Every major industrial nation

provides health care for all its people!

Why can't the US?


The Washington Post ignores the issue and would not publish Abe Bloom's letter:

Letters to the Editor
Washington Post
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Washington, D.C. 20071

            At the recent Town Meeting in New Hampshire where Democratic Party presidential candidates Gore and Bradley presented their views on issues, some important questions were raised which have not been properly discussed.

            Gore criticized Bradley's Health Plan which would insure 95% of U.S. residents at a cost of $65 Billion as too expensive, one that this country could not afford.

            A question for the Vice President; How can every major industrialized nation provide Health Care for all its people while the U.S. cannot afford it? What is their secret? Wouldn't it be a useful project to find out? We believe the same question could be addressed to Sen. Bradley. As for our political commentators, if they investigated this matter they might be able to ask the candidates some very interesting questions.


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