Subject: [IAC-DC] Demonstrate against the bombing of Iraq
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 03:49:46 -0000

Demonstrate against the criminal U.S./British bombing of Baghdad

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2001 5:00 pm at the White House, 16th Street and Pennsylvania Ave NW (on the White House sidewalk)

Call 703-524-6016 for more information

Simultaneous demonstrations will be held in New York, Boston, Baltimore and other cities by the International Action Center.


According to the Associated Press and other news sources, U.S. planes bombed south of Baghdad at approximately 1:55 pm EST Friday (8:55 pm in Iraq).

While this bombing of Baghdad was dramatic, catching the world's attention and demonstrating the aggressive nature of the Bush administration, the fact is that since December 1998 (when the U.S. bombed Iraq for four straight days in so-called Operation Desert Fox), the U.S. has dropped nearly 20,000 bombs and missiles on Iraq. These bombings are always said to be hitting antiaircraft, but have hit a water reservoir, hospitals and schools.

Hundreds, in not thousands, of Iraqis died from these bombings. And even when there's no bombing, 5,000 Iraq children die each month as a direct result of the U.S.-led UN sanctions.

This Bush administration is clearly following in the footsteps of the previous two administrations, those of Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr.

This attack has been timed to coincide with Secretary of State Colin Powell's visit to several countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Powell has stated that he intends to tighten the now-crumbling sanctions regime.

This bombing is also a message to the Arab World that the U.S. supports the election of the right-wing war criminal Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister of Israel.

The combination of the genocidal sanctions against Iraq, the continuing U.S.-funded and backed Israeli repression of the Palestinians and the massive U.S. military occupation of the entire Gulf region has greatly heightened anti-imperialist sentiment throughout the region.

This attack comes at a time when the issue of the continuing genocidal sanctions has developed into a crisis for the incoming Bush administration. Last week, the New York Times for the first time proposed a relaxation of the sanctions. This unprovoked attack is an attempt to galvanize public opinion in the U.S. and around the world to maintain the murderous sanctions and step up the war against the Iraqi people.