More photos from the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Victory of Peace in Vietnam. 4-30-2000

(Sorry, but some photos came out poorly. Click on them to see the others full size.)

Panel 1: The Vietnam War and the Movement Against it.
Moderator: Norma Becker, leader in Vietnam Peace Movement
JJ Johnson, one of Fort Hood 3, editor of 1199 News
Amy Swerdlow, Women's Strike for Peace, author
Richard Moser, author The New Winter Soldiers
Ngo Vinh Long, Vietnamese historian and activist

Grace Paley
Author and poet

Panel 2: Lessons and Legacies -- 25 Years Later, What's Different and What Remains the Same?
Humberto Brown, International Secretary, Black Radical Congress
Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics, MIT
Moderator: Lourdes Garcia, Women's Workshop on the Americas
Phyliss Bennis, Fellow at Institute for Policy Studies, author
Ben Chitty, co-cordinator Clarence Fitch Chapter, VVAW

Stacey Ann Chin

The young Jamaican poet moved us all with her passionate poetry and compassion for all.

Panel 3: Building Today's Struggles for Peace & Justice
Amy Goodman, WBAI/Democracy Now
Gloria Quinones, Dodo El Barrio Con Vieques
Cherrene Horazuk, CISPES
Tod Ensign, Citizen Soldier
Sandra Barros, Hunter College

Ambassador Aloukneo Kittikhoun
Permanent Rep. Lao People's Democratic Republic to the UN

Cell Phone Saves the Day and sends program to WBAI-FM!

Ambassador Rafael Dausa
Deputy Permanent Rep.Republic of Cuba to the UN

Oda Makoto Japanese Peace Movement

Reverand George Weber

Daniel Durand French Peace Movement
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