Addition to the bylaws on Chapter Names.

We propose that local chapters not be told what to name themselves. They can and should refer to themselves as chapters of the CofC, but as had been recognized on many occasions, local organizers do use various names for their local work and can add to or follow "CofC" with relevant and beneficial descriptions of their group which aid in their local efforts. Just as local groups freely name a newsletter or title a leaflet or local project as they think best, so too they can and should use titles that help them better organize. If they use a name that somehow can be shown to harm the work of other chapters, that would be an offense worthy of corrective action.

Currently, chapters add to or precede CofC with descriptive names such as:

Lower East Side Chapter NY Committees of Correspondence
Metro DC Committees of Correspondence (We have not used CofC of DC/MD/VA as too cumbersome).

As examples, such names might be:

People for Economic, Social and Political Justice, CofC PESPJ-CofC
Metro DC for Justice, CofC MDCJ-CofC
For Progress and Justice in Washington, CofC FPJW-CofC
Metro DC for a Democratic and Socialist Future, CofC MDCDSF-CofC
Progress and Justice in Metro DC, CofC PJMDC-CofC
Social, Economic and Political Justice in Metro DC, CofC SEPJMDC-CofC
Justice for All in Metro DC, CofC JAMDC-CofC

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