DC Statehood-Greensweek, Monday, April 2, 2001



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NOTES from your editor...


 letter to President [sic] Bush along with your tax

 form.  Mention Congress’s control over our legislation

 and finances, the tyranny of bureaucracies like the

 Control Board, our second class citizenship with no

 representation in Congress, and our demand for

 self-determination, with the option of statehood.

More information: The Stand Up For Democracy in DC

Coalition, 202-232-2500,


SEE PHOTOS of the March 30 DC Democracy Seven Party at

Toutorsky Mansion, courtesy of Carol Moore and her new

digital camera:


READ THE LATEST draft of the International Green

 Charter, to be negotitated further at the Global Green

 Conference in Canberra, Australia, April 14-16:


Organizers of the Global Green Conference will put

 together a one-hour video of conference highlights.

 But they also need to raise some money to defray the

 audio/visual costs.  Donations from individuals or

 local chapters are welcome, but they mostly want

 orders for conference videos, in a minimum of ten

 videos per order, which costs $150 including postage.

Contact Lynne Serpe at Lynneserpe@aol.com and read

more about the conference at


INFORMATION ABOUT Democracy Summer, a historic

gathering of multi-ethnic and cross-generational

alliance of organizations and individuals committed to

building a pro-democracy movement in the wake of the

Florida vote scandal: contact DC organizers Tanya or

Sekou, 202-234-9382, sekou@sekou.com or visit


RECALL THE MAYOR?  If you’re interested in joining the

 effort to recall Mayor Williams, David Barrows has

 launched a recall campaign and has official petitions.

  Call him at 202-543-4244.

“THIS IS INCREDIBLE. Look at the first line of this

bill (Senate Bill S. 580, introduced by Senator Tim

Hutchinson (R-AZ) on March 20)!...  ‘CONGRESSIONAL


paragraph (2), the Commission shall expeditiously

proceed with the construction of the World War II

memorial at the dedicated Rainbow Pool site in the

District of Columbia without regard to the National

Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. 4321 et

seq.), the Commemorative Works Act (40 U.S.C. 1001 et

seq.), or any other law pertaining to the siting or

design for the World War II memorial.’”—Mark

Richards, mark@bisconti.com in the April 1 themail, DC

Watch e-mail discussion group, http://www.dcwatch.com

SORRY, KIDS...  The Convention on the Rights of the

 Child, adopted by the General Assembly of the United

 Nations on 20 November 1989...  Summary of Article 24:

Health and health services.  “The child has a right to

 the highest standard of health and medical care

 attainable. Nations shall provide special emphasis on

 the provision of primary and preventive health care,

 public health education and the reduction of infant

 mortality. They shall encourage international

 cooperation in this regard and strive to see that no

 child is deprived of access to effective health

 services.”  The UN Convention on the Rights of the

 Child has been ratified by every nation except two:

Somalia and the United States.


Send your announcements

(keep ‘em brief; send ‘em early)




C A L E N D A R   O F   E V E N T S


DC Statehood Green Party Steering Committee meeting, 7

 pm, One Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street NW, in room

 700.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  More

 information: Steve Donkin, who will facilitate,


Update on the Struggle for Justice in East Timor,

sponsored by the East Timor Action Network, featuring

East Timorese human rights activist Aniceto Das Neves

and R. Brian Hendrix, lawyer who worked on the civil

damage against Indonesian General Lumantang.  7:15 pm

at La Casa, 3166 Mt. Pleasant Street NW.  More

information: 544-6911, http://www.etan.org


Fair Budget Coalition meeting, 9:30 am at the

 Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, 1800

 Massachusetts Avenue NW, 6th floor.

Anti-Sweatshop Rally at GWU, 12:30 pm, outside Rice

Hall, Eye Street NW, between 21st and 22nd Streets,

near the Foggy Bottom Metro Stop.  Demand that the

George Washington University ensure that its clothes

are not made in Sweatshops.  Join the GW Action

Coalition, the DC Metropolitan Labor Council (an

AFL-CIO affiliate representing 150,000 workers), the

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, the GW College

Democrats, Greens, Socialists, and Anarchists, and

other area students and residents in a rally to

pressure a reluctant GWU administration to join the

Workers’ Rights Consortium, a sweatshop verification

agency representing over 75 US universities that

ensures that clothes bearing the colleges’ logo are

not made in sweatshops.  More information: Todd

Tucker, 202-337-4719 or tnt@econjustice.net or Dan

Calamuci, 202-223-4159 or mooch@gwu.edu or


FTAA Organizing Meeting, 7 pm, SEIU Building at 13th

 and L Streets NW.  Organize the protests against the

 Free Trade Agreement of the Americas negotiations in

 Quebec, Canada in April.  More information:

mobilization phone line at (202)756-4101 ext 1415,

 e-mail mgj@onebox.com (See also the list of web sites

 under separate heading below.)


Monthly meeting of the DC Statehood Green Party, 7 pm

 at One Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street NW near the

 Judiciary Square Metro Stop, in room 700.  Everyone is

 invited; if you’re registered in the DC Statehood

 Green Party you can vote.  Featuring a presentation by

 David Schwartzman and Arturo Griffiths on “The

 Challenge of the Growing Income Inequality in the

 District.”  With the release of the Mayor’s proposed

 budget for fiscal year 2002, and the ongoing funding

 crises with DC General Hospital and other aspects of

 the human services safety net, the time is right for

 justice activists to educate themselves on what the

 city’s plans are for the poor, and how to promote a

 progressive alternative.  Join us for this brief

 discussion from 7 to 7:45 pm, followed by the business

 portion of the meeting.  Have an agenda item?  Notify

 Steve Donkin, 202-986-9438, sdonkin@smart.net  More

 information about the DC Statehood Green Party’s Tax &

 Budget Working Group: 829-9063.

Rep. John Conyers recently introduced a bill titled

 “Working American Families Access to Health Care Act

 of 2001” or “Medi-Access Act of 2001” (HR 1142) which

 would expand Medicaid coverage to most Americans who

 can’t afford health insurance.  Rally in support of

 the bill, East Capitol steps Thursday, 10 to 11:30 am.

  Speakers: Reps Conyers, David Bonior, and John

 Tierney, Senator Paul Wellstone, Vincent DeMarco, and

 Dr. Quentin Young.  The rally is co-sponsored by the

 Congressional Universal Health Care Task Force,

 Congressional Black Caucus, and Congressional

 Progressive Caucus.  More information: Joel Segal,

 Rep. Conyers’ staff member, 202-225-5126. 

The DC Environmental Network Brown Bag Luncheon and

 Discussion on Urban Nature and the Potomac Review.

Noon to 1:30 pm at the Friends of the Earth office,

1025 Vermont Avenue NW, 3rd Floor, near the McPherson

Square Metro Stop.  More information: Chris Weiss,

Friends of the Earth,  (202) 783-7400 ext 120,



Rally against supermax prisons and the torture and

 inhuman conditions inside of them, 2:00 pm at the

 Virginia State Capitol.  More information:



People’s Hearing on Affordable Housing, 6:30 - 8:30

 pm, John Wesley AME Zion Church, 1614 14th Street NW.

 Why: So that tenants from all over the city can

 testify about their buildings, the problems that

 exist, and what they demand from the city to protect

 the dwindling supply of affordable housing in DC.  A

 year ago, concerned about the crisis in affordable

 housing and the Mayor’s “hot properties” list, the DC

 Coalition for Housing Justice visited Mayor Williams

 and asked to have housing codes enforced, buildings

 repaired, and low-income families protected from

 eviction.  Instead, we’ve seen policies that displace

 residents and destabilize neighborhoods.  Tired of

 waiting, the Coalition has organized its own public

 hearing.  Come and listen to the voices of those most

 effected.  More information: Linda Leaks, (Now Empower DC 202-234-9119 or leaks@empowerdc.org

or  Janet Brown, 332-0789.


DC Alliance for Democracy meeting: FTAA Discussion and

 Action Monday, 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Josephine Butler

 Center, 2437 15th Street NW, first floor.

 Presentations on the Free Trade Act of the Americas

 from Bob Naiman, Center for Economic and Policy

 Research; Ruth Caplan, Alliance for Democracy National

 Co-Chair on Globalization.  In-depth discussion of

 FTAA, which goes far beyond NAFTA in anti-democratic

 scope and power, and the FTAA summit in Quebec.

 Refreshments.  More information: Tim Scanlon,

 parcival@erols.com  (See also the list of web sites

 under separate heading below.)


Anacostia Earth Day Clean-Up and Celebration,

including a river cleanup of the tidal river at four

sites and a Celebration with poetry jam and trash

sculpture contest to be held at the brand new

Bladensburg Waterfront Park in Bladensburg, MD.  More

information: http://www.anacostiaws.org

Remembering Josephine Butler: honor the memories of

 fighters for social justice and DC democracy,

 including Jo Butler, Julius Hobson, Winnie Gallant,

 Beth Ann Agostinelli, and others, featuring the

 presentation of the Jo Butler Award to the Democracy

 7, and the Paul Robeson Cultural Diversity Tribute.  7

 pm at UDC auditorium, Building 46, near the Van Ness

 Metro Stop.  Tickets: $25.  More information: Gail

 Dixon, (202) 529-6525.


An DC Earth Day event in the planning stages: The DC

 Statehood Green Party has been invited to have a table

 at an East of the Park for Klingle Valley event.  The

 Sierra Club has decided to hold its annual Earth Day

 celebration in Klingle Valley this year to attract

 attention to the valley and help save it conversion to

 use for traffic.  There will be a clean-up (10-12),

 picnic (11-4), guided nature walks (2 pm), press

 attention and more.  Everyone is invited.  More

 information forthcoming.

Emergency March for Women’s Lives, in DC.  Assemble 11

am in Senate Park, at Constitution and Delaware

Avenues NE.  The march steps off at noon, with a rally

on the Washington Monument grounds at 1 pm.  Themes:

upholding Roe v. Wade; reproductive freedom and

self-determination for all women; saving the Supreme

Court.  Organized by the National Organization for

Women.  More information: 202-628-8669,



SUNDAYS: Weekly meetings of Homes Not Jails, 5 pm.

 Location and more information: 202-297-4430,


WEDNESDAYS: Community Harvest Farm Stand, 4:30- 7:30

 pm at the Josephine Butler Park Center, 2437 15th

 Street NW.  For more information on how to get good

 food from markets, restaurants or farmers, check out


THURSDAYS: At 9 to 11 pm, log-on at

 http://dc.indymedia.org for the Mintwood Hour Internet

 Radio from the Heart of DC.  Broadcasting courtesy of

 DC Independent Media Center, the Mintwood Media

 Collective (http://www.mintwood.com) sponsors a

 political talk show.  Co-hosts Lauri Apple, Adam

 Eidinger, Kadd Stephens, and Karen Zamperini take your

 calls (the studio line is 202-797-1280) and raise the

 issues that the corporate media ignores.

2ND AND 4TH TUESDAYS: Stand Up for Democracy in DC

 Coalition (of which DCSGP is a member).  2nd and 4th

 Tuesday of each month, 6:30 pm at National Council of

 Negro Women, 633 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC

 20001.  More information:

 http://www.standupfordemocracy.org, phone/fax


2ND AND 4TH TUESDAYS: Planning meetings for the

 Columbia Heights Community Marketplace (CHCM) at the

 Butler Parks Center, 2437 15th Street NW, at 7 pm.

CHCM will combine a farmers market, flea market,

entertainment, crafts, informational booths, cooked

food, etc.  Neighborhood activist Dave McIntyre says

it’ll be “a weekly celebration of the community” and

will occupy a 27,500 square foot city parcel next to

the Columbia Heights Metro Stop.  The Grand Opening

will take place Saturday, June 2.  More information:


FIRST WEDNESDAYS of every month: Fair Budget Coalition

 of the District of Columbia, c/o Washington Legal

 Clinic for the Homeless, 9:30 am at the Washington

 Legal Clinic for the Homeless, 1800 Massachusetts Ave.

  NW, 6th floor.  More information: (202) 872-8958,

 (202) 872-1932 fax.

Web sites with information about the Free Trade Area

 of the Americas (FTAA), in preparation for the April

 actions in Quebec in protest of the FTAA summit.

“The Last Frontier”


Public Citizen’s website on the FTAA


“The FTAA and the Threat to Social Programs,

 Environmental Sustainability, and Social Justice in

 Canada and the Americas”:


http://www.StopFTAA.org <http://www.stopftaa.org/





Alliance for Democracy


Alliance for Global Justice http://www.afgj.org

Alliance for Responsible Trade http://www.art-us.org/

Global Exchange http://www.globalexchange.org/

Institute for Policy Studies http://www.ips-dc.org/

Rainforest Action Network http://www.ran.org/

On-site logistics in Quebec:

Legal questions legal@tao.ca or


Medical questions clacmedical@hotmail.com

Flight information http://www.expedia.com/ or












DC Statehood Green Party




DC Statehood Green discussion list  dcsgp@onelist.com


Association of State Green Parties


Maryland Greens  http://www.mdgreens.org

Northern Virginia Greens, (703) 818-0794


The Progressive Review (news & views you won’t find in

the Post, courtesy of Sam Smith)  http://prorev.com

Lots of Green links


Green Scrapbook  http://prorev.com/greengo.htm

Useful links on Green organizing and fundraising


Stand Up for Democracy in DC Coalition


DC Watch (citizens’ watchdog reports on DC government)


ACT UP Washington DC  http://www.actupdc.org

The Washington Peace Center


20 Citizens (“Adams vs. Clinton”)  DC democracy

lawsuit  http://www.dccitizensfordemocracy.org

DC-Independent Media Center




Center for Voting and Democracy (proportional

representation, instant runoff voting, other election

reforms)  http://www.fairvote.org

ONEDC.ORG (network of local DC environmentalists)


Common Dreams  http://www.commondreams.org

Washington Regional Network




Good Food DC and Community Harvest






















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