Subject:         Come to Philly July 30!
   Date:         Wed, 2 Feb 2000 16:34:46 EST
     To:         "Action Alerts for Philly Republican Convention" <>

Action Alerts for Philly Republican Convention -

Come to Philadelphia on July 30!

As we all continue to plan for upcoming events and actions, please don't
forget the major actions taking place in Philadelphia during the Republican
National Convention (July 29-August 3).

There will be a whole week of activities, including the following:

July 29 (Saturday)- March for Universal Health Care
July 30 (Sunday)- Unity 2000 Rally and March.  A multi-issue,
multi-constituency rally.  This is the day you won't want to miss!  Labor,
environmentalists, feminists, LGBTQ groups, anti-racism activists and more
will join together to raise a unified voice for a new future.
July 31 (Monday)-March for Economic Justice

All Week- The Independent Media Center will help get out the truth of what's
going on in the streets of Philadelphia.
Direct Action activities

What can you do to help?
1) Help to mobilize people in your community.  Spread the word about July 30
and the other actions.  If you're in Philly, plan a march from your
neighborhood to join the major march on the Parkway.  If you're from outside
of Philly, organize busses, carpools, etc.
2) Have your organization listed a an endorser of the Unity 2000 rally on
July 30 (see the list of current endorsers at the end of this email).
Endorsement does not imply any financial obligation.  It means you support
the goals of the march and will help mobilize people to attend.
3) Serve as a coordinator in your community or school.  We need local people
to serve as contacts for arranging your community's participation.
4) Send us money!  This is going to cost a lot of money, and we will need a
lot of it early on.  Contributions (not tax deductible) can be sent to:
PCAN, 3001 Walnut St., 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104.  Email us if you
need a tax deduction for your contribution.
5) Stay informed by joining one of our email lists.
For general info and action alerts, send an email to:

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to be prepared for an excess of posts and make a note how to unsubscribe if
you decide to subscribe to it.]

For discussion of July 30, send an email to: <>

For info about the media center, send an email to:

We think the week of actions in Philly will be historic.  Don't miss them!

Michael Morrill
529 Court St., #509
Reading, PA 19601

Unity 2000 Endorsing Organizations
(List in Progress)
Ø ACT-UP Philadelphia
Ø American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 1723
Ø Au Courant
Ø Berks United Consumers
Ø Brandywine Peace Community
Ø Center City Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Ø Center for Progressive Political Communication
Ø DUTV-Cable 54
Ø Germantown Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Ø Greater Philadelphia DSA
Ø House of Our Own
Ø International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons
Ø Kensington Welfare Rights Union
Ø Mobilization for Animals
Ø National Organization for Women-PA Chapter
Ø Peace Action of the Delaware Valley
Ø Pennsylvania Consumer Action Network
Ø Pennsylvania Consumer Education Project
Ø Pennsylvania Environmental Network
Ø Pennsylvania Fair Trade Campaign
Ø Pennsylvania Green-Labor Alliance
Ø Philadelphia Coalition of Labor Union Women
Ø Philadelphia NOW
Ø Philadelphia Solidarity
Ø Physicians for a National Health Program
Ø Question Everything Challenge Everything Magazine
Ø School of the Americas Watch, Northeast
Ø The Shalom Center
Ø Spiral Q Puppet Theater
Ø Ujima Collective
Ø White Dog Café
Ø 2000 Queers

Ø Activist Resource Network
Ø Alliance for Democracy (National)
Ø Committees of Correspondence
Ø Global Exchange
Ø Global Peace Walk 2000
Ø Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch
Ø United for a Fair Economy

Ø Alliance for Democracy, Davis, CA Chapter
Ø Committees of Correspondence
Ø Global Emergency Alert Response
Ø Greater Sacramento Chapter of the Alliance for Democracy
Ø Change Links Progressive Newspaper
Ø Mendocino Coast Chapter of the Alliance for Democracy
Ø Peace and Freedom Party

District of Columbia
Ø District of Columbia Alliance for Democracy
Ø Mid-Atlantic Infoshop

Ø Living Without Violence, Inc.

Ø Indiana Alliance for Democracy

Ø Kansas Fair Trade Alliance

Ø Alliance for Democracy, Baltimore Chapter

Ø Citizens Awareness Network

New Jersey
Ø South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition
Ø South Jersey Coalition for Peace and Justice

Ø Awami Committee for Development (Pakistan)
Ø Canadian Auto Workers Left Caucus
Ø International Institute for Human Rights, Environment and Development
Ø Play Fair Europe (Germany)
Ø Rastriya Sarokar Samaj (National Concerns Society) (Nepal)
Ø VicWTO Watch (Australia)
Ø University of Wollongong Students' Representative Council (Australia)

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