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We thought Nation readers might be interested in hearing about a couple of upcoming conferences that have both become venerable annual meeting places for important parts of the progressive community:


April 13 - 15, New York City

Now in its 19th year, the S.S. Conf has become the longest-standing and largest annual gathering of the U.S. left.  Two days of more than sixty panels will feature leading activists and thinkers debating a wide-range of charged political and cultural issues. The Conference will take place this weekend at Cooper Union in downtown Manhattan. Speakers include Naomi Klein, Eric Schlosser, Ellen Willis, Cornel West, Boris Kagarlitsky, Robert McChesney, Paul Buhle, Barbara Ehrenreich and Manning Marable, among many others. There will also be a special session in honor of The Nation’s late Europe Correspondent Daniel Singer at 10:00 AM on Saturday, April 14, featuring Victor Navasky, Frances Fox Piven and Harry Magdoff.

For ticket information and directions, please call 212-817-7868 or go to


April 20-22, Detroit

No one knows how deep or long the current recession will be, but it raises the same questions for union members as the last slump did: Do concessions save jobs? Are strikes hopeless? The upcoming Labor Notes Conference in Detroit will be the first opportunity for large numbers of union activists to discuss the new context: a deteriorating economy and a colder political climate.

Labor Notes, a 22-year-old monthly, was one of the first labor

organizations to take on concessions, with a conference in the early 1980s

and a book, “Concessions and How to Beat Them” soon thereafter. This

year’s conference will look at ways to avoid the mistakes of those years

and ally with the movement for global justice. Speakers include Ken Riley

of the Charleston 5 dockworkers, framed on felony riot charges for

picketing scab labor; Sandy Ellis, a leader of a nurses’ strike against

mandatory overtime; Meredith Schaffer, leader of the successful organizing

drive at Powell’s Books; and speakers from Brazil, Bolivia, Sri Lanka and

Colombia. For ticket information and directions, please call 313-842-6262

or go to

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Associate Publisher, The Nation

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