Poor People=s Forum:

Linking the Poor Across the Americas


Defend poor people all over the world!


A Showing of "Battle for Broad" (about last summer's Republican National Convention)


Friday September 28th, 2001, 7 pm

1536 U Street, NW, Washington, DC


Organizations of the poor, homeless, landless and unemployed from North, Central and South America are uniting to SPEAK OUT against economic policies hurting the poor and workers in the US and worldwide. Planned to respond to the annual meeting of the IMF, we must now also SPEAK OUT against the military and economic policies of War that threaten to devastate us all.


The event will feature speakers representing the poor from across the hemisphere  (listed below), and will include a screening of the film "Battle for Broad" about the KWRU/ Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign's massive non‑violent March for Economic Human Rights on opening day of the Republican National Convention last year in Philadelphia.


Confirmed Speakers:

$                   Cheri Honkala, Director, Kensington Welfare Rights Union; National Spokesperson, Poor people's Economic Human Rights Campaign (USA)

$                   Osmin Salinas, Association of Rural Communities for the Development of El  Salvador; CRIPDES (El Salvador) 

$                   Stand By Our Neighbors, Washington DC (USA)

$                   Jo Grey, Low Income Families Together, LIFT (Canada)

$                   Monica Santana, Continental Cry of the Excluded (Hemispheric) & National Coalition for Dignity & Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants (USA)

$                   Invited speakers (yet to be confirmed): Landless Workers Movement, MST (Brazil); Coalition of Immokalee Workers.


Sponsors include:

The Kensington Welfare Rights Union, Stand For Our Neighbors, US ‑ El Salvador Sister Cities, the Continental Cry of the Excluded, LIFT, CRIPDES and DC Social Welfare Action Alliance.


Refreshments served. Donations accepted.

KWRU contact Galen Tyler 215-203‑1945
KWRU web: www.kwru.org
KWRU email kwru@kwru.org

Leaflet in MS Doc format

DC contact: Athena 202-332-6615
DC email wteague@verizon.net