Toward a New Palestinian Strategy:




After decades of brutal military occupation, Palestine is facing its gravest crisis. The cycle of violence continues to accelerate bringing

suffering to Palestinians and Israelis. At the same time, the grip of the occupation has heightened, crushing Palestinian lives and hopes

for the future.

Those who care about Palestinian rights and a just and lasting peace are compelled to action. And so we are convening a national town

meeting at American University on March 10, 2002, to discuss the role people can play, here in the U.S., to be of assistance to our

Palestinian brothers and sisters and to the cause of a just and lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace. The meeting will be held from 12:00 p.m.

to 5:00 p.m. in Ward building 1 and 5 at American University.

A strategy to build an American movement for peace and justice will be discussed. Topics will include:

Join us.

For more information or if your organization would like to sponsor the meeting, contact:

The Arab American Institute (202) 429-9210 Lamece Baligh <>

Non-Violence International (202) 244-6410 Margarita Pareja-Stoyell

Palestine Media Watch