Date:         Wed, 09 Feb 2000 22:07:01 -0500
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International Conference in Havana, Cuba
and online at

February 17-19, 2000

Whether you consider yourself to be an academic, an activist, a labourer, an intellectual, a unionist, militant, Marxist, socialist, neo or post, this conference promises to surpass all label systems.  As a method of inclusion for those of you who will not be in attendance in Havana, we will upload summaries of issues discussed, pictures and updates of the conference daily on our website at

Using the Discussion Board, visitors to this site can begin and engage in full discussions of conference topics. To facilitate contact among activists and people interested in this theme, visitors can use our Guestbook program to post information about their activities and interests.  Conference details including a list of speakers, panel orientations and other information can presently be found on the site at

This conference provides an opportune forum to exchange perspectives on Marxism and socialism, its different forms and practices and the status of Leftist thought and activism within contemporary economic and social circumstances. Our speakers represent far reaching geographical and historical perspectives: this event will  provide an interesting and unique exchange of strategies for unified globalized action. This conference offers a basis for renewed solidarity and global momentum.

Your participation and attention to this project is necessary... it is time to stop healing our past and start envisioning our future.

Brothers and Sisters:  Renew-Reinforce-Regenerate

Por la solidaridad antimperialista

Lynette Thoman