To the anonymous heroes who keep watch
in the shadows, inside and outside Cuba,
so that our light may shine forever.

Without the help of friends who helped with the transcription of more than 60 hours of interviews, the editing of the texts, the search for additional information and the compilation and computer scanning of the documents, we could have never completed this book in 10 days. The Dissidents is a book by:

Saúl González, Katiusca Blanco, Aracelys Bedevia, Juana María Santoyo, Wanda Caso, Reynaldo Mavilio, Bárbara Benítez, Kenia Carrasco,
Carlos Garriga, Aday del Sol, Yuniet Escobar, Gabriel Herrera,
Daynet Rodríguez, Aliet Valdés, Juanita Carrasco, Ahmed Hourruitiner, Melvis Sarduy, Sonia López and Carlos Formoso. Also,
Alejandra García Elizalde, Patricia Báez Rodríguez,
Alejandra Báez Rodríguez, Mirtha Ramírez and Ángel García.

Translation: ESTI

Edition: Iraida Aguirrechu and Martha Brancacho

Cover design: Eugenio Sagués

Design and layout: Eugenio Sagués, Alejandro Greenidge and Osvaldo Valdés

Photographs: Liborio Noval and Cuban State Security Agents

Correction: ESTI

Composition: Ramón Caballero

© Rosa Miriam Elizalde

and Luis Báez

© On this edition:

Editora Política publisher, 2003

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