On Feb. 15-17, 2003, Millions Demonstrated Around the world

To Stop the US from Launching a War on Iraq.

Here are some of the hundreds of demonstrations in the USA...

Anchorage Alaska (14,114 bytes) 10,000 in Austin, Texas (69,876 bytes) 6000 in Chicago, Illinois (24,376 bytes) Davenport (13,967 bytes) 2000 in Detroit, Michigan (27,631 bytes)
Durham (28,512 bytes) 3000 in Houston (police estimate: 5000), Texas (11,467 bytes) 1500 in Lansing (4000-5000 reported by attendee), Michigan (64,970 bytes) 100 in Las Vegas, Nevada (14,144 bytes) 30,000-100,000 in Hollywood (Los Angeles), California (32,569 bytes)
500,000 in New York City, New York (31,970 bytes) 10,000 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (34,439 bytes) 10,000 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (31,305 bytes) 4000-7000, Sacremento, California (28,480 bytes) 4500 in Santa Fe, New Mexico (26,385 bytes)
250,000 in San Francisco, California (75,169 bytes) 60,000-75,000 in Seattle, Washington (42,696 bytes)
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Millions demonstrated around the world... ------ (And here are photos by Country!)


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Let me know if you have some good ones to add... wteague@redandgreen.org