(Update to D.C. in Violation! )

Posted by David Schwartzman on January 07, 2000 at 12:45:58:

Included among the challenges we face this year:

  1. Providing health coverage for all in DC by a single-payer system.
  2. Restoring and expanding the so-called safety net to bring all our residents and especially our children out of poverty, and
  3. Restructuring the local DC tax code to make it truly progressive, while generating essential revenue by increasing the rates on the wealthy (those in the $200,000 and over bracket now have a taxable income of $5 billion!).

As the Tax and Budget Coordinator of DC Statehood Green Party, I am working to put together just such a tax proposal. Please join our efforts by working with our Tax and Budget Committee. In addition, the following three important initiatives should be on the coming legislative agenda of the District City Council:

  1. Providing Interim Disability Assistance for DC residents, replacing GPA (Sandy Allen just introduced a bill): contact T.J. Sutcliffe (SOME), 797-1764.
  2. DC Campaign for a District Earned Income Tax credit: meeting at
  3. 4:30pm, Jan.13 at Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless (WLCH) (6th floor, 1800 Mass. Ave NW) (A local EITC would reduce taxes for low/moderate income families, give money back to those below the federal poverty line); contact Sczerina Perot, WLCH, 872-0083
  4. The Welfare Advocates Group's Agenda for strengthening the transition from welfare to work by using TANF surplus and other funds to provide essential support for child care, education etc.; contact Sczerina Perot, WLCH, 872-0083

All welcome individual and group sponsors. The DC Statehood Green Party has endorsed all three initiatives.

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