Reports on the Actions, Arrests and Prisoners in Philadelphia & LA

We will post significant reports of the situation in Philadelpha. You can sign up for the July 30 Philadelphia list and get much more. [Visit to sign up for the July 30 in Philly list. It is worth the trouble of signing up.]

Democratic Conventions Protests Redefine Movement, End On a High Note - 8/18/2000

Media Briefing - 8/9/2000

Philly Update & Some Reflections on Philadelphia by Leslie Cagen - 8/15/2000

Police on a Rampage by Jim Smith - 8/15/2000

Police Riots 8/16/2000 In the Globe and Mail

Police Tactics of Repression!

Tent City in Seattle needs help - 8/10/2000

Why We Fight!

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