This email newsletter contains information about: 

1.   Pride Events

2.   Dr. Laura Controversy

3.   State Employees’ Credit Union

 1.     Pride Events

Show your PRIDE and march with Free State Justice! Our pride theme this year is JUSTICE!   Justice for our families, Justice for our relationships, Justice in the workplace, Justice in our schools, and Justice for the LGBT community.

June 3rd     Baltimore Pride Parade meet at Charles & Franklin at 4:30pm

                      Parade starts at 5pm

June 11th   DC Capital Pride Parade meet at 24th & N Street at 11am

                      Parade starts at noon.

Pride Event Schedule

May 26th - 28th     DC Black Lesbian & Gay Pride at the DC Convention Center

June 3rd                 Baltimore Pride Parade

June 4th                  DC Classic Pride Festival in DuPont Circle

June 10th                Baltimore Pride Festival

June 11th                DC Capital Pride Parade & Festival

June 11th                Baltimore Black Pride

Pride events are a great way to meet new friends who share a common goal :EQUALITY.  Volunteers are need to staff our booth and march in parades.  For more information please contact FSJ’ s office at 301-891-1111 or toll

 free at 1-888-440-9944.

2.     Dr. Laura Controversy

 Let’s e-mail Procter & Gamble to thank them for withdrawing sponsorship of  the Dr. Laura television show.  Below is their website.  Quick and easy.  (fill out the form) United Airlines has also dropped advertisements for Dr. Laura  Schlessinger’s radio show from its in-flight magazine because of her controversial commentary about homosexuality, an airline spokesman said.

The “Dr. Laura” controversy took new twist last week with what seemed to some observers to be at best a scolding and at worst a slap in the face by Paramount Television bt its biggest advertiser, Procter & Gamble. A statement from the Paramount Television Group stressed that the company was “disappointed” by P&G’s decision to withdraw its advertising from the upcoming Paramount syndicated TV talk show “Dr. Laura,” hosted by controversial talk radio personality Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

3.     State Employee’s Credit Union (SECU)

Thanks to all the FSJ members who wrote letters to the State Employees Credit Union (SECU). The SECU Board met recently and approved the  proposed bylaw amendment to include “household members” which would include  domestic partners as members!   FSJ has been working with Ken Morgen, an FSJ member who started this fight for equal rights almost 11 years ago,  Terry Halleck, SECU President/CEO, and state employees Lee Hoshall, Jim  Becker, Shannon Avery and Ann Gordon to get the board to amend the bylaws.

SECU will print the proposed amendment in a memorandum to all SECU  members calling for a special meeting in late summer/early fall.  At the special meeting, 75% of the members in attendance must vote in support of the amendment for it to be adopted.  If you are an SECU member please look for the memorandum and attend the special meeting. If you are eligible to become a SECU member, please join so you may vote. (To become a member you must open an account with an initial deposit of $10.  Eligible are state employees and alumni of the state university system, and blood relatives of members.)

 We will need to recruit as many supportive SECU members as possible to show up at the special meeting and vote.  If you have questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the FSJ office at 301-891-1111 or toll free 1-888-440-9944