Demonstrations Against War and for Peace

...And More To Come!

Demonstrations around the US
March 16, 2005...

Demonstrations on March 17 & 18, 2005


Check out these sites for information on the 2005 Counter Inaugural.

ANSWER - Counter-Inaugural -DC Anti-War Network -DC Inauguration Media Coalition - DC Cluster Spokescouncil - Some description - Independent Media - DC-INDY Media - Not One Damn Dime Day - Announcement.- Turn Your Back on Bush

Counter Inaugural


Protests in Many Cities!

Hundreds of thousands protest RNC and Bush in NYC on 8-29-04



Military Families Speak Out!

Hightower gives Lowdown on November 2003 NAFTA demonstrations in Miami

200,000 New Yorkers March on 3-22-03
(According to NYTimes, CNN, etc.)

On 3-22-03, the protests continued around the world
and in hundred of US cities.
In New York, 100,000 marched on 3-22-03.

3/19/03 - The US War Against Iraq has Started!
The demonstrations are world wide!

10's of thousands march, over 1000 arrested in SF on 3/20/03

"stolen in the night by bulldozers"

On March 16, 2003, Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American college student and peace activist from Olympia, Washington was murderously crushed under the tracks of a 60-ton American made Caterpillar bulldozer driven by an Israeli soldier while he was demolishing the Rafah home of Palestinian Dr. Samir Nasrallah in the Gaza Strip. [From]

A Letter from the Palestinian Embassador to Cuba


Anti-Capitalist Pirate Feeder March, by Mike Flugennock

Some Links to more photos of 3-15-03[Some of these take a while to download]


Stories: Autonomous direct-action against the World Bank | A Personal Account & Photos | Another personal account, with photos | Signs and Quotes | Who was in DC? (Unscientific survey) |
Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ("Statue of Liberty") | 6 ("Demonstrator Vs. Motorcycle Cop") | 7 | 8 ("Children for Peace") | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 ("Peace brings new friends") | 14 | 15 ("The Presence of Fascism") | 16
Video: USA Says "No War" in Washington, DC (RealVideo, 56k/isdn, Length: 09:14)
Breaking News Archive

Some photos of 3-15-03 Demo in DC
Some more photos of 3-15-03

3/1/03 First day of Spring brought a Peace Victory:

Turkey's Parliament Rejects U.S.!
95 % of Turks Say NO!
Fake $30 Billion, U.S. Bribe Rejected!
Thousands of US Troops must go elsewhere!

See the Wash. Post Article

Millions demonstrate for Peace

- Say No To War In Iraq!
- Defend Civil Liberties
- No To INS Roundups
- Fund Human Needs
At Home and Abroad

January 13-20, 2003 - Photos...

Protesting Poverty
at the Olympics
Utah's IMC
Peace Demonstration in Wash. DC on 9/30/01
Washington Peace Center

9-11-01 Memorial in NYC

9-30-01 Demonstrations

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More links to photos of the Feb. 15-17, 2003, Millions Demonstrating Around the world

Anti War Protests 2002-2003
And there are so many more! Try a Google search! Photos
East Timorese People Demonstrate!
A Quaker Peace Links page Guess they got the jump of most of us!
White Overalls Movement - Libertarians against the War!
The Left-Right Bloq Opposing an Invasion of Iraq Some useful links.
Pictures of Anti-War Protests from around the World Stop the War Coalition - UK
February 15, 2003 - World Day of Protest
List of Actions in Canada
Article summarizing the demonstrations
United for Peace
No War On Iraq!
Very Slow to Load, but excellent photos!
Photos of the 15th (Slow to Load) A Faster page Similar Photos of the 15th.
There are hundreds of local organizing sites such as Penn Faculty & Staff Against War on Iraq!
Let me know if you have some good ones to add...