First planning meeting for "The People's Repo:

...Taking back our homes, taking back our communities" featuring Days of Action, Action Training and Issue Workshops. A primary focus of the weekend will be on urban squatting; illustrating the correlation between gentrification, the stockpiles of abandoned buildings in many US cities, and increasing homelessness. Other focus ideas include land struggles around the world, the role of the World Bank / IMF and WTO in global corporate control, the growing prison industrial complex, the criminalization of poverty and homelessness, rent strikes, and tenant rights issues.

The People's Repo will take place September 21-24, 2001. The planning meeting is 3:30 pm at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library, Room A-5, 9th and G Streets NW.

More information: or 202-737-6444 #24. E-mail or call if you are interested in sponsoring The People's Repo, sharing skills, presenting workshops, or organizing in your area for the event. Sponsored by DC Homes Not Jails