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Date:          Monday, August 28, 2000 6:22 PM

Subject:      Health Care Justice Week Email Alert

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Health Care Justice for All: the Time is NOW!

Health Care Justice Week

October 13 -  22, 2000

Join hundreds of groups nation-wide to raise public awareness about health care injustice and to let our nation¹s candidates for public office know it¹s time for HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!

Let your voice be heard!

Organize or participate in:

o Candidate forums

o Health care justice meetings: public hearings, town hall meetings

o Congressional candidate sign-ons and pledges*

o Faith leaders sign-ons *

o Health care volunteer projects in your community

o Meetings between health care activists and candidates

o Religious services and programs devoted to health care justice

o Rallies, street theater or events sponsored by U2K groups

o Campaigns of letters, postcards or calls to candidates

o Distribution of fliers and display of banners at public events

·         Please contact the U2K office for the specific letters/pledges developed for  congressional candidates and faith leaders ­ text available in U2K Election Handbook (available at after Labor Day.

>> Please distribute this information widely.  Contact the U2K Campaign for information about events and contacts in your area, as well as to report activities being planned, at:

Universal Health Care 2000 Campaign (U2K)

2800 Euclid Avenue, Suite 520

Cleveland OH  44115-2418

Tel: 216/902-5577

Fax: 216/241-8423


Web site:


and the


The U2K Campaign, consisting of over 400 national, state and local organizations active in 39 states (and growing!), is launching Health Care Justice Week with two primary goals:

1.     To encourage groups and individuals across the nation to ENGAGE CANDIDATES for public office around the question:

“If elected, will you make it a top priority to work for a guarantee of comprehensive, affordable, quality, publicly accountable health care for all?”

Activists will be asking candidates to commit to working with the newly formed Universal Health Care Task Force in the Congress.

2.     To ENGAGE THE PUBLIC about the urgency of ameliorating health care injustice, and to urge them to show their commitment through participating in Health Care Justice Week activities.

Through planning hundreds of activities across the nation involving thousands of Americans during Health Care Justice Week, we can achieve the goals of the U2K Campaign to:


·         CREATE AN ENERGIZED BLOC OF CONGRESSPEOPLE committed to working towards universal health care.

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Health Care Justice Week, Oct. 13-22, 2000

YES! We want to join hundreds of groups nationwide to raise public awareness about health care injustice and to let our nation’s candidates for public office know it’s time for HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!

Here’s what we are planning:

__ Candidate Forum

__ Town Hall Meeting

__ Public Hearing

__ Worship Service

__ Volunteer Project

__ Questions for Candidates at Public Events

__ Workshop

__ Street Theater

__ Rally

__ Delegation to Candidates

__ Fliers/Banners at Public Events

__ Display at Health Fair

__ Postcard/Letter Campaign

__ Phone Call Campaign

__ Other _________________________

Description of activity as we would like it to be listed on the U2K web site and in print materials:



Expected Attendance:




Expected Outcomes:


__ The information for a contact from our area

__ U2K Elections Handbook, including information about candidate and faith leader sign-ons (available 9/1/00 from office, and 9/5 on website)

Organization __________________________________________

Contact Person _________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________

City/State/Zip _________________________________________

Phone __________________________


Email ___________________________

VISIT THE U2K WEBSITE at <> for listings of Health Care Justice Week activities and information about events and contacts in your area.  If y our organization has a website, PLEASE ESTABLISH A LINK TO THE U2K WEBSITE.

Return this form to:

Universal Health Care 2000 Campaign (U2K)

2800 Euclid Avenue, Suite 520 o Cleveland OH  44115-2418

Tel: 216/902-5577 o Fax: 216/241-8423 o Email:<>

Web site: