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Subj:†††† Tent City

Date:†††† 8/10/2000



To SWAA members and others in the Seattle human service community,

As we all know, many of those left homeless when Seattle shelters closed down in the Spring gathered together and formed Tent City. Hounded from vacant lot to vacant lot and churchyard to churchyard by city officials citing health and security concerns, Tent City has found a home at El Centro de la Raza. As they have been doing to churches and property owners throughout the summer, officials have threatened to fine El Centro if Tent City is not evicted by August 19.

But, hey! The fine is $75 a day. Cheap rent for 100-150 people who police themselves, allow no drugs or alcohol, and look after each other. Many of us have stopped by with words of support or food. Others have written letters to the Mayor urging the city to let Tent City alone. But here is an action we can all take to keep Tent City where it is and show all of Seattle that many citizens support Tent City. LETíS PAY THE RENT!

Take $75 to El Centro de la Raza,2524 16th Ave. S,or send a check to SHARE/ WHEEL, PO Box 2548, Seattle, WA 98111, or simply reply to this e-mail with a $75 pledge. Do it NOW! Not only will we notify Tent City and El Centro, we will notify the press. Give us your name. We WILL let them know who we are and that we support Tent City. Donít have $75? Get a group of your friends and pledge together. Or, if you are an organization, a church, or a community group, give $75 in the name of your group.

There are some possible alternatives, but they involve permits and the cityís willingness to grant permits. Cash and check donations will be used toward the $1000 cost of applying for a permit. Our support now will increase the chances that the city will relent and the payment of rent/fines will not be necessary.

FORWARD THIS E-MAIL to others you think can help!


This e-mail was initiated by Seattle members of the Social Welfare Action Alliance (formerly the Bertha Reynolds Society), a national organization of progressive workers in social welfare. Though most of our activists are social workers, we welcome other human service workers and alliances with other progressive social movements working for peace and social justice. For more information, give us your slow mail address when you respond with your $75 pledge or write to PO Box 20563, Columbus Circle Station, NY, NY 10023.

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