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9 February 2001

Dear Friends:
Your group is cordially invited to cosponsor the 16th Annual Peace and
Justice Conference. Entitled "Peace and Justice in the 21st Century,"
it will be held on Saturday, May 12th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the
River Road Unitarian Church in Bethesda, Maryland.
Your group's cosponsorship can range anywhere from a monetary donation
to moral support, i.e., in name only. Please see attached form for the
list of possibilities. A list of all cosponsors will be published in
the brochure and in other publicity announcements. Your group is also
invited to have a literature table at no cost where you can disseminate
information, sell appropriate material and attract new members and
Workshops that have been arranged so far are: Star Wars/Missile
Defense, Peace in Palestine/Middle East, Colombia (another Vietnam?),
and Chiapas. We are working on obtaining a speaker on Voting Rights (in
light of what happened in the presidential election).
The format will be the same as in past years, with a panel discussion
(or possibly a keynote speaker) in the morning, followed by the four
networking sessions on Peace, Justice/Human Rights, Environment, and
Youth, in which representatives of your group can update others on your
group's issues/activities. After a vegetarian lunch, we will have the
presentation of the Fred Benjamin Peace Awards. The afternoon will
include the workshops and a brief closing ceremony. The Annual Business
meeting for Maryland United for Peace and Justice members will end the
day, with the election of new officers and discussion of any resolutions
presented during the day.
We hope that your group will be able to support this important endeavor
in any way that you can, e.g., by publicizing the conference to your
members in one of your mailings. It is only with your help that we are
able to continue to hold this conference year after year. And, in light
of the next four years, it is vitally important that we unify ourselves
now and get our message out.
For peace and justice,

Paulette Hammond
Carol Solomon
For the Conference Organizing Committee

MUPJ/IPA Peace Conference Co-Sponsorship

Please fill out this form and mail to MUPJ Inc., 327 E. 25th Street,
Baltimore, Maryland 21218, by March 10, 2001 to have your group's name
printed in the conference brochure. All co-sponsors will also be
listed in the program which will be distributed the day of the
conference, as well as in the summer issue of the MUPJ newsletter.

_____ Yes! We would like to co-sponsor MUPJ/IPA's Fifteenth Annual Peace
Conference on May 12, 2001 at River Road Unitarian Church in Bethesda.

_____ We would like to have a literature table at the conference. (Note
-- there is no charge for this and tables will be available; however, at
least one person at each table must be a conference registrant.)

_____ We would like to make a donation of _______ to help defray the
cost of the conference. Enclosed is a check made out to "MUPJ/IPA".

_____ We would like to distribute the conference brochure to our
members. Please send _____ (number of brochures) to the person named
below. The brochures will be available approximately March 17 for
mailing to you.

_____ We will be able to help copy materials or help with the brochure
mailing or packet preparation. Contact us about it.

_____ We would like more information about other ways we can help.
Contact us.

Other (please specify)________________________________________

Name of organization (as you would like to be listed in the brochure):


Contact person:



Phone number(s):