The as yet unnamed:




Tuesday, October 23rd, 7-9pm, St. Stephen’s Auditorium, 16th and Newton.


Potential agenda items:

-Revisiting Points of Unity

-Envisioning Coalition’s Mission

-Endorsing Actions

-Working Group Reports

-Proposals (name of group, nonviolence proposal, etc.)


    FYI, this group is slowly coming together as a grass roots group. There are some problems dealing with a lot of old issues and brand new peace activists, but they are being worked out. We expect a good 50-75 activists to be there—plus all of you!!  To get on the announce list email

    Below are selections from minutes of last meeting of greatest general interest: General Meeting Notes - DC Area Peace Coalition in Formation Saturday, October 13, 2001 Carol Moore, note taker


1. PROCESS:  Last week decided a 90% vote could close discussion and 80% vote would be necessary to pass a proposal.  (In both last week’s meeting, and again today, it was clarified and agreed, though not officially voted upon, that abstentions were not counted as part of the vote, though they could be recorded.)


     Facilitators had listed the following points of Unity proposed at last meeting and suggested we see how much support they had, without any discussion or amendment.  (Note: to be further discussed, decided on at Tues meeting.)

    1.  We oppose military intervention and war Vote: Yes 32; No 2  PASSED

    2.   We oppose anti-Arab, anti-immigrant and all forms of racial and religious violence and bigotry  Vote: Yes 31; No 3  PASSED

    3.   We stand in defense of civil liberties Vote: Yes 33; No 0  PASSED

    4.    We mourn the victims and condemn the attacks of 9-11    Vote:  Yes 31; No 2 PASSED

    5.     We seek global peace through economic and social justice  Vote:  Yes 23; No 4; Abstain 4 FAILED

    6.    Justice not vengeance: bring the perpetrators to justice through established principles of international law    Vote: Yes 15; No 13; Abstain 3  FAILED

    7.    U.S.out of the Middle East  Vote:  Yes, 6; No, 17; Abstain 8 FAILED

    8.    No cuts in domestic social spending for the war budget   Vote: Yes, 26; No, 2; Abstain, 6 PASSED (Note: several working groups already formed.)


*Letter to United Nations with plan for Bin Laden surrender *Anti-War Voices protesting Sun Am TV shows (as was done successfully in 1998 & 1999)

*Make sure $ gets to veterans &Neighborhood leafleting this Sunday 2:00 pm. Meet at Anacostia metro

*Leaflet Congress and the White House (even with home made leaflets) to show there are anti-war protesters

*NIT Story (?)

*Protest where we all dress in white, be silent

*Public discussion/panel on peaceful alternatives to government’s bombing

*Protest the Media Conglomerates

*Weekly vigil (NOTE: there are ongoing White House


Vigils at Noon and 5 PM at White House, plus drummers there much of the time)


*Wear home-made sandwich signs with with peace messages around metro and around town (one person doing it is getting more and more good responses.)

*Protest at the Dept of Justice vs.the new Anti-Terrorism law that broadens definition of terrorism, deprives immigrants of rights and allows US to spy on protesters *Attend Black Community National Dialogue: War, Terrorism & Peace (Tues 10-16, 6:30-9:30 pm, Howard Univ School of Law, Moot Court Room Auditorium, 2900 Van Ness St NW near Van Ness/UDC redline stoop)

*Street Theater Die-Ins

*Sat. 10/20 Peace Parade.  1:00 pm Start Grant Circle (3 blocks North GA Ave/Petworth on Green Line) and march to Sherman Circle (KS Ave and 5th St NW) Organized by Youth Leadership  202-882-8677

*Sat. 10/20 6-8 pm  War, Peace & USA  All Souls Church 16th & Harvard, discussions, open mic, poetry, music. Sponsored by WBAI radio in exile and Independent Media Center *Wednesday, October 24 - National Call-In Day for Peace and Justice. Call the White House Comment Line (202) 456-1111; the Secretary of State (202) 647-6575; or your congressional representative, if you do not live in the District of Columbia

*Sat. 10/27  Stop War & End Racism, day of coordinated activities organized by