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In light of the fact that funding for TANF expires in September 2002, SWAA has launched a national Teach-In Campaign targeted to ending poverty not welfare. The series of teach-ins replaces the SWAA national conference for 2002. Since the internet has become a powerful source of information and a useful organizing tool, SWAA compiled but has not screened, this list of web sites.
Housing Organizing Table
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Poor Peoples Fourm 9/28/2001

Poor People Forum: Defend poor people all over the world!
Showed "Battle for Broad" (about last summer's Republican National Convention)
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DCSWAA at the 9/30/01 Demonstration against the War

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Biography of Bertha Capen Reynolds SWAA recently changed its name from Bertha Capen Reynolds Society.        Membership Form
SWAA's National web page Check out this new page at: www.geocities.com/michel4justice/SWAA_Home.html.
  2000 SWAA National Conference, Lansing MI

2001 SWAA Conference Workshops
Atlantic City Demonstration page 1
Atlantic City Demonstration page 2
Healthcare for All Demonstration page 1
Healthcare for All Demonstration page 2

Description of 2001 Conference

Detailed description of Workshops


SWAA on the WEB Article from "BCR Report," SWAA's Newsletter.
SWAA discussion group on WEB Minutes of Past DC SWAA Meetings available from DC SWAA
Additional Action Links
Kensington Welfare Rights Union Grassroots organizing at its best, check out their valuable site.
Grassroots Organizing for Welfare Leadership (GROWL) Resources for welfare rights organizations and activists. http://www.ctwo.org/growl
TANF Reauthorization Roundup http://www.welfareinfo.org/roundup.htm
University of the Poor http://www.universityofthepoor.org/
Low-Income Networking Communications (LINC) Project  http://www.lincproject.org/tanf/ Links to other national organizing projects and reauthorization resources.
Coalition on Human Needs http://www.chn.org/welfare/index.html
Information sources for DC renters
District of Columbia resources.
DC Coalition for the Homeless
District of Columbia Homeless & Housing Advocacy Coalitions
Social Services in the Metro DC Area. Additional information and corrections will be added. http://wteague.com/service.htm

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