David Schwartzman's current wish is a more just D.C.!

David's Writings on this site (with some help from friends):

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  • Trying new horizons

    Initial projects for open and democratic learning will be the core of the struggle for hegemony. The third thesis of Michael Brie for the debates of the Post Neoliberal Agenda.

    By Michael Brie, Fundação Rosa Luxemburgo

David is a member off our chapter and the DC Statehood Green Party. Also DC Science for the People. We are hosting some of their articles temorarily.

His biography: DC Statehood Green Party.

You can watch his recent speech at the Tent City DCSGP Campaign Rally on July 18, 2010.

Read David and his son's ecological writings at:



Household income by states, Gini index

HR City Report, Final

Updated: February 10, 2019

HRC Report, Appendix Final