Pentagon Demonstration against the US War on Vietnam, October 21, 1967 - Confront the Warmakers

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Background, include developing changes in anti-war movement, prior demos.

CANLF, invited Nguyen Van Luy to speak at the Pentagon Demonstration,

Critique on Norman Mailer's "Armies of the Night" by Walter Teague. [Will be posted shortly. WT]

VPOP 2015-05-1,2 and VPCC 2017-10-21

Photos and relevant links.

Photos of the Revolutionary Contingent gathering at the Lincoln Memorial and marching to the Pentagon, October 21, 1967.

Video of the Pentagon Demonstration

Follow up events commemorating the 1967 demonstration and opposing the Pentagon's continuing efforts to re-write the history of the U.S. War Against Vietnam to hide the U.S. war crimes and denigrate the anti-war movement. See Items 13. and 14. on the Anti-War page.

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By Walter Teague

Updated: November 3, 2017