Yesterday Homes Not Jails took over a HUD-owned house at 1959 H St. NE (corner of 21 St. NE) in the Kingman Park neighborhood.

A family is now waiting for the group to renovate the abandoned property.

See excellent article by Sewell Chan in today's Washington Post, Metro Section, B4 (12/24).

How you can help:

Events Tomorrow, Saturday, 1 pm, Barbecue Fundraiser Sunday, Nov. 26: After Rally for DC General, affordable housing at Reeves Center, come to a Party/Openhouse at same site, 1959 H St. NE

The following supplies, donations are needed for the occupation/renovation: duct tape, 2-3 large sections (or many small) of drywall including a panel 4 x 8 ft., wallboard tape, plywood (5/8 or 1/2 inch 6 x 4 foot or larger), back stairs need construction or found, 87.5 inch of stairs (wood or steel), set of kitchen appliances in working order, truck to haul garbage, linoleum (6 x 5 feet for bathroom), counter top for cabinets, additional cabinets, light fixtures (ceiling mount, at least 3, plus one for dining room to be hung from ceiling; 4 or more wall mount fixtures), gutter pipe (15 foot for downspout), iron railing (81 inches for porch), electrical wire, windows (multiple), insulation (6 x 4 foot), portable space heater, and of course your donated labor, monetary donations and your solidarity!