In NYC, the local chapter of CofC is helping to organize this event.

2/28 MONMassive civil disobedience to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal and End the Death Penalty
at the Supreme Court in Washington. This action is being organized by the same people who conducted the highly successful CD at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia July 3, 1999. Those who want to participate, support, help organize or join in the legal demonstration should  send any reply to the New York Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, P.O. Box 650, New York, NY 10009, Tel: 212-330-8029, Fax: 212-645-7280, <>  Please remember, there are many levels of involvement: participation in the CD;  support; mobilization; and/or participation in the legal demonstration. The New York Committees of Correspondence is one of the organizations endorsing this action.