responsibility to
identify from around the world leading edge consciousness research that
demonstrated maximum human potential.

He has used this experience base to coordinate the design of a global system
of Centers of Sustainable Peace and Development.  Each regional Center will
have a Peace Room at its core.  The Global Center for Sustainable Peace and
Development System will be a powerful new institute of peace.  This will use
proven military models that combine the most sophisticated computer,
communication and information age technologies.  Such a capability has never
previously existed.

This new global system will enhance the effectiveness of NGO field programs,
be of great assistance to global humanitarian operations, and support U.S.
peace activity in the field.  Some regional Centers will be associated with
universities, others will be independent entities.

Dr. Anthony Arend is Professor of Government at Georgetown University.  He
is also an adjunct professor of law at the Georgetown University Law Center.
  Dr. Arend has made numerous media appearances, including NBC’s The Today
Show, NBC’s Dateline, CNN’s Burden of Proof, CNN’s Talk Bank Live and a
variety of other international, national and local programs.

He will examine a series of tensions that confront the United Nations,
including: Domestic Jurisdiction v. International Jurisdiction, Neutralism
v. Partisanship; Reactivism v. Proactivism; Institutionalism v.
Non-Institutionalism; Globalism v. Regionalism; Rhetorical Commitment v.
”Real” Commitment.  He’ll then suggest some ways to address these tensions. 
These include:  Goals Formulation; Norm Development; and Institutional

What is the potential of a global system of regional Peace Rooms to address
the above tensions in the U.N. system and to meet the needs to establish and
maintain sustainable peace?  Come and listen.  We would like your
contribution in creating a proactive peace capability and to make it happen!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2002
Stayed tuned for more information about a major event on the mall in DC to
be held on 9/11/02. Peace Troubadour James Twyman and many other major
celebrities will be speaking and performing in an event called “United In
Peace,” featuring remembrance, caring and celebration. We are looking for
lots of volunteers now. Please contact Gerry Eitner at

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