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...uniting communities for economic, environmental and social justice

Peace and strength, Mike L.

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SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 7 p.m.

at the home of Dave Bosserman and Olivia Cadaval 1739 Irving Street NW (bus 42 or S2/S4, or Columbia Heights Metro Station on the Green Line - walk west on Irving Street from 14th) rsvp: Gail Dixon, (202) 529-6525

attire: festive


for the Freedom Ride and the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 7 p.m. at UDC Auditorium (Metro: Van Ness)
featuring Jerry "The Iceman" Butler and local artists Richard Payne Trio, Morris Wilson and Linda Mercer
reception following

For tickets, call Gail at (202) 529-6525


Dear Friend of Statehood:

Yes, this is a fundraising letter; but it's also a good story, so read it anyway, even if you can't consider making a donation this spring.

When our own Gail Dixon was invited to speak at the Green Party national convention in Denver, she asked me to look into the possibility of taking a busload of statehood and civil rights activists with her --- making speaking stops along the way, spreading the word about the struggle for democracy in the Last Colony.

I was skeptical. I didn't think folks in Ohio and Illinois and Missouri would care to listen to a bunch of D.C. residents complain about D.C. issues. But I couldn't say no to Gail, and I recruited fellow Statehood Green Party activists to start working on it.

Meanwhile, Karen Szulgit and Anise Jenkins were on trial for "disruption of Congress" because they stood in the House visitors' gallery and yelled "Free D.C.!" and "The capital of the nation is the last plantation!" They were protesting yet another case of other people's Representatives overturning the decisions of District voters.

And they caught the attention of Greens nationwide -- Greens from Maine to Texas to Wyoming sent money and letters of support, and many understood the plight of our colony for the first time.

A Green elected official in Colorado invited us to draft a resolution he would sponsor in the National Association of Counties supporting budget autonomy for the District. And when the National League of Cities met here in March, we found that city officials from all over the country are very sympathetic to the District, since no city government likes the idea of federal interference in local affairs. Students visiting D.C. for the National Young Leaders Conference also got the message.

A pattern was emerging. People are willing to hear us and they do understand the injustice of our situation. Every American can identify with Margaret Brent's words to the colonial governor of 17th-century Maryland: "Taxation without representation is tyranny." And people cringe to hear that Congress actually overturns laws passed by our elected local government.

But the people don't learn about these issues in the news media, nor in high school civics class. It's up to us to spread the word, so we're taking the show on the road. The D.C. to Denver 2000 Freedom Ride will leave Anacostia on the morning of June 19 --- Juneteenth, the holiday celebrating Emancipation --- and visit community organizations, student groups, unions, local officials and media across the Midwest and Heartland.

We've been invited to meet with:

Bottom line: We need to raise at least $5,000 to make it possible, and the more we raise beyond that, the more stipends we can provide to activists who would otherwise be unable to make the trip.

No contribution is too small, and 100 people giving the symbolic amount of $51 would send us on the road to promote the 51st state. But if you can consider a donation of $200 or more, we'll recognize you as an honorary Freedom Rider and present you with a D.C. to Denver 2000 Freedom Ride t-shirt at the sendoff rally on Juneteenth; and in recognition of a gift of $500 or more, you'll be an honorary Driver, and we'll thank you in the credits of the documentary video we'll be making.

With your help, we'll send a powerful message across the country, honoring the legacy of the original Freedom Riders and continuing the unfinished work of the civil rights movement; together we will, with the growing support of the American people, free D.C.!


Mike Livingston

National Delegation of the D.C. Statehood Green Party

Donations should be made payable to the D.C. Statehood Green Party with "Freedom Ride" on the memo line and mailed to Phil Barlow, Treasurer, 1852 Columbia Road NW, Washington, D.C. 20009. Also, it's not too late to join the Ride! Please call (202) 722-1650 for details.


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