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IDA Action -- Fax the Council Today!

As you all have heard, the D.C. Council meets tomorrow, Friday, May 19
at 10:00 a.m. to vote on the proposed FY 2001 budget.

Today is the last chance to let Councilmembers know that Interim
Disability Assistance is a community priority that must be funded in

A large volume of calls and letters have gone in to the Council and the
Mayor, but we still have not heard that the $4.3 million needed to
create Interim Disability Assistance has been earmarked in the 2001

Today, Thursday, May 18:

to the D.C. Council.

There is no need to attach a note -- just fax the list to all the

COUNCILMEMBER                           FAX             PHONE
Chairperson Linda Cropp (At Large)      724-8085        724-8032
Phil Mendelson (At Large)               724-8099        724-8064
Harold Brazil (At Large)                724-8156        724-8174
Carol Schwartz (At Large)               724-8071        724-8105
David Catania (At Large)                724-8087        724-7772
Jim Graham (Ward 1)                     724-8109        724-8181
Jack Evans (Ward 2)                     724-8023        824-8058
Kathleen Patterson (Ward 3)             724-8118        724-8062
Charlene Drew Jarvis (Ward 4)           724-8120        724-8052
Vincent Orange, Sr. (Ward 5)            724-8076        724-8028
Sharon Ambrose (Ward 6)                 724-8054        724-8072
Kevin P. Chavous (Ward 7)               724-8097        724-8068
Sandy Allen (Ward 8)                    724-8055        724-8045

A formatted version of the IDA endorser list is attached as a Word for
Windows document. An unformatted version that can be copied into word
processing software for printing is also included in this email below.

IDA supporters who do not have fax machines are encouraged to keep the
phone calls going in to the Council!

Thank you again to everyone for your ongoing support. Please call T.J.
Sutcliffe at So Others Might Eat (SOME) at 797-1764 or Scott McNeilly at
the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless at 872-1494 if you have any

Interim Disability Assistance (IDA)
for D.C. Residents with Disabilities

Statement of Support

We believe that the District of Columbia has a fundamental
responsibility to support the quality of life of people living with
disabilities. Persons with disabilities who are unable to work should
not have their housing, health or well being compromised simply because
they are waiting to receive federal benefits in the form of Supplemental
Security Income (SSI).

To address this critical problem, the District should join the
overwhelming majority of states that currently provide interim income
assistance to people applying for SSI. The Council of the District of
Columbia, the Mayor and the Control Board should wholeheartedly support
proposed legislation to create a new program, Interim Disability
Assistance (IDA), to provide assistance to people with no or little
income who are waiting to get SSI.

Furthermore, any revenue used to fund IDA should not take away from
existing programs already serving persons with disabilities or other
vulnerable populations.

We strongly recommend the creation of IDA for the benefit of District
residents living with disabilities.

Organizational Endorsers as of 05/18/00

AARP D.C. State Legislative Committee
AARP Penn Branch Chapter #3473
AARP Washington Highlands Chapter #4870
Administrative Advocacy Clinic, George Washington University Law School
AIDS Action
Alliance for Fairness in Reforms to Medicaid (AFFIRM)
American Association of Suicidology
Associates for Renewal in Education, Inc.
Barney Neighborhood House
Bread for the City
Calvary Women's Shelter
Capital Area Food Bank
Capital Hill Group Ministry
Catholic Charities
Center City Community Corp.
Change, Inc.
Christ House
Citizens About Real Empowerment (C.A.R.E.)
Columbia Road Health Services
Coalition for the Homeless
Coalition of Homeless and Housing Organizations (COHHO)
Community Connections
Community Council for the Homeless / Friendship Place
Community Family Life Services
The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness
Community Services Agency of the Metro Washington AFL-CIO
Covenant House Washington
D.C. ARC, Inc.
D.C. CARE Consortium
D.C. Catholic Conference
D.C. Council of the Blind
D.C. Statehood Green Party
Dorothy Day Catholic Worker
Emmaus Services for the Aging
Fair Budget Coalition
Family and Medical Counseling Service, Inc.
Father McKenna Center
Food for All
For Love of Children
Friendship House Association Senior Network Program
Genevieve N. Johnson Senior Program
Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington
Green Door
Greater Southeast Community Center for the Aging / Project KEEN
Home Care Partners
House of Ruth
Human Services Advisory Council
Jeremiah House / SOME
Legal Aid Society
Legal Counsel for the Elderly
Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington
Max Robinson Center / Whitman-Walker Clinic
Metropolitan Washington Public Health Association
Mt. Carmel House
N Street Village
National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Capital Chapter
Neighbors Consejo
New Endeavors by Women
Northwest Settlement House
Our Place DC
Our Turn Consumer Advocates
People's Congregational Church
Rachel's Women's Center
The Salvation Army
Senior Citizens Counseling and Delivery Service
Services for the Visually Impaired
So Others Might Eat (SOME)
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
Thea Bowman House / SOME
Unity Health Care
U.S. Veterans Initiative, Inc., D.C. Metro Site
Washington Council of Agencies
Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless
Washington Literacy Council
Whitman-Walker Clinic
Zacchaeus Legal Clinic

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