What happened with the votes?
First there were the Ballots:
Most of the media gives support to those who criticize the confused voters of Palm Beach County ballot by not explaining what they actually found once they got in the voting booth. There, the ballots looked different, were slanted back, with the holes no longer lining up. The media's examples are usually much clearer and easier to understand than what was in the booths. Here are some relatively accurate examples, including photos of the Sample Ballot and voting booth version. Not only were the instructions in the sample ballot wrong, but the butterfly ballot violated county law by having Buchanan's hole in 2nd place and Gore's in 3rd.. 
Check out the Butterfly Ballot.....     And the Chad and Dimples

Then there were the Protests:

Photos of Early Revote Protests in Florida!

Protest Planned all around the country! "If election "irregularities" in one state are allowed to invalidate the nation's popular vote, then democracy is in real trouble. Protest were planned for Saturday 11/11 onward using the message board and other resources. Response has been enormous. Protests occurred in many cities! Protest, call friends and your local media. The national popular vote must be respected. There are numerous constitutional ways that could happen. The pundits are just waiting to see whether we, the people, insist on it."
Some updates on local demonstrations!

Then there was the confusion:
On 11/12/2000 Palm Beach County called for hand recount of all their ballots. The Republicans stalled. After staying the certifications 11/21/2000, the Florida Supreme Court said the counting could continue, but only until Sunday! The Republicans "rioted" and Miami Dade County Board stopped counting, intimidated said unable to count all ballots by the deadline! Broward Co. came through on time with extra votes, but now Palm Beach ran out of steam. First they took Thanksgiving off, then they didn't fight the Republicans opposition to dimpled votes and chairman Charles Burton naively asked Secretary of State Harris for an extension! The predictable result was Palm Beach failed to get any of its disputed votes to count!
Then the contest went to the Florida Courts!

They were heroes for a time!
Then they failed to get the votes in on time!

Even Tipper Gore seems to be calling for a rejection of "Fuzzy Math!"

Some Thoughts and Analysis of the Voting...

Then there were the Courts:
Judge Sauls said there was no need for a recount and Gore lawyers appealed to the FL Supreme Court.
On 12/8/2000 the judges in the Seminole and Martin counties concluded in spite of Election officials giving special assistance to Republican voters, the count had been "Full and Fair"! The Bush lawyer had the audacity to claim this proved that all votes both Republican and Democratic had been treated "alike." But then the FL Supreme Court, in a 4 to 3 decision overturned Judge Sauls and said Count the Votes!

Florida Supreme Court Decision

Check CNN for breaking news and Court challenges

Among the questions decided in the Florida Courts:

Would the Re-counts or Re-Votes be allowed?
And now.....

Will the Republican discriminating against Democratic Applications be allowed in Seminole and Martin Counties?
And now.....

Was the Butterfly Ballot unconstitutionally confusing? Notice, this media example doesn't show how the tilt mis-aligned the holes and arrows. Check out the real Butterfly Ballot! and Dimples

The Judges:
First FL Supreme Court Decision
Florida Supreme Court Web Site
The Decision - on their site
And now.....
Now on 12/9/2000: just as the counting of uncounted votes began, Bush's lawyers got the US Supreme Court 5 to 4, to stop the counting and hear arguments 11 am Monday the 11th! Even if they allow the votes to be counted, how will that be completed in one day?
The Florida Legislature has begun the process to appoint its own Electors!
If Gore isn't forced to concede, will it end up in Congress!
The people - of all political opinions - are increasingly furious and the future is uncertain!

Some Thoughts and Analysis of the Voting

And now...!