Here's a list of DC area picket lines:

(Statement being circulated on the strike.)

As you know, 71,000 CWA and 15,000 IBEW members in 13 states and DC are out on strike. 

The major issues include employment security, stress and forced overtime, and organizing rights for wireless workers-more details below. The strikers would love some company and solidarity on the picket lines-stop by if you can.  (The scab managers would love to hear from you, too-call them a call at 411 or 954-6263 to ask every question you've ever had about Bell Atlantic's service.)

Bell Atlantic/Verizon Strike Issues:
These negotiations aren't just about wages and benefits. Our future, our job security and our working conditions are at the top of our bargaining agenda. CWA members are concerned about more than just the next quarterly business report B their careers and their family's security for the long haul are on the line. With just a few days to go before our contract deadline, Bell Atlantic so far has failed to address any of CWA's major issues. CWA is fighting for: ?      

Good Jobs. In addition to fair wage and benefit increases, CWA members are demanding relief from the relentless forced overtime that robs parents of time with their families, and from needlessly stressful working conditions, especially in customer service occupations. Operators and service representatives face continuing speedups, harsh work rules and constant monitoring in a pressure cooker work environment. These conditions have created a very high job turnover rate that is costly to the company. It's bad for business, bad for customers and bad for workers. ?      

Hometown Jobs.  CWA is demanding guarantees that workers, whether at the former Bell Atlantic or GTE, won't lose their jobs or be forced to uproot their families and transfer to distant locations as a result of the nationwide Verizon merger. We won such guarantees when Bell Atlantic merged with NYNEX three years ago, and we want to renew that agreement to protect all Verizon workers. ?      

Union Jobs.  With the telecommunications industry rapidly changing, our members must be guaranteed access to all the growth areas of Verizon, including wireless, Internet services, broadband and other areas. Two years ago, Bell Atlantic agreed to language calling for expedited union representation rights ("card check recognition and neutrality") at all new subsidiaries except for wireless. Now-as a result of a commitment made to us by top management at that time-we are calling for extension of that agreement to wireless. 

CWA has reached similar agreements with AT&T Wireless and Cellular One, Verizon's two top wireless competitors. 

We're also fighting to limit excessive subcontracting of work, which not only impacts union jobs but jeopardizes the quality of Bell Atlantic's service to customers.