[Posted to Portside 9/3/04]

Some thoughts on where we are!

From: Sandra Lupien Re: Prime-time Republicans are Hard to Take [See http://lists.portside.org -- Portside Moderator]

Thanks to Hugh Pearson for bringing up a point which everyone everywhere should be discussing at every opportunity: the U.S. government's uncanny resemblance to a fascist regime.

Of course such a comparison sounds extreme. Even the most left-leaning liberal with the most acute awareness of the overabundance of power that has been taken by government in this country isn't willing to admit that the ideal of freedom, on which this country was supposedly founded, is just that: an ideal. Printed in an appealing font and appearing on your television screen against the backdrop of a rippling image of the stars and stripes.

And the more the government talks to us about freedom, the more the government emphasizes the value of freedom, the more of our freedoms it takes away.

None of us is eager to admit that we are living under the beginnings of fascism, let along to admit that things have moved well beyond the beginnings. No one wants to admit that she's not in control.

But, really, aren't we now living under a fascist regime?

How long has this been going on?

Surely the media has been cooperating with the government since well before the Bush administration weaseled its way into office. And media cooperation is a -- if not the -- key component to a successful totalitarianism.

Unapologetically lying about evidence on which the decision to attack another nation is an obviously fascist thing to do, and easy for liberals to attack because the people responsible for doing so belong to a group called Republicans. But without our having lived in denial for quite awhile, without our having looked the other way as we were fed lies throughout the Clinton administration, it wouldn't be possible for the American public to excuse the brazen displays of fascism now exhibited by the Bush administration.

Somehow the government has gotten us so used to being lied to, we now accept it is a necessary way of life. As long as we're told we still have our freedom, it's as if it doesn't really matter whether or not we actually do.

And let's face it: we're losing more and more of it each way.

So, let's get clear on what we're really fighting here. We're not so much fighting one guy, or a bunch of guys who currently have power. Let's admit that we have a problem much larger than that.

The problem is that the United States government shares little with the public, makes decisions in that public's name without providing the facts, and without its blessing. It then uses the money and life breath of that public to enact those same decisions, and as a reward, it takes away that public's fundamental liberties and insinuates itself into the public's private lives.

This is a big deal.

Having admitted to having a big, big problem, having admitted that we're losing control, the next important step to fighting to regain control, is to name the problem. Let's call it...

Fascist Government.

Try saying it... "Fascist Government."

"Fascist Government."

Say it often, say it loudly, say it publicly.

The only way to stop our "leaders" from continuing to build this totalitarian system is to call them on it. Let them know we're onto them.

Fascist Government.

Sandra Lupien
Oakland, CA