Friday, June 21
7:00 pm
DC Indymedia Center, 2329 Champlain St., NW

Shoddy Puppet Company & Ramshackle Enterprises present: PUPPETRY PALINDROME "An Absurd Array of Tabletop Theatrics and Cardboard Capers for a Reversible World." Includes: "TWO AND A HALF THOUGHTS ON PELICANS" by Beth Nixon-Drowning in a sea of information, a woman is lifted aloft in the pouch of a giant avian and given a bird's-eye view of our planet and all its fishy details (puppets and cantastoria). "THE PLANE" by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews-Winged machines from afar descend upon unsuspecting civilizations, carrying strange cargo in a surrealistic ballet of two-dimensional globalization (toy theater). "AMORAL AROMA" by Beth Nixon-Meet the Gambler Who Won A Pig, the Woman With No House, the Brother That Can Hear and the Drycleaner Who Doesn't Care in the giant waiting room of Dr. Awkward and his healing palindromes (hand-puppetry). Morgan and Beth have each been using puppetry as a tool for community organizing for the past four years. Their work has been showcased at the Puppetropolis International Festival in Chicago, the Black Sheep Festival in Pittsburgh and at the Bread & Puppet Theater in Vermont. Last summer they helped to organize Puppetual Motion - a collective of puppeteers and circus performers that tour by bicycle, performing at farms, colleges and activist events, like the Tour For Cure AIDS Ride, and assorted rallies up and down the East Coast. Beth recently corralled an entire town into a giant puppet pageant in Yaak Valley, Montana, while Morgan was sharing his puppetista tactics with young upstarts around Brazil. Both reside in Philadelphia where they occasionally build parades with Spiral Q Puppet Theater and curate a quarterly cabaret called the Puppet Uprising.
$5.00 donation at door to benefit the DCIMC. Party to follow with 2 bands. Contact: (215)729-2809 or