Some of Walter's Stuff!

  1. A sword once drawn...! - 2/3/2003
  2. A wonderful woman leaves us much too soon. 12/9/2010Walter Teague 05-20-2006.
  3. Anti-War Marches - from the past.
  4. Anti-War Thoughts...
  5. As the US press wondered if Fidel wasn't dead already - 8/1/2006
  6. Contact Walter
  7. Global Warming or Climate Catastrophe? - 10/2/2006
  8. More on the Plan - 8/6/2006
  9. On Katrina - 8/5/2005'
  10. On the Coming Global Warming Catastrophe
  11. Social Support Groups Walter facilitates for DateAble
  12. Social Services in MD, DC and VA A work in progress.
  13. Social Workers and others - 11/15/2003
  14. Some Angry Thoughts - 3/11/1991
  15. Update on why we need a call from the Left - 9/21/2006
  16. Vietnam - Neglected Antecedents
  17. Walter's General Cuba Photos 2002 to 2007
  18. Walter's Vietnam Events
  19. Where is the Plan to Stop the Global Warming Catastrophe - and why we will fail without one! 8/6/06
  20. Why did they choose global war over dealing with the causes of "terrorism" 11/14/03
  21. Why is it so hard to Prevent Crap From Happening? 1/31/2013 on...
  22. Why is there no call to PREVENT the coming Climate Change Catastrophe? 11/7/06
  23. Some suggestions on the strange case of US agent imprisoned in Cuba, Alan Gross.

Video: Documentary and Interviews.

  1. 1969 Film Showing of Vietnamese films in NYC. Walter interviewed.
  2. 2012 Series "Who Rules America" Episode 3 by Danny Schechter. Walter interviewed at 15:49 and 17:40.
  3. 1967 Anti-war Demonstration in New York City. Walter's Committee shown briefly at 0:50.
  4. 1967 Anti-War Demonstration at the Pentagon.
  5. Why is it so hard to change some things.

Personal - Family Photos and Events. May Require ID and Password.

  1. Class of '54 Reunion, Tarrytown, NY The user name is the school acronym, the password is the items - all in lowercase.
  2. July 1, 2000 Family Reunion The user name is the family, the password is the items - all in lowercase.
  3. Sinan Soc, A wonderful woman leaves us much too soon. 12/9/2010.
  4. Thanksgiving The user name was the hosts, the password was the event - all in lowercase.
  5. Walter in Cuba June, 2003

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