This is a still from a TV special about our anti-war film showings of Vietnamese films in New York City and around the country.

Walter Teague in 1969

Walter Teague in 1969.

Film showing of Vietnamese Films at Alternate U., NYC.

This segment was from the 1969 Sander Vanocur TV show First Tuesday. It may have been collected by the CIA and is now in the national archives.

The showing of the Vietnamese film "The Rising Storm" was organizzed by CANLF at the Alternate U in NYC. Sander Vanocur was clearly a right-wing slim ball. He wanted to exaggerate how much money we were taking in so he snuck in a larger collection box and filled it up with newspapers topped with lots of his 1$ bills. He shows near the end of the video. Sadly this excellent and unusual film was "lost" when a group ignored our instructions and mailed it back to us with the name on the cover.

The showing was Feb. 15 and 16, 1969 at 137 14th Street, NYC. And shown on a TV news show later The video is available on Youtube at: